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  1. IOM Gov should issue bonds for IOM residents rather than borrow from outside.
  2. You might bump into some boating enthusiasts who have slipped over from France............
  3. A suspended sentence is a serious criminal record if you were needing an Airport ID, a job working with vulnerable people or a visa for US, Australia. The offence committed will probably stop you leaving the UK for quite some time.
  4. Jersey still has active cases.
  5. Pleading guilty...he had a solicitor. Case closed.
  6. Unprecedented' interest in moving to the Isle of Man News Home More from Isle of Man News Saturday, June 20th, 2020 11:05am Share on Facebook Share on Messenger Share on Twitter Chief Minister says overseas interest can benefit economy There are 'unprecedented levels of interest' from people wanting to move to the Isle of Man, according to the chief minister. Howard Quayle made the comments at a public question and answer session on the coronavirus pandemic. He says the Department for Enterprise has had a huge number of enquiries on Manx residency. Mr Quayle added it may be the answer to reviving the Manx economy:
  7. Big flume from the top of Blackpool tower with the left overs from the NSC job.
  8. 2 infected ... tracking 360. ... who could have met 3 each ....no wonder the NZ. PM is livid.
  9. Ground risk insurance will have to pay out. Work for the maintenance guys. Could be a lot of stress damage to the ERJ. Again Embraer will make money out of charging for a repair scheme. Not much change out of £80k all in,
  10. There is a lot of people who were scared and now all restrictions are lifted they will get on with their lives with the comfort that the borders restricted. Once the U.K. has no new cases for 28 days (England, Scotland and Wales) then it could be looked at. NZ population 5 million 2 new cases ... scared them a bit.
  11. :-). Just like the old pet passport procedure.
  12. When the airport gets regular flights back the new positions of Disinfection Manager and Disinfection Operatives will add to the ranks of airport staff.
  13. The Austrian AOC, and the existing Swiss AOC will work beside their UK AOC to allow them to operate in Europe once the UK leave the EU.
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