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  1. I'm not trolling, I am asking the poster if he still feels the same as he did 3 months ago.
  2. We're talking about herd immunity, not vaccines. 30 seconds and a google search found this: https://www.harrogateadvertiser.co.uk/news/opinion/letters/letter-end-lockdown-urgently-and-return-herd-immunity-plan-2860713 "The PM must admit an error of judgement and revert to his original ‘herd immunity’ policy as a matter of urgency before it is too late. Let the human immune system do its job and let’s get back to work before too many businesses collapse." Yes, it is from an opinion post, but if one idiot thinks it...well, we know what the "masses" are like. Edit to add: https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/04/herd-immunity-considered-end-lockdown-pms-adviser-says-12507209/ "A senior science adviser to the government has said the UK should consider letting people catch coronavirus in the safest way possible. Professor Graham Medley, who leads the government’s disease modelling team, argued Britain has ‘painted itself into a corner’ with a lockdown which could eventually lead to more harm than the disease itself. He told The Times today: ‘We will have done three weeks of this lockdown so there’s a big decision coming up on 13 April. In broad terms are we going to continue to harm children to protect vulnerable people, or not?’ ‘The measures to control [the disease] cause harm. The principal one is economic, and I don’t mean to the economy generally, I mean to the incomes of people who rely on a continuous stream of money and their children, particularly the school closure aspect ."
  3. Nearly 3 months on, 372,000 dead world wide, care to update us on your feelings on the matter Woolster?
  4. But we aren't at the talking about it stage yet. You only have to look at comments here and on other social media platforms, to see that the term and concept of "herd immunity" has been taken up as some magic cure-all by the "masses" and an excuse to end the lock down prematurely. You yourself said "...are usefully adding to the island's herd immunity." There is no herd immunity, and idiots seeing a medical profession say things like that are only going to reinforce their skewed understand of the situation.
  5. So you're "hoping" for herd immunity which relies on two things we don't have and either won't have for some time or at all, 1) a valid vaccine 2) proof that the virus cannot infect those who have already been infected? Not intending that to sound as antagonistic as it appears, just trying to understand why a medically professional is talking about herd immunity at this stage of the pandemic, when groups such as the WHO says relying on herd immunity with regards to CV-19 is "dangerous".
  6. And your comments regarding herd immunity?
  7. Would you attribute that to lock down measure or some other factor? Without a tested and viable vaccine, and no solid data regarding reinfection potential, what herd immunity are you talking about?
  8. Well that describes 99% of forum. "slow golf clap" Irrelevant on the internet. "slow golf clap" What ever fantasies you have about me and what I am wearing you should keep to yourself. There are people I care about that live on the IOM, and want the best for them. My hopes are that they get through this as unscathed as possible. Idiots like some on this forum are going to be the reason they don't.
  9. Right and what about those that haven't admitted themselves to hospitals that are asymptomatic?
  10. Strawman. Not what I said and you know it.
  11. I'm sorry, is keeping kids out of schools for a few more weeks going to reduce the country to the dark ages? Now that is amusing to read.
  12. Jealous of IOMG? Think about that for little bit longer than it took you to type it.
  13. Strawman. I have not said at any point that the world must shut down indefinitely. I am saying "they" are removing restrictions too soon, which is going to cause more problems than it solves.
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