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  1. All Co-ops will have social distancing and max of 6 shoppers from today.
  2. Got Fibre in Nov Megafast - download has been consistent at 350-400 Mbps with a ping of 1 / 2. Noticed lately 200-250. Any other Megafast users out there - what is your speed?
  3. Hot weather prevents covid spread … cold wether prevents covid spread
  4. 3FM reporting on the decision for virtual Tynwald…….very sad. It comes following former Tynwald President Juan Watterson making the announcement yesterday. Mr Watterson claimed it was following health concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic - including the ventaliation of the chamber.
  5. With only the MHK pay he might have to get a job.
  6. If there was recovered cases the active cases today would be less than yesterdays 130 + 48 = 178 not 4 more at 182. The devil is in the detail.
  7. Active cases yesterday 130 48 new cases today = 178…. however stats say 182 Active cases. numbers don’t add up gov!
  8. Like the Gibraltar data. Broken down to include those vaccinated who have tested positive.
  9. If you get a letter from your GP or use your Vaccination card the batch numbers are there for all to see and that is what the Airlines and travel agents are recording for onward transmission to your destination. If you were to arrive in Malta with an unapproved batch, the airline will be responsible for taking you back.
  10. Thank you. The issue for me is that IOM GOV have made a statement alluding that the India vaccines are ok for Europe but does not advise that the Batch Numbers are not accepted.
  11. As usual…. Cannot answer the primary question. Why are these batch numbers not approved by the EMA, what is being done about it, and when will it be fixed.
  12. Typical IOM Civil Service who do not fully check the implications of a Government Statement before it is issued. What about those vaccinated with these non-approved batch numbers should have been considered.
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