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  1. And we are still stood standing with hands in pockets waiting for the genomics reports to come back from the scouse mouse lab. The same ones we have been awaiting ten days for, that old Henrietta said we would have last Monday, but not to worry as they mean jack shit and no one else in the world thinks they are of any use either.
  2. Seems not only builders working away but also motor vehicle establishments, been open (sorry main door shut, little door open) And that has been since day one all around the old nurses home area. And i still can not buy a decent cup of coffee or panini.
  3. The small minority whinging about howard quayle and this govermentt you are talking about is getting bigger day bye day as the fuck up grow's
  4. Did I hear old Henriettea say when the g.nome results eventually come back end of week or early next week, we will be able to tell if the 26th December break out and the new years eve break out are connected. Forgive me if I am wrong(or not I do not care either way) Have they not been banging on about there not being any connection at all and it is still not in the community. What the fuck are they using for there comparison now. Noddy in toy town medicinal explanations for the clinically brain dead. Still waiting for Quale to announce suspension of elections under emergency powers, and p
  5. I for one would of thought that the Villa Marina would of been a lot better choice for inoculation centre as most people live in or around Douglas. Also better and quicker access to emergency services
  6. Cycling facilities, do you mean roads or are you looking for a totally cycle only use series of paths/routes but do not wish to pay anything towards them. I myself use a car on roads, But I have contributed to their upkeep by vehicle duty and tax on the fuel I use. Just saying
  7. Thank you. Do not do twitter, I'm only on Twatter and if you ask any question's your out
  8. Seeing as we only have four currently active cases on the island and non of them are in the community, all were imported and tracked and traced and pose no danger to anybody as they are isolating at home. Could somebody tell me the reason why ward six is closed to visitors as of this morning. Noticed the sign as I had course to visit hospital on a non covid reason
  9. No doubt it will be a single lane bridge with a shared footpath cycle way. So as to act as a traffic calming measure with priority given to cars coming into the capital on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sunday and vehicles exiting the capital on Tue, Thu, Sat, on months containing an R and reversed on other months so as people do not get to complacent. There will of course be a set of traffic light's, Most likely along the lines of the promenade lights for the horse trams. And so trying to decide who has right of way is a bit like trying to work out the time table for the bus to Williston last week, and w
  10. Canceled. Thank fuck, two bollard's cost us over £330,000. Imagine how much this shite would of cost us.
  11. I received a text message and then an Email informing me that Penny the mobile bank was hitting the road again, and all would be safe and hunky doree with people using it. Now considering that I live in Douglas and have never used this facility, nor am I ever likely to. This is a box approx 5ftx8ft with people being in close proximity to each other, why then is the ever so much larger premises of Regent Street branch still closed to all but people wanting to get out of the rain and use the cash machine indoors. Is this just the pre cursor to it's closure, as with the rest of the island.
  12. Who all voted for and agreed, Not me, for all that this Government is going to spunk and green initiatives and other such crap. One small industrial town (not a city) in central china will pump out two and a half thousand times the amount of carbon we will reduce and your children and grand children will still be paying off the money it will cost joe public. Just so some knob can say ooh look at me saint Greta. Sorry time for medication.
  13. Criteria for appointments within the civil service = He's been here the longest and has a long tongue?
  14. Sorry first glance at this thought it said Whisky , at last somebody talking sense in the government. Let's hope they spend it wisely. Maybe there'd be some spare change left over to help our addiction services and organizations, investment in local mental health services, homelessness,
  15. Had a drive along the promenade today and a thought struck me, apart from what a piece of shite this is going to look like when they eventually finish it. These are my own musings and have no basis in fact what's so ever. The thing that struck me was due to one mans ego and desire to leave a legacy on the island, The prom is at least three years behind schedule and close to three times over budget. So from now on I will no longer be referring to it as the promenade, and hence forth will be Longworth's folly. Hopefully people will join me in its use and it will go down in Manx folklore, and 20
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