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  1. Same question if you been vaccinated.....
  2. Guernsey a bit ahead data 15 Jan - we have used 2206.
  3. Really ... that’s personal... and demeaning.
  4. Really ... that’s personal... and demeaning.
  5. I am sure we could buy our own and our order will be filled after the U.K. has had all it’s delivered.
  6. Having signed up for 2021 I have had my 7 day free trial and decided to cancel my subscription!
  7. H145 is the right aircraft for the job. Wales and Devon use them so determining the annual budget would be a phone call. If it was the Air ambulance would we need a back up - a Fleet of 2 with a back up crew. What if we contacted Wales to do it?
  8. And Cayman Islands weather please. 🙂
  9. They should stay in their own homes like everyone here.
  10. Helicopters are limited by weather more than fixed wing.
  11. In the U.K. my relatives cannot visit their relatives 10 miles away!
  12. This is where the guys at top look like idiots as the people posting the data do not sense check it.
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