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  1. With out knowing how many buses, price each is hard to work out. But if basic price is £35.000 and buying in bulk I would expect the price to be consideraly discounted and if we bought 40 new mini buses your telling me its going to cost the best of £120,000 to fit each vehicle out. I for one would not consider that value for money. sorry just read the post as was writing 

    . Lifts for goods or wheel chairs are not that pricey less seats less cost what do you need to fit for dial a ride and if i'm not rong some body qouted 89,000 for the single deckers

  2. Just been looking at teletext and I see the NHS is procuring 256 new ambulances at a cost of £36.3 million. A few rough calculations on the back of a fag packet I work out that for £6 million they would get 39 fully equiped ambulances at a cost of £152,000 each. How many new buses have we aquired and how  much have we payed for  basicaly for vans with seats and a bit of carpet. And is there any saloons in that price.

  3. Did I see a Gubay Foundation sign up on the wall by the old mill at the entrance to the nunnery. Was driving past about 4/5 weeks ago I think, some people on a wagon not sure if they were taking it down or putting it up

  4. Corpy do not/cannot charge for the prom as it is the DOI property. They can charge for all the parking spaces that are taken up by the tents on the bottle neck.

  5. All I see is more and more desperate rolling of the dice to try and prop up cs pension scheme. Love the way Cannel said the creeping hand of off island owners will no longer be felt steeling money out of you and your childrens pockets. No from now on it will be the Goverment

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  6. Like it Douglas Borough Corporation and not the asshole rebranding as a council do they not realise as a council they can not collect rates or charges and have to rely handouts from Goverment. Any way back to the story, DBC wanting to rip out pay and display and introduce extreamly expensive NPR system with its barriers and ludicros pay machines. Will not say how much it costs per annum. And replace the one man/woman to go checking pay and display tickets  on £12:00 per hour to save money oh and the £300,000 start up money for the system+instalation. The gov told them to go fuck themselves maybee this is why Mcnichol is upset

  7. Just listend to the buffoon going on about all the meetings he has been having and how they will save the economy maybee not today as these things take time. but in thirty years you watch. Also alluded to meetings in Aus, so there he is paving the way for them expences claim. On holiday paying it myself my arse. This man is raking millions from public purse and he cannot pay £10,00 for a holiday I rue the day he became chief minister. Numpty

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  8. No pitch and putt . a third of the park is given over to a dog toilet. Police used to park on the hard paddock area and never police vehicles. Just seems to be that crapped out surveilance vehicle that has been as much use in crowd (over six people on the island) control as an ash tray on a bicycle

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  9. Since when has the police/department of home affairs had permission to use the camp ground in the park as an over spill car park since they took up all the parking with shiney new cells. when they traditionaly used the hard standing paddock area, again with who's permission. while I understand it is an extra 50 yards to walk in inclement weather if it ai'nt brought to brook now the goverment will think they and not the people of Douglas own this property.

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