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  1. I see the bloated DBC are charging ahead with putting up a statue to the BeeGee's. Seen the shelter has now been reduced to ruble so the plinth can be set. Thought after all the negativity this provoked they had knocked it on the head, but i suppose they had already spent £300,000 on the statue as they thought of all the back slapping and cheering that this would bring there way. the sooner the head of the council and his partner bugger off to France the better and less of expensive it will be to Douglas rate payers

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  2. People will say remember when we had an elegant looking Victorian built, beautiful sweeping bay. And then we end up with this piece of shite that them pricks in governance thought would be there opus. Instead we get this miss match of shite including the shared space scheme that will inevitably lead to people being injured through traffic or undefined walkway areas. and after being dug umpteen times will look nowt like the pretty pictures with little stretch limo's and stick people.

    I would hope but doubt they will hang there heads in shame due to being part of it.

    Oh land of my birth  

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  3. Austerity ? . What is this word he right honorable gentleman is bandying about. We the high and mighty worthy's of this scepted isle will have non of it. I ask, nay demand it is struck from the minutes. And consequences for its use in the future be both severe and unjust.

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  4. I see the road down to St Ninnians traffic lights has not been returned to as it was. They have just removed the bus lane cycle lane words from the ground at the pit lane exit and left lanes as is. Frightened looking girl on a bike wondering why all the cars were behind her as she held them up as they could not get past because of the two lanes. Should reinstate the road as was and take them stupid cycle boxes away at the head of the traffic cues they hold all traffic up and are creating a road hazard. Bicycles should stay in line with the rest of the traffic as per the highway code and not filter to the front. Will get burned for this, But until the DOI conj-our up extra  space so as the magic bike lanes can be separated from the cars we will have to share the space. Which is best done by every body following the highway code which is lawful, unlike most of these schemes they dream up and when some one gets hurt they will run  for the hills. Fire away

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  5. It was a pity the DOI did not take into account the traffic coming up BlackBerry lane(where the detours had sent them) in their traffic management whilst undertaking to remove some paint and cones from around Governer's Dip this afternoon considering they must have been there since 8am. There again double bubble, rake in in boys only 7 more months of unending overtime left on the prom job

  6. Just a question for the people who might know, Do they now have a ward separate to the main hospital so if people succumb to covid19 it will not require the whole Hospital to be closed and put peoples lives at risk due to missed appointments and/or treatment. These deaths will will not show up for many months to come, and that is from the last closure. 

  7. My worry is the rest of the plane that the person came back on , Who is to say they did not pick it up on the flight and not where ever they were before.

    I would think track and trace should be contacting them at least if not testing They seem desperate not to discover if anybody else has picked it up.

    I was thinking it's not so serious till he stated they had it all under control and robust measures are in place, My Arse

  8. Yes' I also read prom was closed but would anybody know the difference as I now avoid it like the plaque and as I have learnt not to use it as a route around the rest of Douglas I will probabley continue after the ego based fuck up returns to a through fare. All they had to do was relay the bloody tarmac

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  9. W-G-MM I take it you've bought into the zero carbon footprint by 2050 that will not make one iota to the world. When a Chinese town of approx 100,000 makes it to this ideal then the isle of man should strive to this match it. Until then save the money them there buffoons are squandering on a pipe dream that will drag us cap in hand to England with a begging bowl because we will be bankrupt.

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  10. Sat at St Ninnians traffic lights this afternoon (before ride-out) and heading towards me from St Mary's school looked like some one with there head out of a car sunroof. But low and behold it was some one on a stand up scooter. Not entirely sure if it was electric but if it was petrol the motor must of been tiny. The two main things I did notice as it was tailgating the car ahead at about 25/30 mph.

    If the said car decided to emergency stop I doubt the single cable operated 3.5" front wheel disc brakes chances of preventing a sudden and violent stop as it proceeded into the rear of the vehicle.

    The second was if it was electric are they not supposed to have a top speed of about 17 kph. Would be interested to know as thought this was still at the discussion stage about the legality of them being on the road.

  11. And what fuckwit thought that would be a good idea. The event's are near enough a polar opposite to each other as one is mainly a car based hill climb with various static displays. And in the good old days the MGP was for the amateur back street spanner man to run his shuttle worth snap he had knocked together  in a garage  and then squeeze 19 stone into the leathers he had purchased in the sixty's when he was 10 stone soaking wet and get to ride on the glorious mountain circuit. the one and only time in the year his ACU licence seen the light of day

    Probabley rose tinted glasses, But still remember with fondness the bikes parading down onto the prom before heading up to Mylchreest's to be held under lock and key before racing the next day(to prevent cheating don't you know) good old days and the stench of Castrol R30/40. Gently sobs into his Pint as memories gently plays on the duke box in the corner

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  12. I hope to god this is not true. After the way opportunist burglers ran rings around the local keystone cops, Nobody's gold fillings will be safe.

    How can you tell if a local is selling drugs, That will be the guy driving round in the new £40,000 pound car whilst claiming job seekers

  13. Thought everybody should be used to new road layout at governors bridge by now apart from the tosser nearly side swiping me as I was heading in to Douglas, when they after being in the left turn lane decided they wanted to go straight ahead. Oh and the other tosser who thought it was still a roundabout and as I was going along towards Onchan and they were coming up Victoria rd and I should be giving way to them.

  14. They now seem to have been messing with the light timings. Coming up Bray hill to St Ninnians,  Though there must of been an RTC as long tailback to where road turns into two lanes. Traffic moving in short hops, Then got closer lights giving approx 3 to 4 cars time to get through lights. This is on a quite sunday afternoon good luck at normal traffic flow.

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