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  1. Taking time our of polishing your Dad's medals (or you could have used a stock photo...who knows)?
  2. Right. Anyway, back to answering the question maybe?
  3. Sure, I'll bite into the strawman. No, I am not fine with the scenario as you presented. Do I have a problem with professional body modification taking place between concenting adults in a safe environment? Not at all. Would I want it done to me. No, not really, but then body modification is not my thing. The same reason I don't judge and shame people who are into tattoos or piercings.
  4. "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer" Percy Bysshe Shelley. So would you say that if your (let's assume real people) folk didn't have that little bit of luck, they would still be in the same position they are now?
  5. More of the usual. Confused, out of date, old people moaning about something that they will never have done to themselves or will be harmed in any way by someone else having it done them. Have a cup of tea Granddad and if you're good we'll wheel you into the Sun room and you can do your puzzle.
  6. For once, you are right. This is a forum, and you are entitled to talk about a subject (within the limits set by the boards owners). However, and this is the bit you seem to be willfully ignoring, if you are going to post bollocks, using woo science and nonsense Youtube videos, you are going to be challenged and corrected.
  7. Manxy, there are no studies showing the air you breathe is safe. Have you tried stopping breathing to see if that is safer?
  8. The Lottery (in all its various forms), is, was and always will be an aspiration tax on the lower/middle side of society. "You want wealth, luxury and everything that goes with it, without having the fortune of being born to rich parents or working "hard" all your life*?" As Dilli said, it's commercialised hope, a few win and most dont. While I am opposed to industrial levels of gambling (and especially those companies that use little out of the way places to avoid taxes and other legal issues), I am not opposed to a couple of quid (remember when it used to be a £1?) a week on a lottery ticket. Chances are you won't win, but for the price of a sandwich why wouldn't you? *Any one with a ounce of sense knows that there is no direct correlation between "working hard" and becoming wealthy. You only have to look at the youngest "self made" billionaire Jenna (?) Kardashian.
  9. Stores are doing worse, meaning store closures in the future which means job loses. It might seem obvious to anyone with a brain in there head, but some of the slower/older members might need that explaining.
  10. Well, with that elaborate and detailed rebuttal....
  11. Whatever, you hateful old fart. I am done talking to an apologist for terrorism and xenophobia. Enjoy your weekend surrounded by piss and vinegar in your dark and gloomy world.
  12. You see a flaw because of the hate filled few, I see success because the massive majority who live together and get on with their lives. What a grim and unfortunate out look you have on life. #hopenothate
  13. So the problem isn't the majority of people, who just go about their daily lives, but the extremists (on both sides). The problem isn't multiculturalism, but the hate and ignorance (on both sides) of the extreme minority who struggle to live with reality.
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