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  1. So how will this reduce the wholesale cost of imported gas, gas that is used to produce electricity?
  2. Must have been a few years ago that on arrival from IOM on Aer Arran you were routed to the local arrivals and missed out the passport control
  3. So why when you arrive in Dublin you have to Queue at passport control and go through customer mail.
  4. Overnight stop would need 2 sets of crew as the evening arrival time means that the inbound crew could not operate the morning departure. Cost prohibitive.
  5. Manx Care vacancies running a 20%, if you don’t have the staff the system will not work. Young Nurses and Doctors cannot afford to come here due to high rents. They need to provide reasonably priced accommodation.
  6. Here are the rules and the limits. ICAO and FAA CAT III definitions A CAT III operation is a precision approach at lower than CAT II minima. Sub-categories are listed below. A category III A approach is a precision instrument approach and landing with no decision height or a decision height lower than 100ft (30m) and a runway visual range not less than 700ft (200m). A category III B approach is a precision approach and landing with no decision height or a decision height lower than 50ft (15m) and a runway visual range less than 700ft (200m), but not less than 150ft (50m). A category III C approach is a precision approach and landing with no decision height and no runway visual range limitation.
  7. Radar does not do anything for approach and landing in low or zero visibility. It requires a completely separate system, at the airport. The aircraft, the operator and the Flight crew need to be approved. The flight crew also need to be current. The system being CATT III, CAT IIIA. I am sure. Our flight crew members can expand further if this is economically viable for IOM.
  8. Hi anybody use IT WORKS IOM. For e-mail. Mine stopped working this morning.
  9. Like every other local business …. Use it or lose it. Butchers, Bakers, Fishmongers, paper shops and of course the Post offices.
  10. Is that the U.K. Campaign Against Aviation or the local branch?
  11. I am told Manx Care notify your Doctors surgery that you have had the jab and they update your record to patient access which then feeds NHS App and the Covid pass App. Send a copy of your card to the docs friendly receptionist:-)
  12. Is that why a formal weather forecast has not been updated since 11:15am.
  13. He should get a job on local radio where his voice will be heard.
  14. Too late they know it’s you … the one with the 😷
  15. One word Tim ....Asymptomatic ... you have Covid but don't have any symptoms Tim Glover currently self-isolating after testing positive An MHK is calling for government to update its advice about coronavirus symptoms, after he tested positive for the illness at the weekend. Tim Glover, member for Arbory, Castletown & Malew, found out he had Covid-19 on Saturday after taking a lateral flow test. He’s now self-isolating with his wife and says he can still take part in House of Keys and Tynwald sittings remotely.
  16. DoI chief executive leaves role with 'immediate effect' What is going on? Dogs wagging tails? Nick Black says he's 'making room' for new leader The chief executive of the Department of Infrastructure has left his role with 'immediate effect'. Nick Black says he's decided to leave to 'make room' for someone new to lead the department. He'd held the post for more than eight years and will leave government after 21 years of service. In a statement Mr Black said: "By choosing to leave now I can make room for the new minister to appoint someone who will be in post for the duration of the new administration. "My job has certainly had its pressures and challenges but these have always been outweighed by the sense of public service and by being able to work with my fantastic colleagues." The Isle of Man Government has confirmed Emily Curphey will take over the role of interim chief executive from Monday.
  17. He won’t need a work permit.
  18. Had walk along the Douglas Marina…. What a lot of sad dirty boats that are an eyesore.
  19. It’s not the green that is wrecking lives.
  20. Police need all their resources to reduce the amount of drugs available to our young people.
  21. Yes cruise ships cannot allow passengers to disembark and tour. Coach loads of visitors can.
  22. Only thing in common is that they are islands.
  23. Jersey still has many tourist hotels that are reasonably priced and their catchment area is the South of England people with deep pockets. IOM has far less rooms available and the catchment area is the the NW of England. Therefore Jersey numbers will always be way above IOM. There is a perception that Jersey has better weather that we do.
  24. Sorry I thought you said the vac details were not available. 1. the QR code Pass is not currently available to Manx residents via the NHS App ( although full details of your vaccination with manufacturer, batch number and date do no appear on the App).
  25. Covid vaccination date and batch now show on NHS app for IOM residents . QR codes to follow later today.
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