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  1. Whoa, you wanna be roasted by the Chuckle Brothers. That is sick.
  2. Oh! I wonder who it was then? Arrested Couple Freed Without Charge
  3. That'll give Santa a nasty shock.
  4. He's got his once white but long since yellowing y-fronts with some curious stubborn stains in them in a twist.
  5. Pair arrested are local, police say.
  6. Fair play, exemplary demo tactics, and no real comparative harm done. Hats sort of off pending future changes of mind.
  7. In his role as the minister for motorsport, I wonder if Mr Callister actually believes what he wrote? It would be quite bizarre if he did.
  8. That's a very shallow way of looking at what is actually a loss to Manx Forums.
  9. ... is on the side of Adolph Hitler. For lobbying for a second referendum. Hmm. That's just silly.
  10. Well, what people post anonymously on here might have ramifications for their dependents after their death. Or they might simply not want to ever be associated with what they post here.
  11. It doesn't worry me but it does worry some posters. And understandably so.
  12. Are you sure about that? Because the number of riders killed or seriously injured doesn't seem to be going down.
  13. ... continues as the incident err, drones on. The military have been called in now. Crazy.
  14. That's the kind of profit that will definitely be ploughed back into the event.
  15. ...in the news again. It's only money. And it is the TT where any sort of accounting seems unnecessary. Just think of the publicity that would have cost, ooh, half a billion?
  16. Some people give a shit. Remember when it was clarified on here by someone that a commitment to anonymity by Manx Forums as per the terms and conditions ceased to apply after a given users death? That clearly had a profound effect on some and led to mass deletions of content.
  17. Another day. Another breach of trust. What price being able to share a picture of your lunch? How are those privacy settings again?
  18. Love it. I wish I could do that.
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