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  1. You think? There was no real harm done here. Probably deserves another chance to avoid custody.
  2. Where the men eat fire, sleep on nails and saw their wives in half?
  3. Damo Suzuki has died, aged 74.
  4. What I don't understand is how were we able to grow our exports to non EU countries by 90% whilst being a member of the EU? "our goods exports to the 100 or so countries with whom we had no trade deal grew by nearly 90 per cent."
  5. Jesus wept. A bit of weed and a few Es. Sentenced to 33 months. Bonkers.
  6. From where and for how long was the dog missing? Odd angle to a fire story.
  7. Maybe, but they may be too few in number in future to carry a referendum result. The majority might support accepting the Euro.
  8. Hmm. Were that so, how did the Brexit referendum ever come about? Wishful thinking there I think.
  9. Lengthy sentences handed out to these two. Rather forgiving victims. Some people are just nicer than others.
  10. There'll probably come a time when hardly anyone will own up to supporting and voting for Brexit.
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