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  1. Many of us grew up with ,and were treated by ,the NHS believing - or it now seems rather naively assuming, that it was an ‘Integrated Care’ system. Such terminology was never used.It would have seemed superfluous. ‘ Integrated Care ‘ ‘has been upstaged by ‘Fully Integrated Care’,‘ in some areas going further to be elevated to ‘Totally Integrated Care’ No one would argue against these phrases if it means having better services. However the evidence from some of its users suggests the contrary and that now we are witnessing a dis integration of the NHS.
  2. Autism is diagnosed more frequently now mainly as a result of the diagnostic ‘threshold’ for Autism being considerably lower than previously. There are numerous sites on line where you can check and diagnose yourself - ‘ Twenty things that show you have autism’ and such. On the basis of it being seen as a spectrum disorder, many, probably all of us ,could be placed somewhere on it, at least as having ‘Traits’. That isn’t such a bad thing, as it has the benefit of the diagnosis being better generally understood and tolerated and to make it less likely for it to become degraded into being used as a term of abuse.
  3. The spectrum of opinion regarding Katie Hopkins would appear to be a rather ‘U’ shaped ie intensified at both ends, where ranks of firm followers and admirers assemble at one and vitriolic haters congregate at the other. Now she has left it will allow the two groups to get back to the more serious business of attacking each other -over something else.
  4. Whether Katie H is viewed as a entertainer/ comedian / outspoken social / political commentator, or someone with the liberal views of a female 21st century version of Bernard Manning, the bottom line is that she needs to sell tickets. It would seem that wherever she is next due to appear, local news will be broadcast about her forthcoming show which will include some of her previous controversial opinions.Predictably, this leads to a local furore about whether or not her show should ,or should not take place. Free publicity.It helps to sell tickets. Next town …
  5. Covid Vaccination is not compulsory. If you choose not to have it, for whatever your reasons , then don’t have it. You don’t need to tell us those reasons. No really, thanks.
  6. I didn’t know that ‘the universe’’ can ‘reflect back’ to an individual, let alone be able to ‘exactly’ reflect what it is that one is thinking about. Reassuringly, Minister Hooper describes these episode as being ‘ every now and then’.
  7. The most remarkable thing about this young woman is that by appearance and descriptions of her character is that she is very remarkably unremarkable.
  8. Not experienced it, just aware of it.
  9. There is a common theme in the manner in which medical staff and nursing staff face the threat of being reported to their professional body, the GMC, GNC respectively, if they don’t do as they are told/ shut up. Just the threat is an effective way of intimidating staff. All know that the professional bodies set the threshold very low in response to complaints.( quite rightly ).it will probably will result in detailed scrutiny, probably a period of suspension whilst a lengthy investigation is pursued, ,loss of professional reputation and damage to career prospects with the ultimate fear of being rendered unemployable in their chosen profession In contrast, senior management are not answerable in a comparable way. Able to leave any mess they have created behind them, they simply move on to a similar or often a more senior and lucrative post in another Health Trust
  10. And you are most welcome,Roxanne.
  11. Quite an interesting question. Leave it around long enough, and if it is fairly dry, it will go white. Dogs tend to have a proteinatious diet also quite high in calcium. -bone marrow, raw meat and this tends give stools that will go white fairly quickly. Things ain’t what they used to be. Apparently there has been a slight gradual dietary change for dogs over the last twenty years or so with a trend away from the more traditional doggy diet. So the factors seem to be -it may just have been left around longer coupled with some slight changes in what they’re eating. If I inadvertently step in dog poo I am relieved if I discover it to be one of the more of a traditional dryish , white, matured variety rather than a fresh, steaming , gag-inducing pungent, slimy and very adhesive canine Richard the third. Traditions should be maintained.
  12. Swimming near untreated sewage outfalls can be associated with unpleasant “D&V” episodes afterwards from bacterial contamination and more serious viral infections such as Hepatitis A Children in the 1940’s and early 1950s were told by their parents to avoid such areas because they thought (correctly) that the Polio virus could be spread by this route.Polio was was a major worry and a very real threat before effective vaccination.
  13. The aesthetics and smell are objectionable enough for most people. Ask any parent who has had to clean up a upset child who has become caked in dog poo in a play area. Not so much bacteria, more potential for parasite transmission. eg Toxicars canis in children’s play areas esp.sand pits.Becomes active after 2- 3 weeks,when toddler’s on hands , then mouth …Not common but results can be very serious indeed for that age group.
