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  1. Check what Hissing Sid says before Quoting me
  2. The two that went before the bench were in work the next day saying they had been watching the footie in two pubs and some one reported them. No checks or balances by this Government
  3. Talking about key workers I see a maroon tanker that is an English registered company but on Manx plates about once to twice a week around the place. I think it is on the island to deal with some process of the incinerator that leaves a liquid waste that can not be dealt with on island. My question is, is the tanker loaded on board the Ben my Cree in Heysham by an English driver and then driven to site by a Manx driver this side. Question is because it was coming out of B&Q last week and was parked on the pavement opposite cycle 360 at the business park, is this because no shops are open in England and it is handy for the English driver to pick up stuff on island. Just interested and would love to be proved wrong that it is not another cock up under the key worker guise
  4. The Governors Hill estate fatality was just down from the entrance and was a Visiting biker ( do not quote me on that) who lost control and slid down the road and under the DBC gully cleaner sadly losing his life in the process
  5. I also thought that the two things on the road that you do not want to be lane sharing would be a stonking big bus and a soft squidgy cyclist. Edited and spell cheacked
  6. Seen a bunch of numpty's at the control box for the lights at the top of Peel Road / Athol Street / Bank Hill so they will be part of the bigger fuck up. Its amazing that these people can find there own ass in the dark with both there hands.
  7. There are more managers and support managers, assistants to managers , office workers, assistants to office workers. Over one hundred personal in the Town Hall alone. and about 85 workers on the front line actually producing/providing a service you actually need
  8. Said it before so will repeat myself, Them there people in the big house on the hill are gone all power mad I tel's ya, no election for 2020 under emergency powers. Howard's dictator ship rumbles on, it's for our own good don't ya know
  9. They are saying this would only be as a long as emergency powers are in force, but I for one do not see them ending anytime soon. Still waiting for the announcement that 2021 elections are to be postponed whilst the emergency is still ongoing. Under emergency powers of course.
  10. Wonder what excuse they will come up with to prolong emergency powers next time. They have all got punch drunk on power and it will be hard to give up
  11. My take on the new prom seawall is that it was already purchased when it first raised its ugly head many moons ago. They just gave the impression that public demand to scrap it was showing that democracy was alive and kicking in the island. Now it is ready for delivery baron boot gives it the nod through to safe guard life and limb and cure all the proms problems. Is it like a lego brick so when the stones reach the top they can just add another 1.2 metres
  12. So that means Regulars 526 786 posts Report post Posted 2 hours ago That will be because we're allowed to have people round in the garden now. Although howard Quayle said "only 2 people" and "only from the same household" it seems that bit was guidance only as it is not mentioned in any of the legislation. So that means two people from the same household decided to visit, but each of them decided to drive 2.5 cars there and leave them over night and get a lift in the morning to pick them up.
  13. I think Howard has got every confused, in that most people seem to think everything is back to normal judging by the barbecues and house party's going on around the estates. Government and private. Been out for a drive in the evenings over the last few days and all is hunky dorry
  14. I am just waiting for the 2021 elections being postponed to a date to be set as and when the present incumbents decide. Due to unparalleled circumstances and under emergency powers, till I have feathered my nest and swept as much shite under carpet as humanly possible. All bow down and worship at our feet for saving the common person. Amen
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