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  1. Yeah reserves , that will be all the gold gallions stored in Gringot's vault's. Guarded by Warwick Davis dressed as a goblin and the odd dragon.
  2. All kelman are doing is building flats, the outlets are just a salve to planing.
  3. Groynes were not buried, they were wrll down towards low water mark. Which is now showing bare rock, they were not repaired just left to fall apart. Tried fitting some about 15 odd years ago, only went down about three feet with blob of concrete on end. Was pitifully seeing them trying to dig a hole in wet sand, numpty's never heard of pile driving
  4. There was a lot more sand on Douglas beach before they built breakwater extension, also the sewage outfall worked a lot better. But the then DOI ignored what locals told them would happen and fell for the shite they were fed by the consultants, who would not of earned the pretty millions of pounds they got if it was found not to be needed. A different design of breakwater was proposed that would not of altered the tide flow as much but protect harbour from easterly winds. Also they could put gas tank there for safety, look how that worked out. What is the golf ball used for these days.
  5. We did have a lovely historic harbour till DOI jumped in and fucked it over like they are doing to every port on the island. And whats the betting Thomas's dolphins/boat protection measures will encompass dredging out to 10metre depth and length that correspond to the size of a cruise liner. What a f$@%^& coincidence.
  6. Who is going to have any money to fill these bar and restaurants. Flats will be bought by a Japanese tuna packing company's pension scheme for rent or holiday let investment. And which resident would want to park there vehicle 800 metres from where they live, just park on non existent pavement thanks to another shared space failure as most of the traffic at night time. No traffic control after 5pm anywhere.
  7. Would not expect to much, Ashford will still be getting into his persona of expert developer and architect. Which he will become after reading a few articles and watching power point videos on utube, committing to memory a few key phrases and then passing the plan as the developers want. Not taking in to account the 15 vehicles for residents or where the customers of the 3 resturants/bars will park. Or are they all going to turn up on their bicycles and scooters on a cold rainy winters nights.
  8. Surely that is madness, saying it will save money(eventually by2109) and then making up positions to redeploy the people that would be the savings that would have been made. Which will become another department, that will employ more staff to do the made up jobs that the original people who were redeployed to. I can still see the smug, I'm smarter than you ordinary people don't make me explain it you would not be able to comprehend it. Oh and that tedious monotone voice, devoid of any inflection.
  9. Tried to fix your statement, but to no avail. Reality bites again
  10. Yes ,surface is starting to break up as they decided to use it as a highway. The structure is concrete with an 1" of coloured bitchimum with stones rolled in whilst hot. Use as a highway has caused cracking which will allow water to get underneath and lift during winter storms.
  11. Reports of Maggie's death were wrong, she just moved to the retirement home IOM.PLC.
  12. Assholes would be more appropriate. In my own humble opinion. Sorry no need for a magic wand they already are.
  13. For fcksk what is wrong with the original prom look. You know when it used to be blue street furniture/railings bitchimum with coloured stones rolled in whilst hot. Looked a lot better than the all colours that fade to puce in no time. Bit like the colourfull xmas lights through town, box's with bows, crackers, santa. What do we have now a boring shit show of red and silver because some one thinks it looks classier. Load of bollocks bring back the colour and magic that i used to take the kids to see. Not what some twat in council thinks is in better taste. Fuck it bring back gaudy. I can only opologise for going off topic and getting my rant on. Meds are kicking in as we speak
  14. The man is an unmitigated first class knob with bells on
  15. Had high hopes for Alf Cannan, turns out he's a prick. Mind you Hobson's choice comes to mind.
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