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  1. Yes we can’t have any of that very expensive murder to deal with. Best find a cheaper charge that will stick!
  2. Isn’t that how Crockett got his Ferrari in Miami Vice? It was confiscated off a drug dealer!
  3. Can we possibly collect taxes enough to cover this one though? I can’t see that we ever could without having to be made part of the UK and everyone paying 40% in tax to create the money to meet the payments.
  4. I’m not really up on the issue but surely for things to work like that you need to be able to also print your own money or issue bonds to make it work? Neither of which we can do. Otherwise you’re just eating up more and more tax money that is supposed to be used to provide public services surely? Eventually on that model all the money from tax is going to be going to pensioners and none of it to anything else surely?
  5. As you say it’s a democratic right in a free society to ask how your taxes are being spent.
  6. I don’t think it matters Neil whether the liability is £3.8bn, or £3bn, or £2bn the fact would appear to be there is absolutely no money of any consequence in the ‘pot’ to pay it with. On that basis it might as well be £10bn as it’s still a totally unachievable amount when you have no money put by to meet it with.
  7. No doubt that will be even more of them fannying about on Twitter and Facebook then managing idiots rather than crime.
  8. There can be no business case for this “investment” at all.
  9. That’s terrible. Where was that (roughly) ?
  10. I do enjoy Cue Balls blog, Great stuff! I do worry though that every time I bump into Rob I’m now starting to think that he can’t stop and chat as he’s probably touching cloth and can’t hang around to have a long conversation.
  11. Other than hopefully getting a day off work to not watch the wedding I don’t care really.
  12. Is that a threat? A clear admission that really you very clearly destroyed the other thread as you didn’t like the way it was going. and now you have set up a new thread and are already threatening posters to keep it online. This one now focuses on Applebys not the Isle of Man. Do they run these forums out of a broom cupboard in Cabinet Office now? It’s so clear the way these forums operate. Stay on message Stay on message Stay on message Can’t have real opinions being posted that impact on the alternative reality we live in.
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