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  1. La Colombe

    Alleged Threesome Turned Sour

    Whoa, you wanna be roasted by the Chuckle Brothers. That is sick.
  2. La Colombe


    Drunk halfwit.
  3. La Colombe

    Chaos At Gatwick...

    Oh! I wonder who it was then? Arrested Couple Freed Without Charge
  4. La Colombe

    Paddy Ashdown...

    That'll give Santa a nasty shock.
  5. La Colombe

    The 'Trans' Issue.

    He's got his once white but long since yellowing y-fronts with some curious stubborn stains in them in a twist.
  6. La Colombe

    Paddy Ashdown...

    ...has died, aged 77.
  7. La Colombe

    Chaos At Gatwick...

    Pair arrested are local, police say.
  8. La Colombe

    Black Eyed Friday

    Is it a hospital bed?
  9. La Colombe

    Chaos At Gatwick...

    Fair play, exemplary demo tactics, and no real comparative harm done. Hats sort of off pending future changes of mind.
  10. La Colombe

    Mr Skelly And The TT...

    In his role as the minister for motorsport, I wonder if Mr Callister actually believes what he wrote? It would be quite bizarre if he did.
  11. La Colombe

    School Facebook Sites

    That's a very shallow way of looking at what is actually a loss to Manx Forums.
  12. La Colombe

    Anna Soubry...

    ... is on the side of Adolph Hitler. For lobbying for a second referendum. Hmm. That's just silly.
  13. La Colombe

    School Facebook Sites

    Well, what people post anonymously on here might have ramifications for their dependents after their death. Or they might simply not want to ever be associated with what they post here.
  14. La Colombe

    Chaos At Gatwick...