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  1. Wow....an MF thread that has stayed on topic since 2006. With NO smartass wannabe comedians. Fantastic, please, let's keep the recalled memories coming in.
  2. CM could lead by example and hold both his after di nner wind and absolutely meaningless rhetoric in.....hey....it's a fart....sorry start!!
  3. In the Manx Radio news item the CM said something about himself being a 'bit' naive about the response HE expected from the iomg's consultation document. Boy what an understatement! Also he talked about future legislation that would ban all fossil fuels being used for home heating. ER....what's left, because Gas is a fossil fuel, oil is and electricity is generated by coal, oil or gas, all fossil fuels! So do they intend to invest the neccessary millions into solar, wind or wave power.....I don't think so. Be interesting to see what alternative solutions their 'think tank' (sic) comes up with in the meantime.
  4. Had enough of of your riveting responses. I'm out.
  5. Dilli...same old, same old.
  6. And he's off and running!
  7. As I said, you're no comedian.
  8. Sadly there are the few, JW a prime example, of those who try to to keep the conversation going in an educated informative way. An honest attempt to help. And then there's you.
  9. Sadly there are the few, JW a prime example, of those who try to to keep the conversation going in an educated informative way. An honest attempt to help. Dilli......and then there's you.
  10. That is, not probably, but definately the post that describes you even better than I tried to. Well done, living up to form.
  11. I know I don't voice opinions on this forum very often, and very often my comments concern the wanna be comedians (it is a profession enjoyed by those qualified by the way) who post ludicrous, nasty, personal responses that usualy derail some of the most serious posts. This miscreant is a prime example. Definately no natural sense of humour, just argumentative for the sake of it. Whether you agree or not, there was a time when some serious comments made politicians/'important types' squirm a bit and brought about changes...not any more. Manx Forums has become a laughing stock, just to be ignored. If I was a bit paranoid I might suggest the efforts by certain IOMG employees on here to destroy any credibility MF had has really paid off. How long must this misuse/abuse contiue before someone says simply (sorry 'bout this)...fuck off you horses ass...just fuck off!
  12. There were 4 the other directors mentioned, anyone know their names? Locals?
  13. I was at the cat last Friday evening. Everyone (5 of us) thoroughly enjoyed what we'd ordered. In my case the Hake was cooked to a level you would expect in a very much more expensive restaurant. Even asked the waiter to send my compliments to Chef....so I will be returning....no o problemo.
  14. 5g has recently been switched on at Manchester Airport. Also a little birdie assures me that MT were testing this in Doulas 3 or 4 years ago. Wether that testing is still going on I don't know.
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