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  1. What a sad parody of yourself you have become.
  2. It isn't about changing opinion for the masses, its about changing the opinion of enough people to make a difference. Trinidad and Tobago, which if you would spend the time, is explained in great detail Alexander Nix himself (in case you don't know who he is, look him up). Like I said, I am wasting my time trying to explain this to you. Brexiteers are the new flat earthers.
  3. It would be a reasonable question, but I know that you already refuse to accept that the "sovereignty" that you hold so dear, is a lie that was bought and sold by the highest bidder. So regardless of what information either I or the program would present, you would still refuse to accept that the Brexit vote was in any way "fair". And did anything get through to you? I'm guessing not as it appears I am still wasting my time with you.
  4. Out of interest, did you even read the very article you linked?
  5. For some reason, I knew I was wasting my time with you on this...
  6. Then you have no idea of the reach or scope of what happened and what is still happening.
  7. Well the clever thing about watching it is, you'd find out. Seeing as this is an on going global investigation, this is still highly relevant. Again, just get off the kool-ad for just shy of 2 hours and maybe learn something.
  8. So the reason right wing terrorists carried out their heinous act, its all immigrants fault. Truly the dumbest thing I have seen today (and I spent my lunch hour watching flat earth debunking videos)
  9. As you will find out after watching the Big Hack, sovereignty no longer exists as you wish it does.
  10. I suggest you look it up (I await your Alexander Nix impression "the liberal elite media are trying to destroy us!!!!")
  11. @woolley have you watched The Big Hack on Netflix?
  12. But this specific situation is a result of Brexit.
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