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  1. It's certainly a lose - lose scenario. The UK is Europe's second biggest economy, just, (third or fourth without Scotland and NI?). A lot of that is foreign business traded on the London Stock exchange and that will simply leave if the negotiations don't allow access to the largest free-trade market in the world. The FTSE 100 closed today at 7,368. Exactly the same value as it was the day before the referendum. Sadly, the pound was worth $1.46 the day before the referendum, and is now worth $1.23 - so in real terms it's 16% loss. The UK's debt is over 90% of GDP. Debt in itself isn
  2. Remember similar at the Hawaiian Bar in 1983 - a contingent of posh Douglas 'scooter boys' covered in union jacks ('mod' fashion at the time) getting the hiding of their lives.
  3. Steve was a really, really good Manxman and anyone who says otherwise didn't know him.
  4. You can have fast-growing big and bulky continental breeds, most of which are in reality glorified oxen, eg; Charolais, Limousin, Aquataine and Belgian Blue, or you can have the generally smaller, slower growing beef breeds like Hereford, Shorthorn, Aberdeen Angus, Galloway, or Ayrshire. The real beef breeds are better suited to living outdoors and yield very tasty marbled beef, good for steaks and roasts. Unfortunately, agricultural policies have for many years rewarded farmers for producing quantity rather than quality. Those days are gone and are not going to return. The only way for smalle
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