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  1. Oh I read it alright, it was a back handed limp accusation of anti-semitism without the actual balls to say it. Another attempt to use the "anti-semitism" tactic prevalent in the current political climate.
  2. As I thought, throwing out the "anti-semitism" barb with no substance.
  3. State one thing that I have said that would be legally classified as anti-semitic.
  4. Well "you" were accusing me of anti-semitism... Or was that a "unguarded yet subtle" accusation?
  5. So hiding behind "individualism" as a carte blanche to be a rude and offensive arse online...
  6. That is a dangerous accusation to make from your anonymous avatar...
  7. Says the poster who gets his knickers in a twist about the term "gammon".
  8. I dislike the word "liberal" being used as pejorative, but this is the unfortunate world we live in.
  9. Which of the nasty words upset you? Fascist? "right winger"? Islamophobia?
  10. Shall we try the right wing angry way of doing everything? Oh wait we did, we used to hang people, we used to castrate gay people, we used to burn witches, we used to make black people sit at the back of the bus, we used to deny women the vote, etc. You paint your version of history as rosey quaint idillyic times of peace for all (as long as you were a white, straight, well enough off type), but the reality is, it was shit and people are trying to make it better, but the thought of people have the same basic rights as you makes you sick to the stomach for some reason and you can only express that petty impotent rage here by spouting it fruitlessly on MF.
  11. More of Quilp's unpunished insults and poor posting.
  12. MF is rampant with "I'm all right Jack boomer types" who have no compassion, empathy or sympathy for anything that happens any further away than Ramsey. You were onto a non-starter appealing to any sense of common decency or basic human emotion, but I applaud you for trying.
  13. A right winger calling someone a fascist for pointing out blatant Islamophobia...what ever next.
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