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  1. It’s not the green that is wrecking lives.
  2. Police need all their resources to reduce the amount of drugs available to our young people.
  3. Yes cruise ships cannot allow passengers to disembark and tour. Coach loads of visitors can.
  4. Only thing in common is that they are islands.
  5. Jersey still has many tourist hotels that are reasonably priced and their catchment area is the South of England people with deep pockets. IOM has far less rooms available and the catchment area is the the NW of England. Therefore Jersey numbers will always be way above IOM. There is a perception that Jersey has better weather that we do.
  6. Sorry I thought you said the vac details were not available. 1. the QR code Pass is not currently available to Manx residents via the NHS App ( although full details of your vaccination with manufacturer, batch number and date do no appear on the App).
  7. Covid vaccination date and batch now show on NHS app for IOM residents . QR codes to follow later today.
  8. Probably a jobsworth at arrival who used to live here and decided to dig in.
  9. Hire car companies use a country licence data base and for UK and IOM it is listed as EU. After Oct it will come off the EU list and the IDL will be required.
  10. Few years ago went into Isle of Man Bank and when I got to the counter I said in a really loud voice, I would like to close all my accounts today. The teller asked me why I was shouting, I said I need to be loud as your bank will not listen to me. Manager, who was about 15 called and I left with a bankers draft.
  11. Correct the Airlines check in system that the Ground Handlers use shows what is required, passport, visa and vaccination status with the method of compliance.
  12. Time take personal responsibility if you have flu, don’t go to work phoning 111 to complain won’t make you better.
  13. Interesting that Guernsey is not having the same cases as IOM and Jersey. Less young people?
  14. Any statements by MHKs on Covid are purely for getting votes. Moorehouse latest is typical… panic the voters! Manx radio don’t help!
  15. Why rent when you can have it with island escapes at £150-200 per night.
  16. All Co-ops will have social distancing and max of 6 shoppers from today.
  17. Got Fibre in Nov Megafast - download has been consistent at 350-400 Mbps with a ping of 1 / 2. Noticed lately 200-250. Any other Megafast users out there - what is your speed?
  18. Hot weather prevents covid spread … cold wether prevents covid spread
  19. 3FM reporting on the decision for virtual Tynwald…….very sad. It comes following former Tynwald President Juan Watterson making the announcement yesterday. Mr Watterson claimed it was following health concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic - including the ventaliation of the chamber.
  20. With only the MHK pay he might have to get a job.
  21. If there was recovered cases the active cases today would be less than yesterdays 130 + 48 = 178 not 4 more at 182. The devil is in the detail.
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