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  1. Oh I do hope to a deity ( I do not believe in but I'm hedging my bets) would make my day to see who would get to the entitlement stage
  2. I touched on this and I do suppose I could look it up but being inherently lazy/inebriated/inbred what is the criteria for an MHK to be entitled to a pension and how.much per year
  3. I do not think he is on to something, I think he is on something . All this to try and keep the defective pension scheme going, Do they get a pension for just one term in office. I hope not, And I hope they get stuffed as they should at the next election.
  4. Love the way the artist has managed to merge 6 floors down to 4 so it looks the same height all the way through. wonder if he can shrink the pension deficit so as it looks like a small blip on the accounts
  5. Going off topic slightly but the driving standards seem to be getting worse. point in question when is a no entry sign not a no entry. When its on the end of Market street apparently, Just back from sitting out the back of M&S five cars straight through to use the office parking spaces. When pointed out looked at me like I was mad, and the quality of driving how they passed beats me if they bothered.
  6. Two down another 40 to go and then there will be no overspend next year.
  7. But the Government is spending millions giving them a fancy new frontage or was that part of the sales patter. We have the boys in on the hill in our pocket, we can get you anything you want
  8. Dirty Buggane


    Chalky!!!, Chalky Von Schmidt . Chalky Von Schmidt a German spy mien gott who would of believed, it my father visited Dresden once
  9. If this reform is anything like his goverment reforms, I for one will not be holding my breath for any ground breaking solutions.
  10. I always thought that the man up on the hill gave the area to De,Burrs to make industrial diamonds at a fantastic rental rates
  11. Now is this to be run beside the freeport or on top of the freeport, or is it just the freeport by another name and god knows how much that heap of shite cost us over the years. Built to a grand fanfair of praise by our forward thinking previous MHK,s. Vanished like yesterdays turd without another word
  12. Lets not forget old Alfie boy signed us up to this with no idea what-so ever this would mean to customs or excise or how much it was going to cost us or the how much power we were giving away. So he got lucky and is now singing his own praises on how smart he is and how lucky we have him in goverment
  13. Moorhouse down south saying how good the trial of new buses was going, he certainly is becoming an expert very quickly.Seagulls /Bus service what next for this diamond? He could always get Spit out of the box and revive the old act. Sorry wrong one meant Perkins, I would be no use in an identity parade of the (Useless) twats
  14. Any way the newer the second hand bus is the more mr longtails contacts across the water like them. Why by new when you can get hardly used at knock down prices
  15. I know. but did I say it's nice and shiny.
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