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  1. I think you will find the levels  at the Loch Prom end are for the shared space idea that was thought to be the most stupid idea going, but looks like that has also been pressed ahead. If you look at the other end around the Queens you see the drainage kerbs in place. Also the drains and raised ironwork on the Loch end is level with what would be the walk way, Look forward to seeing the water go straight across the prom and down into the below ground swimming pools ofall the hotels and onward into town. At least it will wash any dog shite away in town, All ways a silver lining

  2. Who the fuck with the state Douglas is in would decide to part close another arterial road into douglas

    Did you guess D.O.  bleedin  I. Ballafletcher road that bit that floods, set of traffic lights twenty four hours a day and just so they can park the digger not one man leaning on a shovel.

    How are they going to do this job, there's not enough to do the work they are all ready 18 months behind. What a bunch of tossers

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    Ive just read the paper and it all becomes clear at last. Harmer has said that he is prepared to get tough with people to encourage them to ditch their cars. So there you go ladies and gentlemen this whole fuck up is actually an elaborate DOI plot to make commuting into Douglas by car pretty much impossible so he can get us all walking and cycling. So maybe he’s not a total idiot, and they aren’t all monumentally incompetent, but instead he is a clever environmental strategist delivering a carefully devised £25M plan to make Douglas completely unnavigable by car to save us all?    

    MrPB I see one glaring fault with your statement i.e. "So maybe he's not a total idiot."

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  4. The way I see it you need a Goverment that has the balls to reform the civil service. 20% reduction in pay, no bonuses, found to have been naughty with money/the truth.

    Leads to summary dismissal and loss of pension. People held accountable for bad judgement. Incompetent people found and given the elbow no golden handshake.

    Living in cloud cuckoo land I am.

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  5. Said it before say it again all I want from Douglas Borough Corporation are My bins emptied/streets lit and cleaned. Still when they sell the golf course to a well  known developer(allegedly). We will be swimming in champagne and gold statues 

  6. Not really  a go at bus drivers  but   Was going across the stone bridge on the quay side approx 4:15 with a bus ahead of me No 37 up on the sign. He/ She see's a colleague heading down Bank Hill heading towards home (bus depot) and decides to let them off the halt sign and ease there way. Not a problem as such but there are five car's ahead of the bus, by the time the car's had filtered off the stop sign traffic had built up to the round about by the abandoned tyre fitters causing the traffic to come to a standstill and people becoming Quite irate. Seem's the sticker please be considerate to buses only works one way. And is it just me or did the tickers used to say that it was a traffic regulation that you had to let the bus out or just Longtail doing as he please without checking legality

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  7. Worked on the IRIS for two years (got my money out of that waste of tax payer money). Also have worked on the prom lighting, non of the tall lighting poles are stench pipes. They are the short double headers on the promenade side of the gardens, as the big black box's in the sunken gardens are the supposed scrubber units. Not touched in a long while as witnessed by the DfE trying to get into them with all the locks being seized. There is tanks at both ends of the prom so stench pipes down that end at Queens as well

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  8. If people who are scared of being in close proximity with other motor vehicles whilst moving and unable to judge the size and position of their vehicle, Or are just shite at driving stayed away from the access road life would be so much easier. The people in the chelsea tractors with white knuckles ai'nt so happy with their choice of vehicle whilst driving the access road.

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  9. It seems a pointless operation, as any power reduction you manage to make will be over shadowed by the price increase as soon as usage drops.

    As is shown by the last increase to cover the cost of douglas corpy switching to l.e.d. lamps for public lighting as they use 65%to 72% less power.

    \\\And why key meters first surely they would be last as they do not need reading at any stage or estimates. 

  10. If the little cubicles in the chemists are anything to go by bushiness seems to be booming, and may I say there is a fair spread of the population  dynamics. And not all of them are thieves and muggers.

  11. I miss the old format, sure it had the look of being designed by a class 11 year old's but it was smooth and easy to use. The new format is slow confusing and unreliable and don't work

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  12. A wicked whisper has it that the corporation recycled bales of paper/plastic are recycled into heat at the energy from waste plant so saving on shipping as the price drop for this crap has fell well bellow economically braking even or making a profit. No doubt some Gov shiel  will be along to lambaste this unsubstantiated  rumor.

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