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  1. You are joking, You want our boys in blue to stand in moving traffic. Health And Safety nightmare not to mention if the weather turns the car has to be within six steps 

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  2. Agree, I am in accordance with the Sultan. Th,o born and bred if the lottery came my way I would be leaving so as not to give that bunch of incompetent  tossers a single penny so as they can spunk it up the nearest tree/harbour/airport/nursing home. 

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  3. Why do you line bin with plastic bag and then decant into wheelie bin. Why not just use bin as intended and empty it into wheelie bin. Do you wash bag if it becomes dirty and if so would it not be as easy to just wash the bin. No getting at the person just wondering what the logic is behind it

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  4. 18 hours ago, dilligaf said:

    An absolute shame that you use Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon symbol as your avatar to spout such utter shite. :angry:

    Maybe you are "on the grass" and the "paper is holding your folded face to the floor" ?

    Still a bed wetting tosser I see

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  5. 6 hours ago, Annoymouse said:

    I imagine it's to stop people using it as a cut through to avoid the traffic lights  a on circular road, I do it myself. If that is the case I'll just use the service lane behind Microgaming because I'm not sitting through 3 sets of lights because they can't set them in any sort of sequence.

    Pointless using this entrance as the narrowing effect of cars parked both sides is traffic calming in its own right. Better off using the next turning on Hillside terrace the one where this might of been of help, you don't think someone placed it on the wrong road. Forgot to mention also the fact they have put up the 20mph residential speed limit signs you know the one's mounted on the lime green poles how did we ever survive without them. At least I will not have to dodge the body's of the pensioners and children that were piled up every day now they have sorted this out.

    As I said some knob heads idea mucho back slapping and the fact this took nine days negates any money savings I would imagine

  6. New traffic calming measure/drop pavement has been installed on entrance to hillside avenue just across from happy days motors. Drop kerb/speed hump in one. Some numpty thinking two with one stone but the thing is sited about three feet into estate causing traffic to suddenly slow or stop with 4 feet of the rear of the vehicle sticking out on to a major road. Also the hight of the hump is humungus causing the front of my vehicle to ground out. Not sure if this is due to poor installation or the need to try and keep the pedestrian part level. Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction of the highway regulations on traffic calming measures and is it still not possible to take D.O.I. to task over damage caused to my vehicle. (not a boy racer model just bog standard Honda accord)   

  7. Keep seeing brand new mini buses with smoked windows and bus vannin in small writing, Is this the dial and ride trial. If so how much has this cost 6 mini buses at approx £25,000 or is this just the tip off the costs. They do not look like they can be just added to fleet as no place for routes or bus numbers

  8. I remember this one, They had to move all of the garages into a kind of gasoline ally so you could fill up before entering just so to sure of making it to an exit.

    I think it was the first outing for the new C.A.D tool they had purchased . It was never stated how much money was wasted on this with design fee's purchasing of different plots of land.  Heron and Brearley came out well ahead sell up and pay nominal rent for 20/30 years nice little earner

  9. Just been along the new roundabout at Cooil rd why the hell do they think we need the type of round a bout you get when you come off the motorway onto the duel carrige way. Is it because they are using some dodgy C.A.D. they bought totaly overpriced and not including alternatives for B roads which is all that really exist on the island. All that was needed slight road widening and a white spot of paint on the floor. You know the kind that work just as well if not better than the monstroseties we are being inflicted with. Its following best practise they say, what about QB then what about Bradden Bridge. The most used round a bouts on the island no where near the size.

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