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  1. That is what I meant.....taking advantage of no other option.
  2. Going to Gatwick 3rd week in November, booked early, 2 weeks ago, but still £360.00 return, Sorry I know some will disagree......'Daylight Robbery' taking extra full advantage of the 'no other option' situation.
  3. None, just someone asked me had I heard anything.....and I hadn't.
  4. Anyone heard anything?
  5. A perfect description of a Manx politician we can actually be proud of. Having Christian beliefs, whether religious or not is a real good starting point. Met him on numerous occasions being interviewed by 'The Nations Mouthpiece' (sic), he was simply a gracious man. He would say to me, "call yourself Manx with an accent like that". Difference was, it would be said with a devilishly warm smile.
  6. We should help some refugees, being careful not to include those with a penchant for explosions. However, how would you identify someone with those kinda deep unnatural seemingly religious needs?
  7. What is disgraceful is the fact that the reason this professional lady was 'dismissed' was on account of her talking to PAC. Where was the same protection as that given to 'Whisleblowers'. She had the temerity/audacity to answer honestly the questions PAC asked. This gross and obvious insulting unfairness should be shouted from the rooftops....by PAC!
  8. What is absolutely remarkable, is despite all the very very obvious cock-ups, no has been held responsible and furthermore, no-one ever will. They will still keep their jobs/positions and continue to give this forum more good laughs at sheer ineptitude. Even worse though, there's not even the slightest hint of embarrasment from any of those involved. Unbelievable!!!
  9. This is just ludicrous. 35 minutes waiting to get an answer earlier today. 20 minutes this afternoon. The problem all due to MT making changes to their e-mail client late last month. Guess who pays for the total of 55 minutes waiting....ME, because Sure have just sent me a text to say I have now used up all of my free phone allowance and subsequently will bill me extra for the rest of the month!! Does MT have any provision in place to compensate me for calling their help desk to try and iron out a problem THEY created. You already know the answer. 🤬
  10. What on Earth is going on with our so called 'World leading' Telecommunications business?? Not one E-mail since May 26th, not even advertising!! Come on MT, get your 'act' together.
  11. Here we go again. A couple more 'Loons' join the forum. Just when we thought it couldn;t get any worse. Insulting Shit for brains.
  12. Sentience


    Many years ago there was an outbreak here on the Island and those people, including my late mother were confined/isolated at the White Hoe hospital. They seemed to rid the Island of it without lockdowns?
  13. Sentience

    Manx Care

    I still believe this is not a case of overspending, it is simply underfunding. As the Islands population gets older we become more susceptable to a variety of illnesses. This is not a new problem, just a growing one, one we have known about for years. With this knowledge, it amazes me that our so called 'caring government' have elected to attempt to reduce the funding for health care over the last few years, instead grudgingly agreeing to foot the bill of so called 'overspending'. IOMG, wake up, smell the coffee, common sense should prevail. It doesn't go away by simply ignoring the facts. SHOW you care.
  14. My late Father told me that "It takes a 'real man'(men) to stand up and simply say.... I am sorry...I/we was/were wrong". Do you see any in the current IOMG/CS?...No, neither do I.
  15. Hi can anyone tell me if this is the same gentleman who worked as a street cleaner?
  16. So, I live by myself, so does my partner in her own home. She has been getting a little depressed that we can't 'be together'. The CM and his gang talked about 'Bubbling' in such an ambiguous way that we don't know whether or not the two of us spending time together is actually illegal. Furthermore, is there a 'time limit' on our togetherness. In other words, can she spend the night with me? We just don't know. The words used about 'Bubbling' by HQ and his cohorts are very much open to so many different interpretations.
  17. I always considered that most Americans, apart from the 'Rednecks' were kind of like us as far basic intelligence goes....BUT!!...have you seen the latest US media reports about the hundreds of 'Spring breakers', these are university students in Miami, congretating for the annual 'party', the vast majority without masks. Surprisingly (sic) Miami now the city celebrating, with by far the most new cases of Covid in the entire United States. These students, university students, credited with being the best of the best in terms of intelligence.....REALLY!
  18. Quilp, just call if you need some advice on these devices.
  19. Any truth to one of these being issued to IOMTV?
  20. Sentience


    How come we now have to sign-in every time we try to open MF????
  21. At a time when this really IS about 'lives being lost', please don't tell me this all about egos and losing face. Boy was a certain somebody given a medal prematurely if this really is the case!
  22. I wish no physical harm or illness for anyone. However, if true, this does seemingly conveniently solve a major problem for him and his GOP. It means for at least two weeks he's not able to repeat the embarrasing fiasco that was the first Presidential debate. Did anyone else witness megalomania with such a vibrant and nasty example the other night. Trump is ridiculously bloody dangerous!
  23. I'm just one of those 1500. Been on this 'waiting list' for at least two years. Cannot understand why, at 70 years old and having paid in all my working life I have no dentist, when you consider how many deadly illnesses can be the result of teeth problems. Apparently a very high percentage of these teeth related problems in the past did lead to.....death!
  24. Standard procedure here in the IOM. It's called 'SNAFU'.....Situation normal, all f.....d up! NO accountability for any CS/PS's crazy ideas with their 'ASSUMED KNOWLEDGE' of most situations that have gone very wrong, sometimes having grave consequences for those on the ground, forced to actually carry out these 'halfwit plans' because CS/PS 'position snobery' does not involve even consulting frontline staff, those with real common sense and REAL LIFE experience 'on the job'. This lack of responsibility permeates almost ALL areas of CS/PS. Get it wrong and you may have to endure a move to another department (oh dear, how awful....sic).....on the same, or sometimes increased salary (AND RESULTANT PENSION!!) to continue your F..k ups, hence the abbreviation SNAFU!! AND....I am not using 'ASSUMED KNOWLEDGE' for my opinions, I have had personal experience of this being an unfortunate reality in two entirely unrelated and completely different areas of IOMG.
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