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  1. Do you have any idea to the size of the ship. The Irish Sea is very shallow so most large ships give it a wide berth as deep water is needed for anchors to hold and for maneuverability. So cable damage in the Irish sea is very rare and burying them is the norm especially for the likes of fibre optic.
  2. Why would a dragging anchor be a danger, many cables running across Irish sea bed. Fished it for twenty years caught a few in the gear not a problem pretty robust and buried when close to land.
  3. Then build a little tower at the bottom where we could chain the loon (which so ever MHK seems to drive this forward and believes all this snake oil sales persons spiel) so every time a blade comes round with a fucking huge chain mail boot they get it right up the ass. You may think this whimsical, but it may be just what we need. Real consequences if they fuck this up and get taken for a ride by another load of chancers. Get the fuck to Holland where the real experts are ask questions about who has had these built and how there going. There is nobody in gov or cs who know what they are doing, do not trust good old Algie who says he can get you in on the ground floor. He is just another tosser looking to take our money. Drink drink drugs for gods sakie
  4. I'm blown away because some one told them mention triskle as many times as possible along with three and pretty picture that look like three legs local yokels will lap it up. Also try to get in local solutions for local problems, something shiny and one of them there little beach windmills would be good.
  5. And even then if the report is not favourable to the out come they wanted in the first place they just bury it and find a new bunch of people who ask what would you like it to say(that will of course attract a bonus). Cynical I know.
  6. You are stating that the vast majority of cs pensions are under £11,000
  7. I will not have a word said against IRIS. Had my slice 36 months on the prom tanks, never be poor again in my life till I drank it. Money not the sewage, good times 70 hour weeks.
  8. From the wages that the sacked people would be getting payed. Would be quite quickly build up especially if senior management were let go. Before you say it people are sacked all the time in the private sector, let the AG dept earn its money by getting shut of these pesky rules/laws you keep going on about pay and pension rights. Never seemed to bother gov with sack rehire thinking of bus drivers and the way the boat crews are being treated, infact might inspire people to do a better job and look after our the publics interests or out on your ass. No hand shake no golden parachute. If you payed them double dole for three week to tide them over till the experience they have allowed them to start a new job(would you like fry's with that) the savings would still be signifient
  9. Watch them walls come tumbling down grass concreted over to sell the land for housing
  10. Are you saying there inbred, would explain soooo much. 😁
  11. I can think of a few things people have said about Moorhouse, the peoples champion not one that readily springs to mind
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