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  1. The Peggy story is wonderful. However, there is a boat, perhaps even a trace older ( 1780) It lacks the colourful history of the Peggy and it’s extraordinary owner, but it also raced on Windemere and is contemporary of “Peggy”, It is called the “Margaret”. They perhaps they even raced each other. Whilst Peggy survived in its boat house facing tidal flooding and neglect for over 150 years, the “Margaret” was found lying in a field near Southport where it had been for decades - upside down and used as a chicken house! The “ Margaret” was returned to Windermere and was restored - (by volunteers) at the Boat Museum in Windermere. Here it is : A visit to this superb museum would not be very costly for MNH - It might prove very useful to listen and learn how this was achieved.
  2. There is a fundamental problem. A lot of us have grown up with the idea that the NHS looks after us, “Cradle to grave” It doesn’t. It can come as a shock, when we get old, or you if you become responsible for old relatives who depend on you to learn that it doesn’t. Not it terms of providing social care for elderly care, it doesn’t - and never has. ( I think it should- but whether it should or shouldn’t ...it doesn’t ) The funding for your care home fees is down to you. If you don’t have funds, or they have run out, the state will pay. Unfortunately, that amount falls a long way short of care home fees. Sometimes self-funding residents are subsidising the fees of those state-funded. If you need to be in a home that provides nursing care,a higher level of funding from DHSC is available. In the UK,many local authorities have frozen this funding.Effectively, with rising costs this means a reduction in funding. Many are closing as a result. The situation here is not so different.
  3. “Too bad that the people who know how to run the country are busy driving cabs or cutting hair “ - George Burns.
  4. “Not only do they work, but they work astonishingly well” to quote prof.Calum Semple in that same article.
  5. Who needs anti-vaxxers when we have a health minister to cause vaccine hesitancy by glibly wading in relating a fatal anaphylactic reaction -to later give reassurance that it was “ a misunderstanding” and they weren’t dead.
  6. Vaccination is not compulsory, and hasn’t been since 1948, I believe. It is voluntary. It is a medical procedure and as such requires informed consent. Any pressure to comply could be seen as coercion. For new staff it would seem less controversial, as it can be introduced as a condition of employment. For existing staff , it is more complex. A refusal in response to a managerial request could be cited as justification for disciplinary action- had there been attempts to redeployment?- had a non-coercive attempt been made to re-educate the vaccine hesitant ? A new contract might be offered, but cannot be imposed. The care home has a very clear duty of care to its residents; it also has a duty of care to its staff.In this case it would seem obvious to exclude anyone un-vaccinated from any area where Covid is a risk to residents and staff.Especially in a pandemic, if prevalence rates were high. Would it be reasonable to refuse a potential candidate a post on the basis that as a vaccine refuser or “hesitant”,they must lack the necessary knowledge, empathy and professionalism to be appointed as a carer to the extremely vulnerable ? Most people who have relatives in a care home, hospital, or environment where they are especially vulnerable, would I suspect say, “Yes”. Politicians? - they will say pretty much anything.They will not be held to account. The legal system? - will await a test case, which may take years. The unions? - seeing the dilemma between the individual rights of their members and the overall communal responsibility- will sit on the fence. - But tomorrow morning, the care home manager, the ward manager, the the theatre superintendent, etc.will have a duty rosta to fill..
  7. Absolutely, the term “fit” is certainly seen by many in terms of “healthy” - particularly in human terms. It has been ruthlessly exploited by politicians and followers of eugenics in our lifetimes. As you say, it is more to do with a creature being “fitted “ to the particular environment they happen to be in.(surviving to reach an age to reproduce allows survival by Darwinian theory) People with sickle cell anaemia are paradoxically well-adapted to survive in areas of very high malaria prevalence because the parasite finds their blood cells to be a less suitable host.Though many with this condition are far from “fit’, they survive where those with “ normal” red cells are less likely to. The second wave of the H1N1 “Spanish ‘flu “pandemic which had began in 1918 attacked the 19 -42 age group particularly hard.These were people who were apparently “fit”.In another paradoxical situation, it was their “fit” , healthy immune systems that produced such vigorous over-reactions to viral infection many of the very rapid deaths were down to self- destructive “ cytokine storms”.
  8. There is bad spelling, there are howling mistakes, and there those little slip-ups that make us feel better, perhaps even briefly a little superior, if and when we spot them. There are one of the most harmless form of amusement available to us in an increasingly rather correct and humourless world. Punctuation brings it’s own amusement: ”She ran downstairs and opened the door in her dressing gown” ”Quick!”, she said “ My husband is upstairs breathing in short pants!” Spelling can give problems - ( what a difference a vowel makes) The retirement accolade sent by email to the entire workforce, had been intended to say “Ask anyone in Blogs Ltd., and I can tell you now, they will say straight away, what a real big-shot Fred is!”
  9. Common knowledge, I believe. Apparently, the person returned from holiday to find all their belongings in black bags on the corridor outside their locked office after receiving a call with details of their “new” posting on their way to work.Their punishment for not being sufficiently subservient.
