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  1. You started this thread, knowing full well what was going to happen given your posting style and particular "phrasing".
  2. To be fair to Farage, Farage has made a career out of his opinions in the public eye, where as Rog trolls a niche forum on the internet for kicks.
  3. Considering Rog was bowing out... But its okay, the 1st Division Crusty Old Fart Brigade are here to fight the good fight.
  4. If it was just me, maybe you'd have a point. But its not just me. Says the person from the "Angry of Morecombe" Points of view, Mary Whitehouse generation. We're not the ones upset because we can't use hate speech like we could "in the good old days"
  5. "Yes I am a racist, but its okay, I'm old and experienced."
  6. Having served relatively recently compared to most claiming service on this forum, I certainly don't see "heroes" as the correct term for the armed forces. Yes, without doubt, some commit heroic acts to save the man next to them (that comes with the territory of being in the shit and only having your mates to look out for you and visa versa), but labelling the whole of the armed forces as heroes is jingoistic nonsense. They are, for want of a better term, victims. Victims of the nonsense conflicts they are dropped into for bullshit reasons, victims of the horrific injuries (both mental and physical) and victims of a nation that hails them as heroes when they are in the Middle East protecting our/US oil interests, but then cast them into the street once they have served their purpose. I actual advise against a career in the armed forces nowadays. The training and life experience is priceless but the bullshit that goes with it these days far out weighs the positives.
  7. He treads the line carefully like a clever troll. One day he will tread one foot over the line and get what he has coming to him as the nasty troll that he is.
  8. RIchard Britten


    See my response on the other thread.
  9. If they are still going, have a look on the Chain of Command facebook group. Or there is an RPG Isle of Man group.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51206425 "Britain will not back down over the introduction of a new tax on large American tech firms, Chancellor Sajid Javid has told a meeting in Davos. The US said it would consider retaliatory levies on UK car makers if the measure goes ahead. The new tax is aimed at firms that do a lot of business in the UK but don't pay taxes based on the size of their sales, including Google, Amazon and Facebook. France this week agreed to suspend a similar measure. French officials said they would wait to see if a multilateral solution could be found over the course of this year before it levied the tax. The US had threatened to impose new levies on French exports of wine, cheese and handbags."
  11. Bringing the matter back to the thread: It is language like that (displayed by some posters) which makes it hard to separate Brexit from the grubbier under tones it brought with it.
  12. "Jews will not replace us" was chanted loudly and repeatedly at the rally. Hate speech? Check Encourage hatred of Jewish People? Check Other chants recorded on video: One people, one nation, end immigration White lives matter Blood and soil All slogans of the white supremacist movement.
  13. Hmmm incitement to hatred, in the US (where the video is from): "Article 369 of the Criminal Code, titled 'Incitement to hatred or discrimination', prohibits hate speech directed against a group of persons. The offense carries a punishment of 6 months to 3 years' imprisonment, or a fine."
  14. Again, another one of those "so much to unpack" posts... Pure speculation and wishful thinking. The very essence of the Brexit refferendum. At this point, its hard to be surprised when you sound like an EDL rally... So chances are you'll be long gone before the true nature of Brexit hits home. You've had your piece of the pie, pissed on the rest and walked away from the table. Like the "hero" Tommy Robinson? Again, you are sound more and more like an EDL rally in full swing. You mean the real reason for Brexit...to avoid the EUs plan for tougher tax rules that would hit the likes of Johnson, Mogg and their pay masters?
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