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  1. Should we organise a whip-round and send them a copy?
  2. Disgusting priorities for a primary school crossing.
  3. Couldn't have them on the walkway because of pedestrians, but it's fine to have them running along a footpath!
  4. It's on their to do list here, the strategic maintenance pdf for 21/22 https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/departments/infrastructure/highway-services/projects-design-and-build/
  5. The walkway is a DoI project with a budget of £1.9m.
  6. Looks like they do. https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/departments/infrastructure/highway-services/projects-design-and-build/ Worryingly they insist that that the new prom walkway will be to same standard as the new adjacent road!
  7. You won't need it, places were taking the signs down last week. Didn't see anyone using the remaining ones.
  8. The plans getting tweaked daily and then not being sent to the contractors won't help either.
  9. The highlight was someone shouting "go on then".
  10. Do the the vaccines prevent onward transmission? How long does the protection last for?
  11. The numbers are for the period 27/06 - 17/07, and they are for cases 20 days after the 2nd dose.
  12. You can get the CSV from here https://data.gov.il/dataset/covid-19/resource/9b623a64-f7df-4d0c-9f57-09bd99a88880 And more here https://datadashboard.health.gov.il/COVID-19/general
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