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  1. I sincerely hope this really is a choice of her own making. I had the pleasure of knowing this Lady during her tenure at MNH, she was a genuinely hard working, extremely well educated honest person.
  2. Sorry to side-step these financial discussions, but just heard on MR that MG are to start installing some kind of electronic gas managing/monitoring device to all their customers, AND there will be a charge/subscription to use it....WHAT! Please don't tell me this installation is mandatory??!! Talk about salt in the wound, absolutely taking the proverbial! Come on iomg, wake up to what is happening around us and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  3. And that, with all due respect to those with a different opinion, is the situation where this gent is concerned....in a nutshell.
  4. Apparently not. Called 624624 yesterday and the gent I spoke to quoted the first couple of headers and said "Is that the e-mail you've received? If it is then it's ours and legit"
  5. Gotta say both Ray and Terry were superstar musicians in their own rights. They not only offered a place to get your kit from, ( bought, what were at the time a couple of Sure SM58's, considered great anti-feedback vocalist mic's, still are) but also offered honest, with no unnecessary upsell advice on REALLY what you needed . Both were simply genuine people. Got to know Ray really well, especially when he had the Hotel on upper Finch Road with a lovely little bar that had, shall we call it a 'liberal' opening policy with no overcharging on Sunday afternoons, when all us so called 'weekend entertainers' had time out to relax. Miss those times of being part of 'the gang'
  6. Suggestions based on experience...absolutely. But being 'TOLD' is not a suggestion! AND, not listening AT ALL to a client and her friends opinions is frankly insulting, worsened by her dreadful attitude. I'm sorry, not a nice, confidence building individual at all.
  7. Have some VERY fond memories of secret visits there 😉
  8. oxymoron alert a friendly and outspoken lady, oxymoron alert a clever retired teacher. (ALL teachers are clever, most especially retired ones, they get worse after retirement and everyone in their world is talked down to as their school children substitutes) Ha ha, liked that. Can be very true though in lots of cases.....but not this lady,
  9. Well HD, It is a 'LOCAL' business. Where would you suggest this honest appraisal should go, to warn others who could make the same mistake of going there.
  10. I have a very excited future wife who today had an appointment with 'Aurora Brides' in Onchan for help with the purchase of her Wedding dress after seeing one very close to her liking in Aurora's storefront window. Sadly, what an incredible disaster the visit turned out to be. As I obviously wasn't there at this exciting time, to accuse someone of being supercilious and frankly absolutely obnoxious you have to be sure of the facts. Accompanying my future wife was her best friend, a friendly and outspoken lady, along with my sister who is a sophisticated and intelligent woman and another very good friend who is a clever retired teacher. All relayed the same story. This initially exciting visit, which was simply looking for good advice on what my future wife would desire for her wedding dress was met with quite an unbelievable attitude, and I mean real attitude of, well, frankly, arrogance an overbearing disdainfulness and dismissal of my fiance's wishes. With a very big emphasis on arrogance. This episode left me angry that it spoilt what should have been a happy, lovely occasion and, WONDERING JUST HOW MANY CUSTOMERS ACTUALLY PURCHASED ONE OF HER DRESSES after this sort of dreadful experience?? Anyone else suffered the indignity of having to deal with this woman?
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