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  1. Sentience

    Manx Radio

    Ok, lets allow a few FACTS in here that will probably spoil the fun for all those who really do (DUH), genuinely believe that Manx Radio broadcasters, full time and those on what have been referred to as on 'salubrious' freelance contracts earn 'loads a money' I have a relative who does a four hour show which takes another 2 hours to programme, total 6 hours. Her freelance fee...£75.... Not gonna get rich any time soon is she. £75 divided by 6 = £12.50 ph ! Sorry to spoil your fun an all that.
  2. Sentience


    'Everybody's doin it doin it...pickin their nose and chewin it chewin it. Furthermore 'You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose...but you can't pick your friends nose' Juss sayin.
  3. Sentience


    Down again. C'mon MT get your act together.
  4. Sentience

    Snail race

    The doorbell at the brothel rings. The owner, the Madame, opens it, there's no-one there, looking left and right she still sees no-one. Then she looks down and sees a guy with no arms and no legs. "Waddywant" she says sneeringly. "I want a woman" says the guy. "But you've got no arms....no legs" says the Madame even more sneeringly. "I rang the bell didn't I".....says the guy.
  5. Sentience

    Manx Radio

    You got that in one Stu. Imagine the psychological affect all those ever so essential, almost yearly 'Select Committee Enquiries' have on staff who simply still try to do the best job they can under those sort of circumstances. Various IOM 'governments' (a real misnomer) past and present should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for this kind of behaviour. I'm talking about the many, very official reports concerning the station requested by our 'leaders' (another misnomer) since the 1970's, only ultimately to find every single one of them praised the station for it's continued contribution to the Manx nation under difficult financial constraints. "Oh dear, the results were the same as the last report. Oh well.....there's always next year". It seems a prerequisite for the latest crowd over the years to bring Manx Radio and it's funding into the mix, when they aren't able to sort out the many much more important issues. This latest lot, no different.
  6. Sentience


    MT had a monopoly for such a long time, so ingrained that it's still the way they operate. Stopped by their shop recently to check on their price for a new mobile, this after getting a price from Sure. Sure offered the phone package on a two year contract as £99 upfront plus £40 a month. Manx Telecom, same phone, same two year deal , £299 upfront and £45 per month. I think it's 'Wake up and smell the coffee time' or 'lie down and have a word with yourself' Come on MT, I understand you own all the infrastructure and lease it to your competitors but they are slowly getting the better of you. Have some consideration for your loyal customers, those who didn't jump ship as soon as the competition arrived!
  7. Sentience

    MLC Election 12th March 2018 - The Peoples Poll

    Neil, unfortunately you are bang on. I didn't vote. The reason being, there was absolutely NO ONE, not one of those on offer where I live, that inspired the confidence necessary to actually put MY NAME against. Can you imagine for example how I'd now feel if I'd put my x against Rob, er whatshisname. The apparently paranoid sensitive who is always on t'internet on various forums defending himself from those who find his MHK qualities, in terms of ability and sophistication, somewhat lacking. If everyone....EVERYONE was saying relatively the same kind of thing about me I'd come to the realisation that there must be some truth here. But no, he keeps on digging the hole deeper, while losing the confidence of even those who voted for him, and it's not rocket science to see this happening, obvious to all except the central character. What has he achieved while in office? Please prove me wrong, and just a cynical old man. Knew him at school.....and he hasn't changed, always the big boy very concerned how people perceived him. .
  8. Sentience


    X'cuse me everyone. (huh) The very first question you have to respond to in your review is 'Did the item arrive on time'....er....that's the only question I was able to respond to....so I did!!
  9. Sentience


    Mate, would still like to know the reason for the refusal of my 'honest' comments. It was after all Am.co.uk that asked for these?
  10. Sentience


    ,24 hours later.....no response to my request for clarification on what it was, specifically, that caused my comments to be deemed unacceptable. Still waiting for the microwave too!!
  11. Sentience


    Looking for your opinion on this purchase dated Jan 22 2018 Said Amazon. So I responded: 'Long time NO see!! Would like to review this product....BUT over a month after ordering on the 22nd of January it STILL is yet to be delivered. C'mon Amazon, sort this for me...Please!!' Amazons response: Your review could not be posted. Thanks for submitting a customer review on Amazon. Your review could not be posted to the website in its current form. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines: On my part nothing contentious, unfriendly or libellous, just an honest observation of current position. Any opinions?
  12. Sentience

    Contrasting Culture

    This is really clever science from a culture that is still in the stone age about the 'right to carry weapons' which as we've witnessed, so very often ends in terrible tragedies,...to innocent kids. Quote: Scientists successfully transplant lab-grown bladders into nine patients Bioscience The result of 16 years of research, with hearts and pancreases next on the list <img src="http://cdn1.alphr.com/sites/alphr/files/styles/16x9_480/public/2018/02/scientists_successfully_transplant_lab-grown_bladders_into_nine_patients.jpg?itok=kBGMyZNS" /> Bladders grown from cells in a lab have been successfully implanted into patients in a world-first clinical trial. While scientists have had some success with skin transplants grown on scaffolds in the past, this is the first time they have grown and transplanted a discrete, complex organ. The astonishing achievement was realised by Anthony Atala and his team at Wake Forest University Medical School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and is the result of 16 years of work and research into the idea. The bladders were grown from biopsies taken from patients whose bladders functioned poorly due to an inherited nervous system disorder. Cells from the bladder lining were placed on a biodegradable bladder-shaped scaffold along with muscle cells and left to grow for two months. Nine patients took part in the trial, and while two patients failed to provide follow-up information, the other seven, aged between 4 and 19, had their progress tracked for almost four years. With their new bladders implanted, all seven gained better urinary control, with results similar to the what can be achieved in standard surgery, using intestinal grafts to fix the bladder. See related Surgeons have completed the most complex face transplant in history. But it's the human story that's important Dead hearts revived for transplant with new medical technology Human head transplant: Controversial procedure successfully carried out on corpse; live procedure "imminent" The benefits of this new method, however, is that it requires no damage to the intestine, and has less chance of complication. There’s also no chance of rejection as there is with organ donation, as the organ has been grown from a patient’s own cells. While the first results are impressive, the research will now require further study and longer follow-up times in order to give it a chance of being approved for wider use. The team aren’t stopping there though – they are now working on bioengineering hearts and pancreases.
  13. Sentience

    Manx Telecom

    MT offers this support (supposedly) to it's customers: 'Call Manx Telecom's Service Centre on 624 624 If you still have problems or you have any questions please call our Service Centre on 624624 at any time who can test your line and ensure it is free from faults'. Unless that is, it happens to be 23:10 on a Sunday evening when you need some help. On that occasion after listening to the options and selecting the appropriate one to get some assistance, all you do get are their opening hours, and then......"Goodbye"....click. C'mon MT, we pay more than those in the UK for, oh let's just call it a 'similar' service, but obviously DO NOT get a 'similar' support service. This is 2018, not 1978!! when you still basked in your T'comms monopoly. Let's have what your recorded operator voice claims to offer...help 'at any time'.
  14. Sentience


    Saw this on another forum and just had to share.......so unfortunately true. Quote: Earlier tonight I watched a definitive documentary on the Cuban crisis. This concerned the Soviets attempt to install Atomic missile bases (in Cuba), less than a couple of miles off the Florida keys. In particular, the programme focus was on the clever, sometimes frightening way the late president John F Kennedy handled the situation while sometimes being the only one apparently NOT wanting war (Nuclear) as the only answer. Now, with that situation in mind, imagine the same scenario with Trump as Commander-in-Chief. God help us all!