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  1. Just about right, althrough i dont like the hat colour
  2. 35 mph going up the Creg on my Flymo with no seat belt on is enough for me- no fun when the grass cutting set off my hay fever
  3. What planet are these people on ? Or am i missing something and being left behind on my own to marshal for the TT.
  4. Any fool can do 135 on the mountain, its when it goes wrong you suddenly wish you had been doing 70
  5. HP sauce is difficult to get in Aussy, do you think the CM could step into the breach and get it exported from a Douglas supplier
  6. I am delighted to see some progress after talking it to death over the past few years, but i am shocked to see the planning has cost over £4 million so far, is this the cost of the plans we are pressing on with or is it the total spent by the present minister and Mr Gawne. Lets face it, this must be the Mk 5 version now.
  7. The 100 mph during TT is a good compromise, provided you pull up those who abuse it. You can reasonably do this on 2 wheels in certain places and improve the safety concerns. Its the idiot drivers, both 2 and 4 wheel who think speeds well above this are ok to do. Any fool can drive quick, its just the quick stop by hitting someone that catches them out. If you look at the video of the bike coming from douglas i seem to remember he was cutting the right hander at the black hut, hence my view the lines would have pushed him over more to his own side. No white lines is down to the racing and everyone knows it. Take them up for the TT as they have that attachment which shot blasts them off.
  8. A couple of years ago we had the 2 bikes crash head on and burst into flames up by the blackhut, if there had been double white lines there was a good chance it might have been avoided. DOI have no interest in making the mountain road safer by using single and double white lines, yet we have idiots overtaking on the outside of bends. Time for a 100 mph speed limit on the mountain during TT as well.
  9. If its a 1/40th scheme then they need 26.6 year contributions for the full pension, usually 2/3rds. Any contributions after that are not getting you more qualifing years, unless the rules have changed. Must be 1 of the only 40th schemes left as most went to 60th or 80ths
  10. I worked away for many years and paid NI to IOM , plus tax but still considered resident so i am entitled to my pension, as i was employed via IOM
  11. What, step on that expensive grass at £80 acre, plus car parking fees
  12. Its the rolls royce of pensions, so why would u opt put
  13. Only pension protection fund here is the gov running an unsustainable pension scheme, yet they would not bail out a local fund in trouble through no fault of their own
  14. Well if all else fails, throw the anchor out the back of the tram
  15. Is it something like £80 an acre they get to watch the grass grow, must be entertaining if you have a few hundred of them. Get rid of this and introduce grants for farm outbuildings
  16. I understand the average pension from the CS scheme is not that high, but we hear of the bigger ones- regardless through these benefits either high or low have been earned via very low contributions over too many years. It is only now that employees are putting in 10 to 15% to give the fund a bit of breathing space.
  17. You can get electric motors with fitted brakes, power comes on the motor and the brakes release and visa versa- no idea what they have.
  18. They are entitled to their pensions as they paid in all their working life, as part of their terms of employment-pensions are in effect defered wages and no one has the right to take them away. The problem arose due to past gov policy allowing such low contribution rates when it was obvious to the private sector that contribution rates had to rise. The gov position was to top up the shortfall from revenue and they will have to carry on doing so, while the rest of us fund it via higher taxes etc. In a private scheme pensions are not set in stone, you would recieve a %age of your pension if the fund did not have enough money, the gov does not have enough money so it will have to tax us to fund it.
  19. JOE450

    Road fund tax

    What i dont get is he started off well sorting the prom after the previous minister had his head in the sand, but is he now trying the smoke and mirror trick when asked where the money is being spent. If he has to spend money then fair enough , tell the public where and how much. Not its DOI projects, excluding most of the roads !!! which are a real mess.
  20. Nice to see it is sorted, would have been a shame to see it off for the season. Lets hope they got some good ideas from their europe trip to the tram makers to bring it up to date. We cant afford to lose these attractions. Best of luck to them for the summer
  21. When Mr Harmer took over the DOI, i was off the opinion that he started off well by sorting out the bumps/pot holes on the prom after the previous hopeless minister who spent millions on different prom plans, ( i fully support the plans to sort out the prom but many sets of plans have cost mega bucks) yet it seems he has gone down in my estimation. He has increased road tax twice in under a year by near 10% with the excuse we need the money to fix the roads. Since this statement i understand this is now to fund the roads plus other DOI projects. Time we had the truth as it appears only just over a million goes on the roads out of a total road tax take of 13 million last year-the latest increase will give them more but how can you say the increase is for road maintainence when only 7% (1 out of 13 million) is spent on the roads. The roads are a public embarrasment so where is the other 93% going. ??? The civil service pensions ring loud in my ears. If they spend 6 million on the roads we would have motorway standard We have this stupid set of road tax costs, small car pays next to nothing, yet the rise in the higher rates can be more in 1 years increase than the cost for a small car in 1 year. Electric cars use the roads for nothing and Mr Harmer seems to be ok with this. What planet is this man on, as the user pays should be considered to be a valid point .
  22. The tourist season is upon us and we dont know if the trams will be operating, but they have had time to order up and print notices saying no trams today- what sort of IDIOTS are running this outfit. Makes you wonder if H+S are looking for a way out. If they say they can operate and it goes wrong who is for the high jump. It all seems too close to the wire for my liking, should have been decided weeks ago. They either have a safe braking system or they dont . Time for the boss to step up to the mark and stick his neck out and earn his big wage.
  23. Subject to the same laws as the rest of us, what a daft point of view from a reliant robin driver
  24. Only rob callister voted against it in the keys
  25. They have finally got around to repairing the Saddle Road, looks like a patch work quilt. 1 patch almost reaches the next one-if it had i would have said they had resurfaced the road but alas its about 3 inches short of the next patch
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