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  1. What has caused the increase in infection rates in Scotland, England, NI and Wales and how could it have been slowed to a steady rate?
  2. Yep, even if IOM is added to the green list The general advice against non-essential travel includes Great Britain but does not apply to Northern Ireland. Irish green list does not include Great Britain so if you travel to Ireland from Scotland, England or wales you will still have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. Even if you go via NI you have to prove you have been in NI for 14 days.
  3. A lot of mad bank customers who left Lloyds when it closed and with Barclays only open 3 days a week moved to IOM bank.
  4. The thinking of some people in the UK is that if they get a test that shows they are positive they can Quarantine and then after the 14 days ..be comfortable that they have had it and can get on with life. Problem is that folk are trying to get tested even when they have no symptoms. Worst case for some is to have had it, not be tested. System is clogged with getting tested for the hell of it.
  5. Any court action would have highlighted that the persons previous exclusion was wrong. Any court action would have triggered the event.
  6. Broadband dropping in and out between 09;00 and 11:00.
  7. If you have come back to a house full of nervous Family a test after 7 days may give some comfort.
  8. There are no direct flights or boats yet to Ireland so by passing through U.K. on the way there you will lose green status.
  9. Ireland!!!!! Ronan Glynn and entire Cabinet restricting movements as Minister for Health gets Covid-19 test
  10. Coming to IOM no matter where you have been you will mix with people from another area. At the airport or at the sea terminal. No point in coming from somewhere v low risk to mix with someone from a high risk area. Unless you have a hazmat suit.
  11. The money that people would have spent on travel off the island has not been spent. A lot of people could not afford to go away. Jersey have spent over £5m on testing. I don’t think IOM residents would be happy to pay for this.
  12. Might be interesting but no matter how much you post / repeat it - IOM is not going to follow.
  13. It’s been 5 minutes what’s happening in Guernsey and Jersey?
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