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  1. There seem  to be different subsets of “anti-vax”

    -   some who are  against specific vaccinations ; those that are against all vaccinations and  associated with the second group  there those that question the  the role , or even existence, of microorganisms in relation to disease. In their world,  the history of microbiology remains largely  a closed book only to be opened where markers highlighting  paragraphs that appear to support their beliefs can be found and quoted.


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  2. This is starting  to sound like one of those funerals where, after a few beers,  the opportunity to celebrate and quietly reflect   on the loss of an  individual is  overtaken by one or two seizing it as their forum to loudly express their opinions.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Dr. Grumpy said:

    When will the CQC Reports of other Pilot inspections that took place in June be published? Hopefully before they're leaked? From memory they were inspecting some GP surgeries and social care facilities at the time

    We can anticipate announcements of hurried changes in some of these areas before any publication, probably citing  the Pandemic and a return to more normal working  practice.


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  4. Will the public get hear  about the first QCC assessments  that were scheduled to take place over the last few months - Primary Care, Denistry, Social Care and Emergency Care, wasn’t it ?

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  5. 7 hours ago, offshoremanxman said:

    Interesting. Worth watching  all the way through for Robertshaws suggestion that Magson was the filter used to remove incriminating documents now being uncovered and who is now completely outside the jurisdiction of the Tribunal as she’s UK resident. So you can do anything you like and stay in the UK and you’re never going to be accountable for anything. 

    Ms M was only ever a sort of hologram.
    Not physically here; not accountable; appointed only on a 3 day secondment,  from wherever she was currently working,  to administer the Island’s Health Care  as a sort of NHS  “colony” for a while.

    Unfortunately, a once in a hundred year’s  pandemic appeared..

    The rest we know.

    None of the Tribunal’s  shocking revelations seem likely to affect  her career, or even her “ Linked In” profile, though one suspects any  referenence to her time on (or rather  not on) the IOM may be brief.





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  6. 2 hours ago, Manx Resident said:

    On another point relating to Manx Care, but not the thread about the tribunal findings, the service from Lloyds Pharmacist in Onchan has been atrocious over the last three months with lost repeat prescriptions and numerous return visits to collect prescriptions which are still not ready when promised. The war in Ukraine has been blamed for most everything else …. but what is going on with such a key service as the dispensing of prescriptions?..

     I hear many are experiencing similar problems surrounding the process of getting prescriptions in  Ramsey.

    It seems, at the very least,  an inconvenience for many, but for some it appears to be a serious  issue.

  7. Absolutely - but what is likely to befall those who have “ Over stepped the mark” - what does “Brought to Book”  likely to mean in reality  ?

    “ Overstepped  the Mark” ,   would mean  “ Gross professional misconduct”  for others in DHSC employ.

  8. Have  I got this right?
    a CE0,  Ms Magson  was appointed, (or rather, not appointed but seconded from her job for a period of time for some reason ) to come and work here - (or in her case, not come and work here).

    During this time, very serious problems  arose which resulted in a employment tribunal which her Department not only lost but it also revealed unequivocal and damning evidence of her maltreatment of Dr Ranson and further evidence of collusion with others to further undermine her position.

    During this time of national emergency, not only Dr Ranson was impeded from doing her job, the focus of the CEO and others would seem to have been focused more on the attrition of  Ranson  than dealing with the Pandemic.

    Presumably with the damage behind her, she  has returned  from wherever she came?

    Health care professionals such as doctors and nurses can be sanctioned by their professional  bodies such as the GNC and the GMC   for serious professional misconduct to the extent they can be  “Struck -Off “

    - rendering them unemployable.

    For the  ex. CEO and other DHSC officials, there doesn’t appear to be any such overseeing professional body with those  powers 

    From what we have seen and what is still emerging

    - Maybe there should be.





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  9. 1 hour ago, Kopek said:

    I know, professionally, some of the people involved in this debacle and would not wish them any personal harm

    Well, that’s reassuring 

    In a  small place,I guess a few of us know a few people; some of us know a lot of people; some of us  know an awful lot of people…

    Many of these  relationships  fall into the “professional” category, in one way or another.

