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    I am a professional medium, psychic, tarot card and rune stone reader, reiki healing practitioner, kundalini yoga instructor and a certified herbalist. Born in Essex, grew up in Merseyside, I moved to the Isle of Man in November 2016 with my wife, Eleanor, our children and our two dogs and cat. I have a degree from the University of East Anglia. During my spare time, I enjoy reading, playing the guitar, and karaoke singing.

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  1. Yes, it certainly seems that Mojo AKA Tarne AKA Ans has been triggered.
  2. And also obvious who Tarne is (i.e. the same person as you). Grow up.
  3. Oh, but you're an innocent poster who has been "harassed". LOL
  4. Given that I am TJ, I do know. TJ did not send you a bunch of unsolicited private messages. You're a lying twat. Six messages over the course of four or five years (all of them polite and in relation to something specific) is hardly an avalanche of messages and certainly not "harassment" as you term it. And what is this nonsense about "unsolicited"? Do people solicit people before sending private messages? Not that I know of. You really do need to grow up and stop lying. It's fairly obvious who you are so you're not fooling me.
  5. Mojomoney picked on? He's the one posting outright lies and abuse against someone. He has a track record of trolling people just to wind them up. He's contributed sweet F all to the forum over the years. Just one of those irritating posters who blend in together in the background of boring knobs who post nothing of any interest. if you ask me, Thomas Jefferson should be unbanned and allowed to respond to Mojo's defamatory lies.
  6. Anybody who knows TJ in real life knows you're full of shit, Mojo.
  7. You are one of those trolls who plays the ignorance game, but you know full well what you're doing.As for your claim about TJ, you are lying out of your arse about "numerous unsolicited private messages" or "harassing you". You are literally LYING. He did no such thing, and there was no such situation where you asked to stop and then he didn't. You've simply made this up out of thin air. Why would you do that, if you're some innocent bystander? If not exposed to others, you've at least just exposed yourself to me. I now know you are in on it.
  8. It's pretty stupid banning me, though. I didn't do anything wrong.
  9. Have you considered a career in detective work, Sherlock? You're one of the key protagonists in harassing people such as Jefferson. You are basically a knob head.
  10. Nope. I'm afraid the moderators haven't realised their chains are being yanked. They are actually fully in on the operation to harass and ban posters. Ans has just permanently banned The Well-Manufactured Man for the above post on the grounds of "spamming". So the answer to Thomas Jefferson's very pertinent question "is Ans a cock" is an affirmative. Yes, he's a total cock, and has no sense of humour whatsoever. This is no surprise. The very abusive people who harassed Jefferson and continue to harass others who touch on topics that upset the establishment are left alone, never banned for their conduct. They are, in fact, sock puppets of the moderators. Ans is a 100% establishment shill and gatekeeper. All the more reason people should continue to post on multiple platforms and work to set up their own, because FREEDOM OF SPEECH is not guaranteed so long as mentalists and tyrants control the platforms. xx
  11. Mystic Derek

    Room 101

    Unforeseen circumstances really gripe me.
  12. Definitely a few Jacob Marleys knocking about Athol Street still not ready to give up their lust for money and move on and enter the light.
  13. I should probably not post the photoshop I just made of Rob with Peppa Pig's head.
  14. Thanks. Just been to Tesco with the coins all in a bag but there is nowhere to put them at the entrance/exit. I put them all in the bin on the way out.
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