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  1. At arrivals the windows are blacked out....kids cannot see out!
  2. Specialist shop .... bubbles for spirit levels
  3. Noticed that the internet (Ultima) is dropping off randomly 10 secs to 3 minutes every day - sometimes 10 times at day.( I have a checker to log it). The Technicolour router is showing DSL connected and green lights but the router Log pages show that the router is not connected to the MT server. eventually it reconnects on its own.. I have asked MT to look at it but they cannot see anything at their end. I don't think it is the cable Master socket to MT as during the failure the router is trying to connect to the MT server. I have tried another router but same problem. The laptop doing the checking is connected by cable and when the internet is off it affects phones etc connected by WIFI.I have tried another laptop and result is the same. Anyone with a similar problem and a fix?.
  4. Yet another day of no e-mail as MT have a fault about the third time this week. Anyone know what the problem is?
  5. They must be very busy as they cannot even keep their support status web site up to date.
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