    Why would you  wish them  any of them harm, based solely on being involved..  “in this debacle “?

    Or, as you put it,“ personal” harm.

    Is that a specially unpleasant type of “Harm”?

  10. On 8/20/2022 at 5:51 PM, bozinko said:

    Anyone else quiet quitting, i know i am. So far i am 10% down this year. Wont matter how had i work i will never get that promotion or more money. I am fully aware that this is probably a crap attitude to have but cannot help myself. At work i do just enough not to get in bother. When i first started i took great pride in my work, now i dont. Especially does not help that my boss earns 4 times i do for doing jack shite all day.      And yes i do work for the government...,,,,,,

     I wonder why you are posting this?
    Are you boasting or complaining?

    Can it be to attract sympathy? - at face value, it portrays a situation that it very sad - one where even desperation seems burdensome,  though you still  are able  to shoulder some  resentment  against your, manager , sorry- your boss.
    Perhaps  you are depressed.?
    You claim  to “ do work for the government” - ( Well, I think we can all say that, if we pay our rates and  taxes! )

    - Are you trying to provoking a response against government workers?

  11. 19 hours ago, Dr. Grumpy said:

    How much lower will they stoop?

    One can only wonder.

    Any attempt to suppress information could only result in reaffirming   what is so glaringly obvious-

    The tribunal was a defeat made all the more humiliating as the shocking malpractice of the “Department” became exposed: in the way it treated a whistle blower; how the provision of documentary evidence was tardy and obstructive and even its  authenticity called into question.

    The oral evidence of senior officials including the medical officer of health and the CEO was torn apart to the extent that the CEO’s truthfulness  was  bluntly challenged  and the minister was chided  for being ridiculously evasive in his responses. 

    The BMA has, with justification,  hailed the case as a that of a Whistle Blower challenging , exposing and winning against an abusive and conniving employing authority.

    It is understandable if this case will have deterred medical professionals from working here.

    This reputation needs to change.

    Attempts at cover-ups will only cause further   reputational damage.

    There is a basic need for openness

     it shouldn’t  require that much boldness

    - “The “cat is out of the bag” anyway.



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  12. You may have already heard this, but the FBI’s raid at Trump’s  Mar a Lago residence caused considerable damage.

    His library reputedly suffered  a lot of damage.

    Both books  are  thought to irreparable, - one had yet to be fully coloured-in. 

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  13. There is a a degree of egocentricity about viral  symptoms  - almost a declension : 

    I   am/ I was..

     really,  ill. .. Let me tell you about it! - I’m not one to moan/ bother the doctor!.. No, This was real, proper  flu -  April 1999 ..I was …Il. “ Stay off work ?- I could hardly get out of me bed, I can tell you..

    You .. are/ You were ..  

    a bit unwell., It’s not nice is it ? Sympathies. Yes, difficult.. Yes,  OK  don’t go on about it .Yawn.

    They are /They  were..  

    Wimps ! .Snowflakes ! Call that ill ?  2days!  Bit of a cold  more like ! ..  Skivers.

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  14. 14 hours ago, Lilly said:

    I realise after following manx forum for few years now, we are blessed with many experts on different subjects, l need tips on how to survive for the next year basic money saving ones please, example would be l make my own preserved fruit jam for my toast to cut out sugar l keep the fruit plums usually until they are ripe and sweet,  no sugar needed these come free or bought cheaply but what is the unit cost of my hob  electric for cooking process, this of course is just one example l am trying to adopt many different ways as possible to cut my bills etc.

    You may well asked this is in the wrong section, transportation cost add to cost of everything. 

    Let me know your ideas to help some of us survive the massive costs of living.

    Thank you 


    Whilst your jam is no doubt an absolute delight , making  your own preserves will probably not make a major difference to your finances unless you make a lot, or  it’s your main food source, or you successfully sell a lot of it.

    The frustration for most of us is - we really can’t alter our  “incomings” very much.

