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  1. Worked on the IRIS for two years (got my money out of that waste of tax payer money). Also have worked on the prom lighting, non of the tall lighting poles are stench pipes. They are the short double headers on the promenade side of the gardens, as the big black box's in the sunken gardens are the supposed scrubber units. Not touched in a long while as witnessed by the DfE trying to get into them with all the locks being seized. There is tanks at both ends of the prom so stench pipes down that end at Queens as well
  2. If people who are scared of being in close proximity with other motor vehicles whilst moving and unable to judge the size and position of their vehicle, Or are just shite at driving stayed away from the access road life would be so much easier. The people in the chelsea tractors with white knuckles ai'nt so happy with their choice of vehicle whilst driving the access road.
  3. God help us (other deity's are available) Is this going to be another gas debarkle if you us less you pay more standing charge.
  4. It seems a pointless operation, as any power reduction you manage to make will be over shadowed by the price increase as soon as usage drops. As is shown by the last increase to cover the cost of douglas corpy switching to l.e.d. lamps for public lighting as they use 65%to 72% less power. \\\And why key meters first surely they would be last as they do not need reading at any stage or estimates.
  5. Dirty Buggane


    If the little cubicles in the chemists are anything to go by bushiness seems to be booming, and may I say there is a fair spread of the population dynamics. And not all of them are thieves and muggers.
  6. The man is deluded if he believes any of the crap he has spouted.
  7. Looks like the Sefton will be in line for huge amounts of money from Gov as well as a new frontage for their hotel. Looks like the loans may not of been needed.
  8. I miss the old format, sure it had the look of being designed by a class 11 year old's but it was smooth and easy to use. The new format is slow confusing and unreliable and don't work
  9. Sounds like he' the manager of a fast food joint. Which would be in jeopardy as he has been convicted
  10. Go to the incinerator an ask them to show you the generating side
  11. A wicked whisper has it that the corporation recycled bales of paper/plastic are recycled into heat at the energy from waste plant so saving on shipping as the price drop for this crap has fell well bellow economically braking even or making a profit. No doubt some Gov shiel will be along to lambaste this unsubstantiated rumor.
  12. I think that stupid as it sounds, legally we cannot deport people as it interferes with there civil rights and we do not have the power to send them to england let alone their country of origin
  13. Oh I do hope to a deity ( I do not believe in but I'm hedging my bets) would make my day to see who would get to the entitlement stage
  14. I touched on this and I do suppose I could look it up but being inherently lazy/inebriated/inbred what is the criteria for an MHK to be entitled to a pension and how.much per year
  15. I do not think he is on to something, I think he is on something . All this to try and keep the defective pension scheme going, Do they get a pension for just one term in office. I hope not, And I hope they get stuffed as they should at the next election.
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