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  1. https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/scott-mann-on-the-working-time-directive-and-brexit-1-6543027 "Challenged by the presenter using past comments from George Eustice, Mann had a suggestion for what the government could do next. "I genuinely think we need to have a serious think looking at the working time directive," he said." Say good bye to weekends off and paid holidays...
  2. Incorrect. They are sovereign states who signed up to an common economic trade agreement.
  3. I was born in Dorset (deepest darkest Weymouth back before the hospital was turned into "luxury" flats), and then from 17 moved around the country with the forces. Occasionally, a little Daaarset drawl slips out and sometimes a little Naaarrrffuk manages to slide in as well.
  4. Again, running the debacle that is Brexit (and its faithful) down. This "running the country down" is your strawman to carry, not mine.
  5. Boris and Gove know all about Class A drugs...first hand.
  6. I do not believe they have joint nationality, but they are Commonwealth citizens and subjects of the Crown.
  7. Not really. That is just a narrative that the Leave campaign cooked up to give the faithful another soundbite. Part of the whole "if you're not with us, you are against us", "remainers = traitors", "we won, now get with the program and start coming together or leave" nonsense that is being peddled around (MF included)
  8. Such as: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-51463632?fbclid=IwAR34YPPinsIXziL8gBUplt1qTy62sESRBOFFPhCV98IlP9myyDEXi4HJSMk "Challenger bank N26 is closing accounts for UK customers on 15 April, blaming difficulties created by the Brexit process. The bank, which had a significant marketing push after launch, only started offering current accounts in the UK after the EU referendum. However, it said that the "timing and framework" of the Withdrawal Agreement made it impossible to continue. With about 200,000 customers, it was one of the smaller operators in the UK. Thomas Grosse, chief banking officer at N26 said: "While we respect the political decision that has been taken, it means that N26 will be unable to serve our customers in the UK and will have to leave the market.""
  9. Clarification. I am gleefully talking Brexit and its affects down.
  10. Here is a thought, instead of the smuggo act, why not just qualify your original point. (7 posts on)
  11. Five posts on and you still haven't "enlightened us" with your brilliantly easy solution.
  12. I'm sure those in the manufacturing industry will be pleased to hear that after three quarters of contraction.
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