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  1. The word 'Horses Arse' comes to mind whenever I read tripe like this.
  2. Yup. Some clever little feller in iomg (lower case very intentional) figured out how to completely negate (read 'fuck up') any real meaningful potential for taking the administration to task over it's decision making process, or lack of, and possibly changing the very obvious culture of 'no one held responsible' by simply throwing in a few trolls. 100% effective. See Manxforums as a leading example!
  3. Pure remainers 'scaremongering'.....come on, you're surely more intelligent.
  4. Amazing though, this is unproven technology as far as the potential negative affects on humans/any kind of living organisms is concerned and yet it's being pushed through 'Formula 1'style. (Think about how long it takes in testing new pharma to reach the chemists counter...AND just try adding a comment on the local site {under the control of our ever so transparent local com's providers} !?) I don't think this is just about 'Money' though, making the telecoms quadrillions, or the various governments making a shed load from selling off the old frequencies. It's about public control from 'Authorities' I am not some tinfoil wearing paranoid nutcase, but look into what this technology allows,.....frightening!! There is plenty of honest, factual information available if you care to look for it. |I love new tech, really, but it has to be for the benefit of all.
  5. Albert you are absolutely 100% correct in your assessment of 'Accountability'. This word and it's obvious meaning simply does NOT exist in IOMG and it's CS. Never has, and unless there are some very positive and much needed changes...Never will.
  6. Jesus....you lot, and you KNOW who you are. A bunch of argumentative 10 year olds. MF, the biggest 'Gong show' in town All of you.
  7. I once owned a 4 shot (one chambered) bolt action Mossberg 410 shotgun while living in Canada in the 1960's. This company still exists and make quality firearms. I obtained all the necessary documentation to bring it back to the Island in 1974. A certain constable from Onchan police station turned up one day, out of the proverbial blue to do what he called a firearms inspection. Where was the firearm located on the premises, had it been made safe etc....fair enough, showed him where the two (also had a .22 cal long barrel match rifle with telescope sight). Both trigger locked with the bolts located elsewhere. He said, and I quote; "isn't one supposed to be a shotgun?" ...."yup I said, that one, pointing to it on the gun rack". "Hang on he said, why would you need a silencer on the end of the barrel of a shotgun?....that's a rifle, I'll have to report you and your firearms could be confiscated" I said " It's a shotgun, and that's not a silencer, it's a choke, a device for changing the grouping of the pellets depending on the type of game you're hunting and the likely distance you'll be from it" "Well he said I'm still going to have to confiscate them and get them checked" I then asked him was he aware of where the name 'rifle' came from, he didn't seem to know OR appreciate the question I then removed the Mossberg SHOTGUN from the gun rack and asked him to look through rear of the barrel and tell me what he saw, he said "what am I supposed to be looking for?"....rifling I said. The response was a blank look, so I explained. No apology forthcoming for doubting my honesty, but he did leave with a red face.
  8. Yeh but no but etc, there seem to have been two walls knocked down about 50 yards apart!?
  9. Got stopped for a while at the top of Lakeside and the Main road. Saw some garden walls down with light blue car nose in, but nothing in the local news media. Did I miss something?
  10. Nah....Charles is a good soul with his Manx heart in exactly the right place.
  11. Stu, mon amis, your breath is being wasted on those posters who have obtained GCSE A levels, Masters degrees even in 'Assumed knowledge'. You cannot win. This is a prevalence of all, especially though, in ANY organisations even remotely associated with government. They have the right, the power and the privilege of being wrong...totally wrong!.....with absolutely NO accountability.
  12. Tell me your thinking concerning, historically, another countries 'leader'....Hitler? Because he and Trump have oh so many similarities. Fear and derision. Oh yeah....and the separation of children from their families. Oh.....I almost forgot.....the slaughter of millions (If he gets his way.) Given time to put more thought into these similarities there are a lot lot more ....period. It took the might of almost the rest of the democratic world to rid us of this (and I use these words 'judiciously') absolutely, undeniable EVIL.
  13. Ya didn't answer my quiz question!!
  14. Oh Gawd Dilli, ....REALLY?! Ok, so here's a real challenge for you. Name the children's song this remix comes from.... 'Donald the occupant packed his bags and said goodbye to the Whitehouse Off he went with a Trump et e Dump Trump Trump Dump' Go on Dilli.....you can do it!
  15. Wow....an MF thread that has stayed on topic since 2006. With NO smartass wannabe comedians. Fantastic, please, let's keep the recalled memories coming in.
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