  14. Dogs have ‘owners’ -Cats have ‘staff’
  15. Rather than seek to introduce new legislation, there should have been more attention by DHSC to focus on the existing requirements, guidelines and regulations regarding applying to establishing a care agency and the the requirements to become a registered manager which the DHSC had itself, already established: “Guidance and Information regarding making Application to register a Care Service “ - Registrations and Inspections Service DHSC July 2014”
  16. It was a charitable Trust, not for profit. Costs exceeded income.They asked DHSC for help.They received none.
  17. All depends on what is inspected and how such individuals are scrutinized. By their nature, thieves do have a strong tendency to less be than be honest which can make their dealings superficially transparent and convincing.
  18. In reality, such systems can fall back on relatives as carers who may have to give up their own jobs to look after someone with little have little or no prospect of respite. It is asking a lot of other people- friends and neighbours to “ be there”, no matter how good hearted and well- intentioned.These people can be not only be fully committed with their own responsibilities, they may be in a similar age group and limited by their own age- related problems. The weaknesses in the system were exposed during the Pandemic when visits from various agencies, no matter the reasons, did it seem become problematic and in the area of mental health, lead to isolation of vulnerable people, probably to their detriment.
  19. It comes as quite a shock to many that Social Care - including care of people when they are old and infirm is not,( and never has been) part of the NHS. It is expensive, whether provided by Care homes or by “ Care in the Community” and becoming more expensive.. The main expense is staffing costs - these costs are inescapable.Care workers are not paid that well and recruitment and retainment is a problem. An easy answer is to say “keep people at home” Unfortunately this also requires a huge number of staff, and is not a cheaper option if it is proper service and can be inappropriate for some individuals if they are socially isolated as they become lonely between infrequent and hasty visits from carers.It also ignores the rather obvious- that people’s needs tend to increase as they age further. It’s a growing problem and the answers aren ‘t easy - and certainly not cheap
  20. There is a huge range in the quality of information that reaches us regarding nutrition. At best it is soundly researched and logically presented, at the other end there is a lot of nonsense particularly where it veers towards therapeutic claims. Unfortunately, very important, well established public health information regarding such areas as vitamin requirements can get devalued as it gets buried in the general media ‘noise” . Anyone in the British Isles can adopt the title “ nutritionist” and promote their theories such as the … diet, the diet for …. condition. Many of those need be taken with a pinch of salt ( but being very careful of course not to exceed the recommended maximum daily intake of NaCl, especially if you have congestive cardiac failure or kidney problems…)
  21. Perhaps MR have a tradition to maintain . Years ago, in a news report,repeated throughout the day, they quoted a pathologist’s diagnosis as ‘severe amnesia’ instead of ‘anaemia’’
  22. Mr Duffy came to the IoM from a deeply troubled Morecambe Bay Trust where he was treated very badly. Their loss.Our gain. He was awarded an OBE after coming to the Island in recognition of duties outside his usual remit of urological surgery.This included spending time with with seriously ill and dying patients during the Covid lock-down, sitting with them when there were restrictions on visiting. I read his first book, “Whistle in the Wind”.It is a well-written, very personal account of his early life, medical school and later specialist training before entering into disturbing detail of the malevolent machinations that can exist in the NHS system. It is sadly ironic that whilst the Island’s NHS received and benefitted from the arrival of a victim from one abusive system, it focused on perpetrating its own campaign against its medical director.
  23. There seems to be some very alarming similarities in the way in which the “Department” handled this tragic matter, the shameful manner in which Dr Ranson was treated and the clumsy debacle surrounding the manslaughter charges brought against four anaesthetists. The m.o seems to be the ready adoption of measures to intimidate and gag. it is disturbing to think that Police were used in two of these matters in the manner of a clumsily welded blunt instrument.
  24. Air travel, or more specifically the airport part of the experience has become something very unpleasant - something to be endured as a means to an end - to get you where you want to be. It may become an increasingly significant factor in decisions for businesses whether or not to locate here and for individuals deciding to where to live, choosing somewhere that has transport links that are dependable and more pleasant to use.
  25. When that flight Gatwick to IoM landed, there was a further 25 min delay before anyone could get off the plane - apparently very few ground staff to bring steps to plane and open the doors.Having reached the terminal building passengers then watched an empty luggage carousel revolve for similar period before their bags appeared.
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