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  1. Which retarded DOI officer designed the road layout on the Pulrose bridge(the one beside the powerstaion, if you can not tell which one I mean). Why has the roads all been narrowed and traffic calming humps been installed. Was there major traffic problems they have have been hiding from people, like every morning the cranes were the disposing of the burnt out carcases of vehicles. And sweepers cleaning up the body parts of the maimed and dead.
  2. Has anybody else noticed the cycle lane over Pulrose bridge, and while I'm at it why was the bridge not removed while we had the chance. Not seeing any trains using it in the near future or is that something Longtail has up his sleeve to foist on the gmp as a last curtain call. Next thing is it will have to be replaced as coming to end of life.. Another grandiose scheme for the D&E to get there teeth (and blank cheque book) into.
  3. I heard the public mouth piece spouting the vaccination cracking on over Easter, If I am wrong I apologise but to me it looked as if the Chester Street clinic was locked and closed over most if not all of Easter.
  4. Wonder how many new residents and new posters appear on the run up to the PAC meeting ?
  5. Is some one having a laugh with his sat-nav.
  6. Incompetence. The highest qualification for a chief minister/civil service senior member. Oh and a thick skin.
  7. After not hearing one iota about Dr Glovers on the local news. It seems the old Whoever pays the piper calls the tune. Just saying.
  8. where have they been hiding this oh so mystical professor that has been advising Comin for the last twelve months, Sorry have I been sleeping and missed mystic meg of the Comin. What a bunch of shit, Unless old Dave boy took one of them there online courses form the great universal one fits all college. Sorry I'm annoyed.
  9. Do you expect me to talk Mr Quayle. No I expect you to submit to an anal swab you member of the Great Manx Public
  10. I agree Boot is not fit for purpose, Only stood originally to get planning permission for some buildings on his land
  11. But the statement is correct, whether you are miserable is anybody's guess
  12. But taxi's/works vans are . I thought they were going to come up with some infeasible theory of the spray being some kind of Covid super spreader. And we would be putting any body in Macky Dee's take away lines in grave danger.
  13. A bit of trivia, see if you can work this one out. Was going along Peel Road and fuel light came on, Just coming up to Milestone Petrol station and seeing they are all the same price thought this one will do. Proceeded to fuel up and thought bugger it will treat the old car to a wash and wax, Only to be told that the car wash was for business users whilst Covid lockdown was in force. Any one know of any rhyme or reason why it should be so. Answers to stupid prick decisions due to Covid. If you require a written answer please include a self addressed envelope.?
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