  10. No, GPs were not financially involved in endoscopy. Mr Simon Stock was the main user, though there were others. Mr Upsdell did urological endoscopies, which also ceased. The equipment was mainly bought by the Welfare Trustees of the hospital at the request of Mr Stock and others .There was also funding by the League of Friends. The unit, the service and its equipment had been very highly praised by the Hospital Inspectors from the UK the previous year. Some of the equipment was due for replacement in the coming year and moves were taking place to approach the Welfare Trust to provide funding for it, which they were happy to do. The terms of Trust meant that they can only fund for RCH,( though once something has been bought and handed over it is then DHS property and they can do what they like with it ) The Dept.’s haste presumably meant that funding had to come from somewhere else. The endoscope cleansing system, funded by the Trustees was taken out and I am told it was effectively scrapped.The service could not be easily restarted in the future. The staff consisted of some very caring, hardworking and focussed individuals who were treated very badly. The general feeling of staff at that time, I understand , was that there had been a panic reaction to appear to “do something” because of failings in the endoscopy service generally and a certain person waded in like a bull in a china shop.He was often quoted as saying that he ‘drives the bus and decides where it is going and anyone who objects can get of the bus”
  11. A capsule endoscopy service was set up by surgeon Mr Simon Stock in Ramsey - over twenty years ago.
  12. It took me several hours ...to struggle through the first two. I could not work out how to answer the subsequent ones because I needed to work out what the questions were first. Anyway, I have just done a jigsaw in three weeks. It said “ 2-5 years” on the box.
  13. EU stance on OxAZ vacc. recently seemed strange - demanding more but denigrating it and reluctant to to use it. A case of wanting their cake - and not eat it.
  14. There have been millions of AZ Vaccine given in the UK. There is a well respected special adverse reaction reporting system in the UK( covers here) for any new medicine or drug called the ”yellow card “ system where ANY event that occurs that might not even be thought be associated with the drug or medicine is sent in There has been a special Covid vaccine section set up. It reports every week on UK Gov site MHRA There are unexpected things come up like you are much less likely to get reactions like chils, aches, sore arm , high temp with your second jab than your first etc ... - But not reports of coagulation/ thrombotic issues. Their latest advice ( Today ) is to continue. Association does not mean causation -( everyone gets ill sometime after their last meal ) The incidence of thrombosis is no different to that expected in a comparable unvaccinated population .Some reports even suggest slightly less - though using the same data to suggest that having the vaccine reduces the chance of having a thrombosis would be absurd - but shows how tenuous these associations can be. I was champing at the bit at the chance of having a vaccine - I have had both doses of AZ. and was absolutely fine. And greatly relieved to have had it!
  15. Certainly crass and cringeworthy - but not “unforgivable” We all make errors.. - We don’t all have the strength of character to be able to admit to our errors.
  16. Ditto for 2 people I know. Also told me the letter doesn’t advise getting the consent form on line and filling it in before arriving for the vacc.
  17. 20% population of the British Isles have blood levels of vitamin D , as 25 (OH) D which is generally regarded as deficient. 70 % plus of our Vitamin D requirements are met from the effects of UVB from sunlight on our skin, the small remainder is from our diet. At our geographical latitude, this is insufficient from early Nov to Mid April.To make up this shortfall by diet alone is impractical There is a limit to how much oily fish, egg yolk, sundried mushroooms, fortified magarine and breakfast cereals one can consume. People with dark skin, people who rarely go out, care home residents, nursing mothers , the obese and the elderly are more likely to have low levels. Hence the case for taking VitD. Fortification isn’t new.In WW2 margarine was fortified with Vit D, still is. Nordic countries mostly give supplements.(Finland since end of the war) Levels needed to sustain bone health are lower than that required to ensure immune resilience - white cell maturation and especially “modulation” of immune response to infection,( avoiding the destructive “cytokine storm” of inflammatory over reaction and self- destruction seen in Covid infections) Several studies looking at respiratory infections in general as well as Covid infections, show lowered morbidity and mortality amongst those with an optimal level of Vit D and an increase likelihood of infection and poor outcome for those with low or very low levels. For the elderly, having an optimal level : there is strong evidence of better muscle function, balance and reduced falls ( which if for no other reason is a case for its use) Less firm evidence regarding improved cognitive function depression, and there is equivocal evidence in younger people regarding less auto immune disease and some evidence to suggest lower incidence of some malignancies, notably bowel Public health England already do recommend everyone should receive Vitamin D supplements “all year or at least during winter” as does public health here in IOM ( look at the website )but they don’t seem to promote it that strongly. Very cheap , few pence day, easily available, and for the vast majority very safe.
  18. The job description requires the internal candidate to be “ Pivotal” - it is an essential requirement - as it is mentioned several times - a “pivotal role” - a “pivotal member “ and whilst oscillating and spinning , the successful candidate will also be : “ Transforming a vision for the future into action, inspiring others and driving forward positive change” ”Driving forward the ongoing comprehensive transformational change” ”day to day management of operational business” ”part of the transformational works” before going back to being “ pivotal” again. in what is described as “Truly” Integrated Care - N.B,, forget simple old “Integrated “ Care , or the more recent “ Fully” or “Totally” Integrated Care .. -this is “Truly” Integrated Care... Do Keep up..
  19. How would such a scheme address the issue of funding its continuing maintenance? Road tax payers may contend that if they are no longer able to use it, it is no longer a “road “ for them and may their feel road tax should not be used for its upkeep. Cue dropping of term “road tax” . and await the adoption of “ vehicle licence, or individual transportation pollution charge, private vehicle road entitlement pass...active travel and environmental offset charge..
  20. The other week the number plate recognition vehicle was scanning vehicles driving along Bowring Road in Ramsey. They parked their vehicle at the entrance to a little lane between Vellikas and the IM8 car place. Whilst they were there, If they had turned their scanner towards the vehicle they had positioned themselves alongside, a black Alpha Romeo Spider which has stood there for a long time, ( Reg. No FMN 935D ) - they might have discovered that its tax expired 31/10/ 2014 It is still there...
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