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  1. Holy Jesus!! It would seem like this group's only aim is to bring total disrepute to the local version of BLM. There is certainly a very very serious ongoing 'colour' problem in the US (mainly highlighted by the police and other so called 'population security services...sic) towards what they call African Americans and, I believe to a lesser degree, in GB, and to those from a totally different country. All still bigotry & prejudice though. But I have never witnessed anything here on the Island in the 20th century. (Maybe I move in the wrong circles?!) Working at Manx Radio for over 40 years, this really was a most distant subject for ANY discussion because it was never ever considered/perceived to be a problem. And now this. Can we not all respect the obvious fact that we are all simply.....People.
  2. Oh....here we go! Ok, I'll bite, I meant anywhere in the entire UNIVERSE!....just not here!! Does that help HelliX?
  3. Oh jeez. Who is this 'jump on our forum' dick who hasn't read the CC's decision on this, really what a charade it was in the first place!! You don't do the real effort (I hope) that BLM need to achieve, which is one of understanding and fundamental change, any favours at all with this attitude. Go back to wherever you came from. This is NOT a forum for you.
  4. Doing 'clubs' is indeed a good understanding of the technology used, but, it really is miles apart from being a successful radio broadcaster. Even in local radio. Believe me....been there....done that....in reverse!!
  5. Nice one Stu. Very pleased for you that common sense prevailed.
  6. Once again in the US, a legitimate investigation into wrongdoing by a very senior member of the American Government, the Attorney General William Barr, (a republican sycophant appointed by 'the Chump') is being totally sidelined by GOP members, intent on taking the focus off the real concern, basically....lawlessness. I can only really honestly describe these GOP members sitting on this enquiry as being the original 'Rednecks'. In fact I'm amazed they don't appear in the chamber toting their double barrel 12 bore shotguns and, obviously the must have long mindless 'Southern Drawl'. This is just a total embarrassment for all that countries 'honest' lawmakers. Legitimate question here: Have all Trump supporters, including those in government been given some kind of exotic 'compliance' pharmacutical? Because that's really the only acceptable reason for such an enormous ridiculing toward the long established laws promulgated in their 'Declaration of Independence' How long does the fiasco that is 'Trump', causing this otherwise great country so much international embarrassment going to continue, before any honest GOP people, and there must be some?!, stand up and say....'Enough is Enough'.....finally.
  7. Apparently Regent Street branch, (you know the one smack dab in the middle of the Islands main retail centre where 90% of the shops have already been open for a while) is planned to re-open next Monday the 29th 09:30 - 16:30. About time too. Also, 'apparently', it's extended closure has been due to..... 'STAFF SHORTAGES'.... what??? More likely going on the owner banks (whoever that is these days!) UK timetable, until someone reminded them how we've been free of new cases for quite some time now!! Unlike (unfortunately for them, with so many losing their lives) the UK.
  8. I was 3rd in a line which stretched round the corner God knew how far by the time they opened at 10am!!
  9. DDB taking simply the opposing view as usual. Doesn't that get a little boring....even for you. Once the unexpected 'Cheque' arrives the choice of how to get it into your account has gone. The waiting line-up at Prospect Terrace back in the day told a different tale as to 'changing habits'.
  10. ON TWITTER!!! Not a question in Tynwald?? (not that that seems to achieve much) but Twitter, fat lot of good that will do. As an MHK he should be using the power invested in him by us ludites to use the right channels and processes available to him.
  11. So, now that most restrictions have been lifted on ALL (non essential) retailers reopening their doors to the general public, why is Isle of Man Bank STILL only open 10am til 2pm at the most unfriendly, in terms of parking facilities site....on the corner of Athol Street!?!? Who in their right mind even conceived this as a 'good idea' in the very beginning of this 'lockdown, when obviously, in terms of location, Regent Street should have been the obvious choice. I arrived on this Athol Street corner at 9:25 to deposit a tax return cheque and a small amount of cash to find 3 people ahead of me. In first place, a gentleman who had been there since 9am, possibly assuming the IOM Bank, the only branch open, would at least have reasonable opening times and hours for those many more customers now back at work. But, No.....why??? In the fairly recent past, Isle of Man Bank downsized by closing branches in an effort to save costs and provide their shareholders with even fatter profits, as if those profits weren't already fat enough, all this at the expense of their loyal, long time, usually elderly customers. Take Laxey as a prime example for the businesses and those living and working there, they closed the branch. Oh well there's always Onchan...not for long, they then closed that branch. Oh well, I suppose there's always Prospect Terrace.....not for long, yup, they closed that too, professing that, hey most people now bank on-line. Where was there ANY proof of THAT claim?! And through all of this IOMG sat back watching, but, saying nothing, like the Manx Gas situation for many years....S.N.A.F.U. ,
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