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  1. There is bad spelling, there are howling mistakes, and there those little slip-ups that make us feel better, perhaps even briefly a little superior, if and when we spot them. There are one of the most harmless form of amusement available to us in an increasingly rather correct and humourless world. Punctuation brings it’s own amusement: ”She ran downstairs and opened the door in her dressing gown” ”Quick!”, she said “ My husband is upstairs breathing in short pants!” Spelling can give problems - ( what a difference a vowel makes) The retirement accolade sent by email to the entire workforce, had been intended to say “Ask anyone in Blogs Ltd., and I can tell you now, they will say straight away, what a real big-shot Fred is!”
  2. Common knowledge, I believe. Apparently, the person returned from holiday to find all their belongings in black bags on the corridor outside their locked office after receiving a call with details of their “new” posting on their way to work.Their punishment for not being sufficiently subservient.
  3. No, GPs were not financially involved in endoscopy. Mr Simon Stock was the main user, though there were others. Mr Upsdell did urological endoscopies, which also ceased. The equipment was mainly bought by the Welfare Trustees of the hospital at the request of Mr Stock and others .There was also funding by the League of Friends. The unit, the service and its equipment had been very highly praised by the Hospital Inspectors from the UK the previous year. Some of the equipment was due for replacement in the coming year and moves were taking place to approach the Welfare Trust to provide funding for it, which they were happy to do. The terms of Trust meant that they can only fund for RCH,( though once something has been bought and handed over it is then DHS property and they can do what they like with it ) The Dept.’s haste presumably meant that funding had to come from somewhere else. The endoscope cleansing system, funded by the Trustees was taken out and I am told it was effectively scrapped.The service could not be easily restarted in the future. The staff consisted of some very caring, hardworking and focussed individuals who were treated very badly. The general feeling of staff at that time, I understand , was that there had been a panic reaction to appear to “do something” because of failings in the endoscopy service generally and a certain person waded in like a bull in a china shop.He was often quoted as saying that he ‘drives the bus and decides where it is going and anyone who objects can get of the bus”
  4. A capsule endoscopy service was set up by surgeon Mr Simon Stock in Ramsey - over twenty years ago.
  5. It took me several hours ...to struggle through the first two. I could not work out how to answer the subsequent ones because I needed to work out what the questions were first. Anyway, I have just done a jigsaw in three weeks. It said “ 2-5 years” on the box.
  6. EU stance on OxAZ vacc. recently seemed strange - demanding more but denigrating it and reluctant to to use it. A case of wanting their cake - and not eat it.
  7. There have been millions of AZ Vaccine given in the UK. There is a well respected special adverse reaction reporting system in the UK( covers here) for any new medicine or drug called the ”yellow card “ system where ANY event that occurs that might not even be thought be associated with the drug or medicine is sent in There has been a special Covid vaccine section set up. It reports every week on UK Gov site MHRA There are unexpected things come up like you are much less likely to get reactions like chils, aches, sore arm , high temp with your second jab than your first etc ... - But not reports of coagulation/ thrombotic issues. Their latest advice ( Today ) is to continue. Association does not mean causation -( everyone gets ill sometime after their last meal ) The incidence of thrombosis is no different to that expected in a comparable unvaccinated population .Some reports even suggest slightly less - though using the same data to suggest that having the vaccine reduces the chance of having a thrombosis would be absurd - but shows how tenuous these associations can be. I was champing at the bit at the chance of having a vaccine - I have had both doses of AZ. and was absolutely fine. And greatly relieved to have had it!
  8. Certainly crass and cringeworthy - but not “unforgivable” We all make errors.. - We don’t all have the strength of character to be able to admit to our errors.
  9. Ditto for 2 people I know. Also told me the letter doesn’t advise getting the consent form on line and filling it in before arriving for the vacc.
