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  1. As the diocese and I understand it, I do not need a work permit through IoM but I do require a specialized visa (Tier 2) from the UK. Us "sky pilots" get special treatment.
  2. Thanks for the helpful advice and humorous responses, everyone! I've accepted an offer to work for the Diocese of Sodor and Man, so my work will be religious. Glad to meet with anyone over a pint or two.
  3. Howdy everyone! I'm a US citizen that has been offered a job on the IoM in the northern plains section (around Jurby, more specifically). I don't have a firm date of when I'll be moving to the isle but it'll be soon'ish. What should I know? I'm looking for events (festivals, TT, etc), advice on particular banks to use, setting up internet service, grocery shopping, etc - anything and everything that you might wish to share or deem useful! I'm a 32 year old male - no kids. I've signed a three year contract so I'll be around for a bit.
  4. Balatro


    Is Abyss an IoM guild, or do you simply advertise here? I'm a US citizen that has been offered a job working on the IoM. I also play a fair amount of WoW, so would consider moving to EU servers in order to facilitate meeting people.
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