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  1. Glady pay £20 to see beardy again, last time was him warming up for Fatboy Slim at Brighton beach, he was fantastic.
  2. In response to the unknow remixes, have you checked the Hardwell sunrise remix of show me love, that works best for me and thought it may be that? Deadmau5 vs Dizzee - Reward is bonkers, could that be the electro mix? its a killer deadmau5 tune bootied with the tune of 09 so far, absolute bomb and there is a justin fry remix of "in for the kill" which i found dirtiest of the remixes around? Hope any of these are what your after....... Will put more on when at home as my tunes are there but off top of my head, right now these are working a treat for me- Langford & Galea - M
  3. Title goes on wins, not points! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport...one/7948455.stm
  4. Don't give her so much sympathy, she can still use a Wii. I have to watch about 3 hours of cbeebies per day with my 18 month old daughter, inbetween teaching her colours numbers animals etc, the woman in question isn't a bad presenter, and when my daughter is old enough to understand i will explain, i have several friends either with Cerebal Palsy or had a stroke ( i know which is which) and have never hidden from disability, albiet not a missing limb. My mum said my very first day at school when i was 5 i stuck up for a lad in a wheel chair and beat the shit out of someone picking on
  5. Any and all phone help, today it was my bank, yesterday Paypal, over a dozen calls between them, could one speak english i could understand, no, could they help with something they have the power to correct, no. How these companies are so huge with such sh!t customer service i will never know!
  6. We may see him in a racing capacity eventually, during an interview on Sky Sports News he said after two wheelers he would do Rally, and the British Rally Championship was an option, of course, they come here after the Jim Clarke, so you never know. Personally i would like to see him here in the TT, not rally.
  7. Nice explanation, i, like a nerd, have been buying autosport magazine solely for F1 updates and info and knew most of this but its good to see the comparison.
  8. Beautiful mate, just beautiful Hmm, in hindsight i had a Rafa rant myself, i am just getting wound up by United fans like Rafa did by Fergie, god we bite don't we! Champions of England, Europe, World & mind games.
  9. People in glass houses... Wasn't aware of that, don't all clubs have standard paraphanalia (if thats how its spelt?) ready, if already in final? Either way, hanging head in shame.......
  10. Re Chelsea, who would touch that job? they have had two of the proven best managers in the world and sacked the pair of them, Zola is too big a gamble, IMO, they should grovel to Mourinho, but he is working his magic elsewhere now and won't go back, regardless, no manager in his right mind, money aside, would touch it. To the Man United fans already gloating about the title, have you won it yet, no, so why do you boast that its in the bag etc, i know a lot of neutral fans that want to see Liverpool win it to shut you the fcuk up, boasting and taking the p!ss out of Liverpool and Rafa, no w
  11. Visionary


    Latest odds of winning Oogie boogie - Forum veteran - 4/7 theman - relative newcomer (might be out of depth) 5/1
  12. I don't have the foggiest idea what you are talking about. Talk about being separated by a common language. S I know the Model track that Oogie is on about, time to dig a bit of Kraftwert out me thinks. I am totally loving, and this is becoming an obsession, sparkling britvic orange, four packs from shoprite, one pack per day, getting councelling for this if it carries on.....
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