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  1. I apologise in advance for not being able to find a more articulate and positive addition to this discussion but....ABSOLUTE SHITE TSE.
  2. ☺️So that's 'what's up Doc'......very helpful!!
  3. I need some advice. Can someone tell me which are the brightest headlights you can purchase for a 2012 MB SLK please.?
  4. Sat at the traffic lights in Onchan yesterday and could not believe my ears. The item on the news concerned the appointing of one headteacher to 3 schools and another to two. The female MHK (with obviously years in education) had been led to believe by her department that this was a good idea, AND, here it comes, had the temerity and gall to say the words, and I quote: "This is not a cost cutting exercise....This is not a cost cutting exercise". It was at this point that my car rocked with my very loud response....BOLLOX, BOLLOX BOLLOX!! Did she really honestly think her fellow Manx would do more than 'guffaw' at that most misleading and commonly used phrase. Finest example of this is the reduction to a two week collection of our waste as helping towards 'Green things'....yeah, just wait til they see all the additional PLASTIC bags holding the waste that simply (for a family of four) wouldn't go in the bin. Will the boys take those away in a sense of goodwill....absolutely not! But it's more the insult of our representatives thinking that we would accept this constant 'wool pulling' over most of these issues.
  5. WHEN these items were deleted, before or after the request for their release seems to me to be THE most important issue really. INTENT (a very strong word in law) to mislead by obfuscation.
  6. Not sure who to direct this at DOI or Onchan Village planners? There are just two ways to get out of the Turnberry/Fairway areas in Onchan. Through Lakeside or via Harbour Road. This morning, they (?) are 'surface dressing', many of the roads, which DOES NOT INCLUDE CORRECTING THE DREADFUL POTHOLES AND GENERAL BUMPINESS, AND....YOU'LL NEVER GUESS.....both exits have barriers up saying 'no entry'...BOTH!! You really couldn't make this up, plus having to explain to pleasant but embarrassed workmen how this was not the best of ideas. Sorry 'bout your hospital appointment! Sunningdale Drive is a prime example of third world country off road driving. But there's loads of money available for those vanity plans that OUR elected can put their name on a brass plate for! Sadly we never find out the name of the clown who signs this sort of project off. No cure for stupidity!...still.
  7. Remember, this is actually going back to what we once had with the Villa being run by IOMG. Some awful decisions were made as to the choice of Manager/entertainment they (the GOV) decided we should be offered, and lots of it not covering itself financially. Sad we no longer have entertainment specialists like Gordon Connolly or Mervin Stokes. What does anyone in Government know about how to book attractive acts to the Island, or once again is it 'ASSUMED KNOWLEDGE'....oh hey anyone can do this, it's not exactly rocket science is it!
  8. IOMG seem to have a major misunderstanding with the poles apart difference between overspending (which is how they refer to it) and their total inability to fund it properly in the first place. Aside from nearly 3 years under threat from Covid, although they acknowledge we are an ageing population, they don't realistically budget for it....hence the cry of Overspending, it's not, it's a common sense response to the needs of those who fall ill...simple.
  9. I sincerely hope this really is a choice of her own making. I had the pleasure of knowing this Lady during her tenure at MNH, she was a genuinely hard working, extremely well educated honest person.
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