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  1. I think Howard has got every confused, in that most people seem to think everything is back to normal judging by the barbecues and house party's going on around the estates. Government and private. Been out for a drive in the evenings over the last few days and all is hunky dorry
  2. I am just waiting for the 2021 elections being postponed to a date to be set as and when the present incumbents decide. Due to unparalleled circumstances and under emergency powers, till I have feathered my nest and swept as much shite under carpet as humanly possible. All bow down and worship at our feet for saving the common person. Amen
  3. Many thanks to @rachomics For your clear and concise reply, Cheers
  4. We were incredibly lucky that Chris Helm was just kicking around some old lab equipment when low and behold under a dust sheet there was a real time PCR testing machine. Apart from being incredibly lucky it raised a few questions with me 1) I take it you can not toddle into the local currys and get one of the shelf 2) How much do these thing cost (39.990 3) What was it purchased for in the first place and why was it not used (causing embarrassment to the government with the environment results/incinerator/vehicle testing resulting in loss of income) As people are fond of sa
  5. That's as may be, but will somebody know who infected him. And if it does not matter what is the point of tracing in the first place. Unless to waste money.
  6. Not quite sure I heard this right. They have been harping on about testing and contact tracing, always under way and control. Yet the other day when Old Howard was welcomed back to the land of the living I'm sure one of the jurno's asked him who he caught it off his reply was DON'T KNOW not exactly inspiring confidence in the tracing routine.
  7. Is it just me that thinks the 4pm press question time seems to be a mite contrite. All questions having a perfect ready to hand answer no hyming or harring precise information to hand no paper shuffling. Howards back tomorrow all might change let us see
  8. And I never let the truth get in the way of a good rumor
  9. My tuppence on the chopper's is ex chief minister being dropped at home. No need for him to quarantine the agent orange took care of that Probably why they are repatriating in the first place, can not have him stuck away may need to take control at the drop of a hat
  10. He needs to remember what happened to Churchill (never did I think I would mention this cm at the same as Churchill) He led the country through a world war and was competent. And still got dumped on his ass afterwards. Best be careful in using special powers also, people have long memory's
  11. Yes another one with a river running into it dragging silt so it to will be costing 600,000% more money than it actually brings in.
  12. I think MP is talking out of his ass if he thinks Manx buses are subject to more stresses and wear than a bus trundling round Liverpool/London /Glasgow or any town/village across the UK. IMHO
  13. Perchance the Sefton has a few of the good old boys that retired from the boys club. Sorry the government. And are having an untoward amount of influence on the incumbent boys club, Sorry I mean Government, m.w. being one
  14. I think you will find the levels at the Loch Prom end are for the shared space idea that was thought to be the most stupid idea going, but looks like that has also been pressed ahead. If you look at the other end around the Queens you see the drainage kerbs in place. Also the drains and raised ironwork on the Loch end is level with what would be the walk way, Look forward to seeing the water go straight across the prom and down into the below ground swimming pools ofall the hotels and onward into town. At least it will wash any dog shite away in town, All ways a silver lining
  15. Can we get back on track. The man's a incompetent tosser who should not be allowed to play with any thing bigger than a 00 gauge hornby train set.
  16. Who the fuck with the state Douglas is in would decide to part close another arterial road into douglas Did you guess D.O. bleedin I. Ballafletcher road that bit that floods, set of traffic lights twenty four hours a day and just so they can park the digger not one man leaning on a shovel. How are they going to do this job, there's not enough to do the work they are all ready 18 months behind. What a bunch of tossers
  17. Legislation on age only came in this year, should of binned him two years ago. Can it not be back dated
  18. Ive just read the paper and it all becomes clear at last. Harmer has said that he is prepared to get tough with people to encourage them to ditch their cars. So there you go ladies and gentlemen this whole fuck up is actually an elaborate DOI plot to make commuting into Douglas by car pretty much impossible so he can get us all walking and cycling. So maybe he’s not a total idiot, and they aren’t all monumentally incompetent, but instead he is a clever environmental strategist delivering a carefully devised £25M plan to make Douglas completely unnavigable by car to save us all? MrPB I
  19. Lets just face it, This administration has got to be the biggest bunch of tossers ever in the history of the Isle Of Man Government, and we voted them in. Can we make an even bigger mistake at the next election, I would like to say no but just watch this space
  20. The way I see it you need a Goverment that has the balls to reform the civil service. 20% reduction in pay, no bonuses, found to have been naughty with money/the truth. Leads to summary dismissal and loss of pension. People held accountable for bad judgement. Incompetent people found and given the elbow no golden handshake. Living in cloud cuckoo land I am.
  21. £10 refundable deposit, Going to take a while to recoup the £6500 costs then.
  22. Said it before say it again all I want from Douglas Borough Corporation are My bins emptied/streets lit and cleaned. Still when they sell the golf course to a well known developer(allegedly). We will be swimming in champagne and gold statues
  23. And standing alone like billy no mates. No one new where to put him
  24. Not really a go at bus drivers but Was going across the stone bridge on the quay side approx 4:15 with a bus ahead of me No 37 up on the sign. He/ She see's a colleague heading down Bank Hill heading towards home (bus depot) and decides to let them off the halt sign and ease there way. Not a problem as such but there are five car's ahead of the bus, by the time the car's had filtered off the stop sign traffic had built up to the round about by the abandoned tyre fitters causing the traffic to come to a standstill and people becoming Quite irate. Seem's the sticker please be considerate to
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