  10. 20% population of the British Isles have blood levels of vitamin D , as 25 (OH) D which is generally regarded as deficient. 70 % plus of our Vitamin D requirements are met from the effects of UVB from sunlight on our skin, the small remainder is from our diet. At our geographical latitude, this is insufficient from early Nov to Mid April.To make up this shortfall by diet alone is impractical There is a limit to how much oily fish, egg yolk, sundried mushroooms, fortified magarine and breakfast cereals one can consume. People with dark skin, people who rarely go out, care home residents, nursing mothers , the obese and the elderly are more likely to have low levels. Hence the case for taking VitD. Fortification isn’t new.In WW2 margarine was fortified with Vit D, still is. Nordic countries mostly give supplements.(Finland since end of the war) Levels needed to sustain bone health are lower than that required to ensure immune resilience - white cell maturation and especially “modulation” of immune response to infection,( avoiding the destructive “cytokine storm” of inflammatory over reaction and self- destruction seen in Covid infections) Several studies looking at respiratory infections in general as well as Covid infections, show lowered morbidity and mortality amongst those with an optimal level of Vit D and an increase likelihood of infection and poor outcome for those with low or very low levels. For the elderly, having an optimal level : there is strong evidence of better muscle function, balance and reduced falls ( which if for no other reason is a case for its use) Less firm evidence regarding improved cognitive function depression, and there is equivocal evidence in younger people regarding less auto immune disease and some evidence to suggest lower incidence of some malignancies, notably bowel Public health England already do recommend everyone should receive Vitamin D supplements “all year or at least during winter” as does public health here in IOM ( look at the website )but they don’t seem to promote it that strongly. Very cheap , few pence day, easily available, and for the vast majority very safe.
  11. The job description requires the internal candidate to be “ Pivotal” - it is an essential requirement - as it is mentioned several times - a “pivotal role” - a “pivotal member “ and whilst oscillating and spinning , the successful candidate will also be : “ Transforming a vision for the future into action, inspiring others and driving forward positive change” ”Driving forward the ongoing comprehensive transformational change” ”day to day management of operational business” ”part of the transformational works” before going back to being “ pivotal” again. in what is described as “Truly” Integrated Care - N.B,, forget simple old “Integrated “ Care , or the more recent “ Fully” or “Totally” Integrated Care .. -this is “Truly” Integrated Care... Do Keep up..
  12. How would such a scheme address the issue of funding its continuing maintenance? Road tax payers may contend that if they are no longer able to use it, it is no longer a “road “ for them and may their feel road tax should not be used for its upkeep. Cue dropping of term “road tax” . and await the adoption of “ vehicle licence, or individual transportation pollution charge, private vehicle road entitlement pass...active travel and environmental offset charge..
  13. The other week the number plate recognition vehicle was scanning vehicles driving along Bowring Road in Ramsey. They parked their vehicle at the entrance to a little lane between Vellikas and the IM8 car place. Whilst they were there, If they had turned their scanner towards the vehicle they had positioned themselves alongside, a black Alpha Romeo Spider which has stood there for a long time, ( Reg. No FMN 935D ) - they might have discovered that its tax expired 31/10/ 2014 It is still there...
  14. Like a lot of proposed schemes (look at some locally ), “ Why do it ?”becomes quickly overtaken by “ How to do it” , with engineering reports and drawings and pictures to demonstrate it is feasible, which is not the same as needed.
  15. Sort of “Local “News” .. Here is something that Boris has been working on to divert us and take our minds off all the serious things that are happening.
  16. I have a relative in the UK, whose working day in hospital involves wearing full PPE - throughout the pandemic. She said the staff doing Tik Tok dances etc didn’t represent the staff doing the real work as no-one she knew would have time to indulge (in her words) in such “cringeworthy nonsense” Another late night comment in late April 2020 was about “Clapping “ was typically blunt: “Never mind all this bloody clapping shit, just give us some half- decent PPE”
