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  1. Does the government control interest rates?
  2. Needs to be fumigated
  3. MadAsHell


    That's a lot of cards and wrapping paper!
  4. Remove the grants and see how fast the island rewilds. Or change the calculation of them, base it on acreage of traditional Manx woodland.
  5. They bought it a while ago. The plan is to pump from Laxey into storage tanks in Baldrine.
  6. They haven't been made redundant, the job still exists.
  7. 'Rough of Douglas, seems appropriate.
  8. DoI need to put out some 'Don't stop' signs, as per the design.
  9. How much has that finish cost?
  10. He just wants another day in paradise
  11. A new DoI traffic calming feature or the solution to the crossings? Puts our prom woes into perspective though.
  12. As effective as any other DoI division.
  13. Clay Head Road, fewer residents to complain.
  14. Thameslink is still running isn't it?
  15. Looks like we've had a miraculous drop in cases today. Panic over...
  16. A return ticket over Christmas to Gatwick is £67. If they can't fill one plane a day, why would they put two on?
  17. You don't get much after 2 years and 40 million! Some interesting comments here; https://www.skyscrapercity.com/threads/isle-of-man-ferry-terminal-lw-princes-half-tide-dock-plot-c01-£30m-u-c.2100085/page-14
  18. You obviously missed the first paragraph (out of 17), it isn't sour grapes!
  19. The house price to earnings ratio has doubled since 1995. How much avocado on toast would you have to save to make up that difference? https://www.schroders.com/en/uk/private-investor/insights/markets/what-174-years-of-data-tell-us-about-house-price-affordability-in-the-uk/
  20. In the absence of The Sole taking up his rightful place, JPW is a close 2nd.
  21. Chances are they'll misplace another box anyway.
  22. Should we organise a whip-round and send them a copy?
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