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  1. I do not think he is on to something, I think he is on something . All this to try and keep the defective pension scheme going, Do they get a pension for just one term in office. I hope not, And I hope they get stuffed as they should at the next election.

  2. Love the way the artist has managed to merge 6 floors down to 4 so it looks the same height all the way through. wonder if he can shrink the pension deficit so as it looks like a small blip on the accounts

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  3. Going off topic slightly but the driving standards seem to be getting worse. point in question when is a no entry sign not a no entry. When its on the end of Market street apparently, Just back from sitting out the back of M&S five cars straight through to use the office parking spaces. When pointed out looked at me like I was mad, and the quality of driving  how they passed beats me if they bothered.

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  4. But the Government is spending millions giving them a fancy new frontage or was that part of the sales patter. We have the boys in on the hill in our pocket, we can get you anything you want

  5. Now is this to be run beside the freeport or on top of the freeport, or is it just the freeport by another name and god knows how much that heap of shite cost us over the years. Built to a grand fanfair of praise by our forward thinking previous MHK,s. Vanished like yesterdays turd without another word

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  6.   Moorhouse down south saying how good the trial of new buses was going, he certainly is becoming an expert very quickly.Seagulls /Bus service what next for this diamond?

    He could always get Spit out of the box and revive the old act.

    Sorry wrong one meant Perkins,  I would be no use in an identity parade of the (Useless) twats

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    2 minutes ago, thesultanofsheight said:

    Well all the Volvo double deckers we have now must be at least 2 or 3 years old. Budgets have to be spent by March and can’t have any surplus cash swilling round that could be spent on cancer treatments or the fire service. 

    I know. but did I say it's nice and shiny.

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  8. I see old Howard trying his best to force through his let me do what ever i want and ask no questions bill. But that is not what caught me eye, old MR.Boot sayin its the best thing since sliced bread. Seeing that it is suppose to be for amalgamating all the EU laws that we imposed becaise of them clowns in Brussel's and non of this would require work for at least five years Mr.Boot is not looking at leaving the trough any time soon. A bit of a presumption that he will still have his ass on a goverment seat at such a later date, one would think

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  9. So is old Phil still sucking on teat that is the tax payers money or is he presenting out of the goodness of his heart and the opertunety for his droning voice to make me switch off

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  10. 3 hours ago, Uhtred said:

    Only one CM (the first), Miles Walker, has received a Knighthood. If that moronic sack of lard Quayle were to be so recognised, then the honours system, already creaking under the weight of anachronism, would have bottomed out never to recover.

    I wish you would not stand on the fence and just tell us what you think of the chief minister :unsure:

    And forget the gong lets build Miles, the old boy a lovely new frontage for his hotel free of charge

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  11. So last week I know, but noticed a police bike at the lights at the bottom of Broadway and that in its self is a rarety. But what I did notice is he was adorned in knee sliders and wondered why?, do they have to travel at such speeds they require them. As far as I am aware the only reason they are worn is to aid the knee to slide whilst on the floor and no protection what's so ever from impact infact more likely to cause injury. 

  12. This has been one of the most light hearted and informative threads I have been privy to and therefore just waiting for the first asshole to turn up. It was not tesco's specific but have noted the parent and fifteen and pimply parking seems to attract an awfull lot of women and screaming sprogs. The same go'es for the I am using the disabilty badge because i am picking up there prescriptiom/shopping/dry cleening. And also it is my badge and i park here and wait for my abled bodied wife to go shopping, what do you mean drop her off and pick her up later I have a badge

  13. Just walking past a row of cars parked in disabled spaces and was amazed to see roughly 50% not displaying badges so I decided to take note of other parking area's and it seems to be the norm as a lot are being used without badges displayed. Is this because they are awaiting badges or just lazy twats who think who's going check. And /or i'm on private property what are they going to do.  Who would you get in touch with if you are suspiciouse about badge missuse or is that like the traffic squad non exsistant

    Views anybody

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