    The  focus must be on “outgoings” in the hope that we can influence these.

    Expensive outgoings  are perceived differently.Each will have their own declining sequence of “sacrifices” to offer cigs, cars, holidays etc and lots more on the path towards  the basics of health, shelter, food and water.


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  15. 2 hours ago, Boo Gay'n said:

    All of your points are factual, but can I add some construcive criticism?  For a variety of historical and current (e.g. legacies) reaons, the charities are wealthy and want to spend money on their charitable objective, which is the Cottage.  In my view, they - in collusion with the local GPs until a few years ago (one of whom was Sideshow Bob) - they have started to see it as their hospital to do with as they see fit.  Money has been thrown at the place and all sorts of kit and caboodle has been bought.  As far as I know, the problem is that there has never been a strategic plan for the unit, and so everything in its links with Noble's is completely disjointed.  To my mind, that is a recipe for waste, and if a health service wastes money, those funds cannot be spent on care.

    I should add that one oif the charities has for many years been the personal fiefdom of one Leonard Singer.  Remember him?  Enough said...

    That isn’t quite how it works - or at least how it worked.

    The charities were invited to respond to a “wish -list “ of items or projects presented to them by the “Department” - for example, the 2015 “Strategic Plan” listed four or more,  from what I understand.


  16. There do seem a few of them around.

    Thankfully only a few..

    Perhaps though  we should view the noise, the high revving, the silencer with baffles removed, the re-mapped ecu to give backfires etc the screeching of tyres in a more positive light: 

    It is a road safety feature.

    How else are we to be alerted to have advance warning of  the presence of of an immature sociopath in charge of a motor vehicle somewhere in the district?


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    There have been some throw-away casual comments / assumptions about RDCH.

    So, just a few things  here to consider :

    It is busier than any time in its long history.

    It has provided the mainstay of minor injury provision and  orthopaedic  clinics - and follow ups during the difficulties of the Pandemic.

    The outpatient consulting rooms where these patients were seen were built with charitable funding.

    The X-ray department was provided at no cost to the tax-payer and subsequent upgrades have been funded and will be funded from hospital charitable organisations. 

    Martin ward ( refurbished at no cost to the tax payer by a hospital charity  is ussualy full with rehabilitation patients,  releasing beds in Nobles.

    The Renal unit ( fully equipped at no cost to the tax payer by a hospital charity) is essential fo the Island  cope with increasing dialysis demands and provides dialysis cover for visitors for which their Health Trusts are charged .

    The operating theatre ( provided at no cost to the tax payer, funded entirely by a hospital charity  ) provides whole-Island services including  Plastic Surgery.Prof Viaude - from Whiston Hosp., now resident here  carries out surgery here.Where previously patients had to travel off Island they can have this in Ramsey.
    RDCH provides the Island’s dermatology service in the same facilities .. which were again funded by a  hospital charity.

    The physio / occupational therapy unit  was built at no cost to the tax payer - again by the same local charity.

    The equipment on Martin ward - ditto

    The refurbishment of MIU, the entrance upgrade and the waiting room -ditto.

    The emergency helicopter landing site - ditto

    The car park extension -ditto.

    There are dozens of other smaller items.

    Remarkably well -supported.

    There   is also something else which is not only special, it is  bordering on unique in the NHS these days:

    Based  on what one can observe by the responses, and general demeanor  of  its staff ..morale does seem  high.

    This observation was similar to the view when the Hospital  was independently reviewed a few years back where the report remarked in the

    “ Enthusiasm  “ of its staff.

    Even if that is  not specially acknowledged - or  celebrated, it at least needs careful analysis-   if only to see if it can be replicated elsewhere.


    As an edit…

    Somehow I managed to not mention  the Wound  Management Clinic -the jewel in RDCH’s crown for many.

    From all over the Island, they see patients who have serious,  debilitating on- going problems.

    Not gee -whizz, high tech stuff, but things that have a major ,very debilitating and profoundly  negative impact and depressing impact on life for some.

