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  1. Air bridges.... guy asks if there can be more.....direct flights to ?????
  2. Yes airbridge should only be active if IOM has a structured travel Policy, the Guernsey system is tried and tested and could be adopted.
  3. Guernsey travel procedures on return from areas classified as 2 & 3. As well as test days 2 & 7 etc there is a requirement for passive follow up. Passive follow up - Passive follow up means a person: must at all times be vigilant for symptoms, however mild, of COVID-19; must report any such symptoms immediately to Public Health; and must comply with any instructions given by Public Health thereafter (which may, for the avoidance of doubt, include an immediate resumption of s
  4. The underpin of moving to mitigation is that everyone who gets covid symptoms even when vaccinated,self isolates to minimise spread just as they would with a bad cold.
  5. Therefore the managed position from a date point is that the data will not matter as the impact of a community spread will be acceptable.
  6. So what happens the next time a person who works in sea or air travel mixes with someone they shouldn’t goes home passes covid to family who pass it on to the school etc
  7. When do we here the other side of the story to the PAC.
  8. No new cases and no one in hospital with covid.
  9. The Guernsey traffic light system is a good platform and IOM just has to put the countries / regions in the colours.
  10. The hard bit is if the rate at Heysham / Liverpool / point of travel to the island is higher. Most travel to Guernsey from Southampton which is usually lower.
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