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  1. Remains to be seen if your second appointment is an actual event that happens. As most of what these clowns say is never set in stone. And of course the doses of vaccine may or may not be in the community
  2. But you can just see them using it, if such a thing exists and they have just found out about it. Its the kind of thing these knobs would love.
  3. And most of them seem to be in positions of power
  4. And so the nations ferry slowly turns into another government turd, is there not one thing that this government has anything to do with that show's it in a positive light. But it is run at arms length I hear you cry, but it is still a government department after all said and done and the buck stops at the varnished door of the big white house on the hill. Going to have to get a bigger horse and cart to shift all the shite that is accumulating, Lucky enough they have a load of them sitting around with the prom being so resplendently refurbished. But going to take another 7 years due to covid bl
  5. Maybe we could convert the old light houses on the Calf Of Man, or drop a couple of them inflatable tents you see on the pandemic disaster movies. We could then have the boat stop and the crew transfer by cutter to the island drop off the one crew and pick up a new pre- tested tested crew. If family wish to visit they would obviously have to go into two week isolation when they return, and when they get the all clear they are ready for the next visit as their spouse/loved one/casual acquaintance will have finished their shift and be ready for another visit. We could even call it The Strange Is
  6. Then they should reinstate the river and waterway crews and do proper maintenance, so as to reduce the probability of rivers bursting there banks and to keep them running free with no blockages.
  7. I like the bit where he says, I will keep you up to date with all the news and happenings. Thought that would be a first
  8. Tippled, Been on the sauce
  9. And he is not saying anything about the condition of the bridge, He is saying it will allow 30% more water to flow and help alleviate flooding.
  10. It came across on the foot/talon/claw/paddle of an errant seagull. That's what my money is on or key worker from the online gambling business.
  11. No its to do with reducing the flooding to the NSC, According to the latest drivel
  12. Will this man spout any crap that is put in front of him, Trying to justify Pulrose bridge needing to be rebuilt because of some flooding that happened. I forget was it five or six years ago. This man needs to stop trying to polish any turd that is presented to him by the civil service.
  13. How many of these camper vans have actually been used for there intended purpose, i.e. go on holiday in them. A run to the Point Of Ayre put kettle on for brew and micro wave your Tesco lasagne do not count. I mean have left the Island at any time what's so ever.
  14. The rest of the MUA have to justify every penny, Now you really are having a laugh😄
  15. So if the person who has tested positive for Covid 19 ,Turns out to be a below ground bathing installation contractor. Who specialises in fitting ceramic squares to above said installation, And is doing work for a leading politician. I would find that mind blowing.
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