    The unit has  a reputation of taking on - and succeeding in managing   “problems” that other agencies have, for whatever reason,  been unable to deal with.

    -and largely their equipment has been obtained without troubling the tax- payer.That same source has funded attendance at off- Island training courses.












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  18. “Things were different then”

    That has some truth, but it should never  be uttered without at least some  reflection.

    Not all of 70’s society was happily immersed in the tedious innuendo and sniggers of the “Carry On “ and Benny Hill variety and overtly homophobic. For many it  didn’t merit a view or opinion.

    Which in way was more serious, as the problem was ignorance.

    I was guilty of that.

    Only looking  back, I feel I failed some of my friends at that time, simply by not understanding them.

    I failed to recognise  them fully ,to listen, and to talk about what was important to them.






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  19. A high proportion of us would get  along pretty well without many of the rules, regulations and  laws  that exist.For the most part, getting on  reasonably with each other.

    Even before driver training ,many of us didn’t need specific laws about how to safely negotiate a road junction or whether or not it is wise to drive at great speed in crowded areas or near schools, or drive after drinking or fatigued etc.

    Most people drive with a degree of forethought and consideration towards others,  by possessing some imagination to envisage the consequences,

    Unfortunately ,a hard core don’t.Trying to cover every permutation  of their stupidity, the rules become more extensive and ever more detailed. 

    Even  though sometimes the evidence would be overwhelming, one cannot yet be charged  with being  a prat aka , being a bloody nuisance  and potential danger to others.



  20. In the early hours of every week-end in every town , village and hamlet somewhere,   on cue there will be  people competing to do silly things; sometimes these things will be  silly to the extent they  may end very  badly, even tragically and the silliness flip over into aggression and violence.

    The Police can’t  charge someone with being a total bloody stupid , potentially dangerous, drunken,time-wasting, grade 1 twat,  so they have to asses the risk and have to find other ways, first to get them home safely, or if that clearly isn’t  going to work, find  charges, here even delving into the minutiae of  laws surrounding who and who should not or drive an invalid vehicle.

    - but no doubt first impressions count.



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  21. 11 hours ago, 0bserver said:

    How about this as an idea. £10 fine for all missed appointments?

    I presume they waive it if you die while you're waiting?


    This is an idea that comes up now and again.

    The obvious appeals :

    1.It sounds as it could save valuable resources;

    2. For politicians, there is a psychological effect on the public.A shift in blame with the the message - “You are a good, responsible, deserving   patient ;the reason for you not getting a good service is because of bad, selfish,irresponsible  people who are spoiling it.They are bad.They should be punished.”

    But ..there is a problem why it won’t work:

    The Appointment  systems in the NHS.

    They have acquired a reputation  for messing up to the extent that almost everyone has either experienced it or has a relative or friend who has.

    That is where attention should be focussed first.

    Without improving that system, fining the “undeserving”  would be so fraught with investigations  over disputes regarding whether an appointment had been sent/ sent on time/ date / wrong department etc. the cost would exceed the fine.

    To maintain NHS tradition, a whole new  “Fines Department “ would be set up with a “Fines investigation Officer”, a “Fines enforcement Officer” and a separate “Fines Appeals  and Resolution Officer” .

    Persistent offenders would be offered the option of not paying the fine by attending a “ Citizen’s Responsibilty Awareness Programme”  course .

    No appointment needed.


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  22. 13 hours ago, cissolt said:

    Kate lord Brennan's response here is astounding.  It's not training they need, it's better candidates at election time.


    What  will be these  “disincentives” and how would they be applied ?
    The report suggests the need. for “young”  “ economically active “ residents.

    This  fifth former’s essay on social engineering has yet to focus on the basics such as the young get old and the “economically active” can, for a variety of reasons become economically very  “inactive” 

    Will someone be allowed to settle here if they a chronic health problem ? Will they be granted special dispensation if they are deemed a “special worker”  what if they have a child with a serious disability? or an aged dependent relative?

    What is the process that will be applied  to the “uneconomically active”

    -forced deportation ?




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