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  1. MTV reports that Martin might be finished on prom as no contracts have been asked for yet for 2018 www.isleofman.com
  2. So many flight problems for EasyJet this week with at least two flights from Gatwick to IoM having to cancel due to fog. Hope they don't look at pulling out of the route.
  3. I think someone somewhere told her she was great. Then the ego gets out of hand. Brindley seems unable to pull her in. To,ask people to text in over and over again every Saturday morning is just crazy. Hospital radio stuff. Now she has made it on to TT TV heaven help us!
  4. Now that Mr Brindley has settled into the job his friend Charles Guard arranged for him I'm surprised he did not move Mr Moss onto the retirement home for old broadcasters and bring in fresh meat like Mr Cave or Mr Bell who have an ability to connect to a new generation of radio TT listener. I understand Jonny Moss is a nightmare to work with as he will not be told how to do a story, even by his bosses.
  5. It's been said that Manx Radio are GETTING PAID £50,000 or more to cover the TT on top of the £1,000,000 government hand out but should they not have to pay to use the TT brand? Seems they are putting it everywhere this year including to 3rd party companies who are only sponsors on the radio, not the races, and are therefore not signed up to the TT franchise agreement. Mr Callister take note.
  6. Gosh the pictures that DED are putting on social media today seem to show that the PR people have no idea how to make an event look good. First pic is a half empty room for the opening speeches the next has Minster Skelly almost in darkness on stage. Looks very AmDram to me
  7. Doesn't say it all when Manx Radio are paying to advertise this new directory on Face Book! (See the sponsored bit under the heading). Just like everyone else you can target the whole Island for just £5. I think most forms of traditional advertising are really going to be replaced by the big boys of the internet. Sadly what won't include that MR directory...powered by radio...whatever that really means. How much money will this cost us? Remember Manx Radio Plus? Where you couldn't enter a competition unless you were a member! What a crazy idea that all turned out to be.
  8. Proof, it was really needed, that with a little thought about a program the presenter can make a big difference. Talking Heads today was with Bob Harrison, also next Monday and Tuesday. He did a bit of research, on the hoof I think, just finding out what a Minister had said about something. The program had direction and got feedback from the audience. Surly after 5 years of the same broken record the public are intitled to a new DJ to breath live back into a very sorry two hours of so called talk radio/PSB. I think the music content was much lower as well. You got the impre
  9. Being 5 years old these videos have resurfaced. I've found all the links buried deep on the Manx Telecom website. http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/4848/mttv-5-manx-radio-cuts-1- http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/4849/manx-radio-cuts-2- http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/4857/manx-radio-cuts-3- http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/4858/manx-radio-cuts-4- God knows why they were split into so many sections but worth looking at. All these years and nothing has changed. Would explain why the same tired DJs are still on the radio. God they sound bored!
  10. If he is working for 3FM he should have made that clear! Anyone who was in Tynwald a few months ago and witnessed Jason Roberts have a total meltdown on the phone will know he's not 100% at the moment. The speaker had to halt proceeding as he could be heard throughout the chamber, and the Manx Radio commentary box is meant to be sound proofed! From all accounts he totally lost it because he wanted to go and play with his band and not stay on for half an hour to the end of business. It sounds like he has his own agenda which is not everyones cup of tea if you work with him. The
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