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  1. Sentience


    How come we now have to sign-in every time we try to open MF????
  2. At a time when this really IS about 'lives being lost', please don't tell me this all about egos and losing face. Boy was a certain somebody given a medal prematurely if this really is the case!
  3. I wish no physical harm or illness for anyone. However, if true, this does seemingly conveniently solve a major problem for him and his GOP. It means for at least two weeks he's not able to repeat the embarrasing fiasco that was the first Presidential debate. Did anyone else witness megalomania with such a vibrant and nasty example the other night. Trump is ridiculously bloody dangerous!
  4. I'm just one of those 1500. Been on this 'waiting list' for at least two years. Cannot understand why, at 70 years old and having paid in all my working life I have no dentist, when you consider how many deadly illnesses can be the result of teeth problems. Apparently a very high percentage of these teeth related problems in the past did lead to.....death!
  5. Standard procedure here in the IOM. It's called 'SNAFU'.....Situation normal, all f.....d up! NO accountability for any CS/PS's crazy ideas with their 'ASSUMED KNOWLEDGE' of most situations that have gone very wrong, sometimes having grave consequences for those on the ground, forced to actually carry out these 'halfwit plans' because CS/PS 'position snobery' does not involve even consulting frontline staff, those with real common sense and REAL LIFE experience 'on the job'. This lack of responsibility permeates almost ALL areas of CS/PS. Get it wrong and you may have to endure a
  6. This could be a practice to avoid if'n you simply just want your health looked after. However they do have themselves taken care of. They've got all possible 'business/legal' contingencies well and truly sorted.
  7. What we need is an ISLE OF MAN BANK, end of! Not some bank owned by very foreign owners operated through Gersey or Jernsey by some, unfortunately, difficult to understand probably poorly paid 'on the phone' employees. Not prejudice in any way, but this IS how it all started and things deteriorated over the years, when all that seems to count is 'keeping the shareholders happy' with no REAL thoughts to customer service or care. Again.....END OF! (Do these, already rich shareholders really need such huge returns?)
  8. The UK/IOM have fallen 13 places on a league table of global broadband speeds, making them one of the slowest countries in Europe with an average of 37.82 Mbits/sec. (Never experienced anywhere near that at the Northern end of Onchan). The UK, including the Island are now ranked 22nd out of 29 states in Western Europe, an area that typically dominates the global speed table. Eight of the top ten fastest countries in the world for broadband are located in Europe, with the principality of Liechtenstein offering the fastest broadband in the world, at an average speed of 229.98 Mbits/se
  9. Don't know. Let's see what happens.
  10. Have had contact with driver this morning via 'messenger'asking me to get a repair quote which I will do later today.
  11. Sentience


    Anyone recognise this registration number NMN-424-V? Reversed into me at the exit to Shoprite Onchan car park the other evening. No insurance documents available in the car, but promised to pop around the next evening to my home with them. Didn't arrive. I took a photo of his registration plate and telephone number, but it didn't connect when I tried it?! Got the video footage on my Nextbase NVDBR 522 GW Dashcam too, which if necessary I'll post on Manxforums. Hope he can provide his insurance details before I present the dashcam and photos to the local plod in 24 hour
  12. Apparently the service has to be 'off' for 5 days before we are entitled to any recompense, 5 days, almost a quarter of what you are paying for. Who the hell agreed to this miscarriage of 'best business practice on our behalf'... oh wait....look who is involved....iomg....on our (sic) behalf. Say no more.
  13. So, you call 624624 for the latest on 'where's my bleedin internet connection gone '? The first thing you hear is ' Go to our media page for the latest update on this outage' (or something similar)....but in order to do that....you need an internet connection and the reason you are calling is....you don't have one!! So helpful from this one member of our local communications DUOPOLY...... Come on Comms Commission....time you actually did something practical for your locals like investigate why this operator, MT, owner of the infrastructure doesn't have a reduncy parallel set of
  14. Again, more dropouts this morning. This is a 'Not fit for service' service from a company who repute to be a world leader in the universe of Telecommunications. My hairy Arse!
  15. "Here we go again unhappy as can be, tra la la l blast! Onchan area, dropouts galore since early this morning. Connect/Disconnect. "Bring your router in to establish if there are any problems with it". On the surface, a reasonable request. BUT....I have no other electronic equipment that would work perfectly for years, then have a problem for a couple of days, which without making any changes at all then works perfectly for months, then has the same issues again and again, as this morning. Unless of course the real problem is at the supplier end, BUT....of course t
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