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  1. Sentience

    easy jet

    Finally got through to a human being at Easyjet this afternoon after a 2 hour continuous dialling. Lovely lady got the full frustration story from me about there not being any offer (button) for 'refund' and the time spent on their site yesterday going round and round in circles trying to find a way forward. She agreed it should have been an offer made with the e-mail we originally received about them cancelling the flight, in an effort to retain any sense of fairness. She did not try to placate me with any corporate bullshit, she just asked me for my name, personal security details and booking reference. Finally said there would be an e-mail sent to confirm a refund would appear on my debit card within 5 to 7 working days, this duly arrived 10 minutes later. That's the way a good business should work.
  2. Sentience

    easy jet

    Yup sure did. Silly me. Should have been obvious. Attention seeking 'SillyDilly'.
  3. Sentience

    easy jet

    Of course I called them 'Sleazyjet'. The facts of this missive make it obvious of their talent in this area of 'business' (sic) Sorry it should have read IOM-LPL....LPL-IOM However, now I understand...Just seen who the poster was....now I understand.
  4. Sentience

    easy jet

    Sleazyjet informed me by e-mail that my return flights IOM-LPL MAR 30/LPL-IOM APR 8 had been cancelled for very obvious and universal reasons, offering to accept alternative travel dates. I simply wanted a refund (Jet2 had done this automatically for my international flights for my onward destination) After spending at least two hours navigating their very unintuative site to find a simple refund option and filling out an unusually long form of details and pressing (finally) confirm I get this message: 'by checking this box, you acknowledge that submitting this claims form will not refund your unused ticket. If you are entitled to a refund, please visit Manage Bookings.' This is THE worst example of 'Round the Houses' to make things really difficult for you I have ever experienced, because two hours ago, that's exactly where I started!! Sleazy, I believe that at this point hope most other people wanting a refund would give up and accept their 'rebook' offer Absolute pure greed, added to the pure greed of the way they took advantage of Flybe going 'Tits-up' necessitating me making this expensive alternative booking in the first place! True colours 'Sleazy.....true colours. I will personally travel with ANY other than you (back of a seagull or even Steam Packet if I have to) for the rest of my travelling days....lots of future lost business and brand loyalty, please be assured, absolutely assured of that!
  5. WOW!! This situation is most certainly bringing 'them' out of the woodwork a lot sooner than I would have anticipated.
  6. Lots (not the binoc's) very friendly in the Laxey Wheel valley each summer. A real treat to observe.
  7. I cannot believe this post. Complete and utter ignorance of facts, so brazenly ignored!! Must be a 'piss take'.........Please God it is, otherwise with this kind of mentality outside of southern US redneck states we are doomed I tell yer....doomed!!
  8. Here we go again. No wonder MF has stagnated so much. Potentially, probably the most serious life threatening situation since WW2 and what have we got. Someone starts a post about precautions and MF ends up with 90% of the last three pages being made up of peurile, infantile slanging matches....by the usual posters. What a surprise (sic) God help us.
  9. Derek, while we are not members of the 'UK', we are never the less part of the so called 'British Isles'
  10. In Canada's British Columbia the sea journey from the mainland to Vancouver Island is considered part of the 'Highway' and is subsidised, for ALL travellers by their 'Highways' department. Hence millions of travellers, vacationers and locals using the service. Now, imagine the current SPCo owners, the IOMG, ever coming up with that as a concept of increasing visitor numbers. Don't immediately say "what about the balance of scale". It is 'speculate to accumulate', but that does require a thinking process that goes beyond the end of your nose. Don't hold your breath with that as a considered concept with our current crop. They can't even create roads that are up to the standard of less wealthy 3rd world countries! A 'deep sea berth' for big cruise ships.....have you seen the size of these vessels!....seriously!!!
  11. Expensive, maybe, by todays standards.....grim, never. My collegue and I travelled once a month and it was never cancelled, usually bang on time and never ever 'Grim'.
  12. Manx Airlines was fantastic. Full cooked breakfast on the Heathrow 'Red Eye' at 06:50 daily, lovely friendly cabin staff with a genuine Manx greeting, free drinks on the way home. A pleasure to fly even though it was a long business day. However at just under £300 return, you paid for the privilege. It was a comfortable, wonderful way to get to London, even if it was on business. Terry L (a lovely, very genuine guy) had the business plan bang on......but it did cost the flying public a lot more for the Airline to remain profitable.
  13. Thanks for your kind thoughts, much appreciated. Nobles were simply fantastic.
  14. Thanks everyone for your thoughts....even 'junior member' snowflake....oops sorry snowman.
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