  17. Some politicians do indeed exhibit these pathological traits.
  18. Conspiratory theorists seem to share certain unusual personality traits. Whereas most people will admit that there are things in life where their knowledge is thin and will readily accept that there are more learned and knowledgable people who know a lot more about something than they do, the conspiratory theorist lacks this basic humility.Instead there is a very firm belief that they “know best” and will not accept any view or variation but their own.Theirs is “the way” - and the only way. Their literature searches are not to learn , alter or expand their knowledge but trawling expeditions to find anything that can be used to reinforce their rigidly held ideas.They cannot see the irony of cherry-picking from the same science world they openly despise. They have little insight and lack the ability to reflect on their actions. (look at CH’s Statement) The lack of self-doubt prevents them to consider even for a fleeting moment that they might be wrong and that being wrong may have consequences and that being wrong about illness , pandemics and vaccination a consequence is that people may suffer, even die as a result of being swayed by listening to their preaching. They seem to share a sense of wanting to exhibit themselves - a very strong desire,a great need even, to be noticed. To previous generations they would have been dismissed as “Show- offs ” At first patronising, they become scathing , then insulting ( “ sheeple”. “Wake up “ etc) , finally threatening to anyone who won’t readily accept their views ( because they won’t immediately fall into line )
  19. In his desperate desire to be noticed, he has gone too far. Naming individuals “war criminals” is ludicrous, references to Nuremberg will be seen as offensive to anyone any knowledge of twentieth century and the holocaust. Two of the individuals he names are doctors and I would be surprised if the reference to Mengele is not seen by them to be a particularly vile insult. He goes on to threaten a reporter for previously failing to fall in with his views by saying “we are coming.. and the police won’t save you”
  20. My sympathy is very much with the manager.How irritating to be manipulated into having to respond. The individual in the plastic mask has set out to be noticed. Had he gone round the store , paid for his goods and left without being able to provoke some sort of reaction his visit would have been a failure. Having seen his picture in the paper after the visit, some may view his wearing of a ridiculous- looking mask was appropriate - and suggest he does it more often.
  21. Under pressure, it is understandable if the doctor sees themselves as the supplier of a service perceived by the patient to be free and therefore not constrained by the usual financial supply and demand, and feels the demand for their services is therefore infinite. A survey showed over 80% of GPs fear litigation and have altered their approach to be defensive, referring more and ordering tests as a result. The GMC and one of the medical indemnity insurance co. (MOS) have shown consistently that the main cause of complaints is not, as might be expected, so much about diagnosis( or rather misdiagnosis ) , but is mainly about the practitioners manner and communication especially around serious illness and communication about diagnoses .The sort of thing that would come under the old heading of “bedside manner”. Most doctors , I would suspect would probably be able to count their totally unreasonable, impossible and nightmarish patients on their list over 1-2 thousand on the fingers of one hand.It would seem then that the whole system depends on most people, for a huge majority of the time, being incredibly reasonable which is a hopeful foundation. But there does seems a mismatch on both sides regarding expectations and that is where the work needs to start.
  22. It might well be correct that people “who want to see a GP would be better off seeing someone else..” There are however problems- not only of who to see, and how do they decide who to see, but where do they find these people who are able to see them? The notion of the general practitioner being the “gate keeper of the NHS “ was spouted decades ago, but it still has some relevance. As a specialist ,you see patients who have been referred to you and therefore have been already “ filtered” by primary care physicians. Your opinion is sought because your knowledge and skill and experience is very sound and deep , but with respect , not necessarily broad. The primary care physician’s knowledge is expected to be broad and not necessarily deep, but deep enough to recognise, diagnose and treat a range of conditions and be able to refer appropriately when needed. This filtering is probably more successful sometimes than others, depending on the referee, but it is likely to be more successful than a patient with unusual symptoms deciding which of many Departments they should self-refer to and arranging their consultation.
  23. It is interesting how some unfortunate youngsters’ viral infections bring out all the old battle lines about private education( I’ll leave it to others to re-man the trenches) -and totally ignore the individuals. They are a long way from their family, probably not feeling too brilliant, they are unlikely to have had much say,or any say in any of it at all, and are stuck in a grey miserable January in a grey miserable-looking school. Poor guys.
  24. This patient’s medical condition and her treatment are being freely and very widely discussed on the basis of it being in her best interests. This absolutely fine if she consents to this. If she does not, for whatever reason, then the DHSC would not be able to comment specifically.
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