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  1. La Colombe

    Mound Of Mud On TT Racer's Grave

    Ooh! Had to google that one. What a silly post.
  2. La Colombe

    Giant Waves in Tenerife

    Whoah! Bit scary!
  3. La Colombe

    Sums up Brexit and a few posters me included!

    I like Barrie, he's good value. Nothing wrong with starting new Brexit threads in my opinion, better than new angles getting lost in that mental megathread full of Woody's nonsense and all the shite that counters it.
  4. La Colombe

    Amazing Crash At Macau

    Phew! There you are! You had me worried for a minute. I think you should get some counselling.
  5. La Colombe

    Mound Of Mud On TT Racer's Grave

    It's pretty clumsy as gravedigging goes. But no real harm done I suppose if the plot is returned to it's former state as quickly as possible.
  6. La Colombe

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Another woeful tale in the stupid war on drugs.
  7. La Colombe

    Mound Of Mud On TT Racer's Grave

    Peculiar story this one. 'Mound of mud' on grave of former TT racer Soil has been poured over the resting place of a former road racer, leaving his family upset. Daniel Hegarty was laid to rest in Bingham Cemetery where, what has been described as 'a huge mound of mud' has been piled on top of the grave. A regular TT competitor, Hegarty lost his life last year at the Macau Grand Prix. Tributes marking the anniversary of his death were moved during the incident to make way for the soil. Family members of Daniel say it was 'absolutely heartbreaking'.
  8. La Colombe

    Amazing Crash At Macau

    Is there any need to be so offensive? If it isn't being drunk, just what is it that triggered such an outburst from you? I really think you've got some issues going on there. Maybe you've got some PTSD or something? You should keep off these forums, they're not doing you any good.
  9. La Colombe

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    The petrolheads may not cause the accidents, but the conditions that make the roads so dangerous are created for them.
  10. La Colombe

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    David Davis twittering from the States here. Very funny replies! What a biff.
  11. La Colombe

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    The accidents are in effect caused by the government's road strategy. It creates and encourages the use of conditions which will inevitably lead to serious incidents involving horrendous injuries and deaths. It's a handy scapegoat I suppose, putting the blame on a minority of idiots. Even the police do this with their tweets about people running out of talent. But it doesn't wash with me I'm afraid. You create the conditions that are created on the island for petrolheads and people will die. Any idiot can predict that.
  12. La Colombe

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Jesus wept, got there in the end.
  13. La Colombe

    Rob Callister

  14. La Colombe

    Brexit Is Reversible...

    Oof! Gibraltar rears an ugly head.
  15. La Colombe

    Amazing Crash At Macau

    When he's a drunk mental.