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  1. Yep and I've been looking for Wendy for years and as for the Boy Wonder, I wonder what Robin would make of that!
  2. Just to answer the question which has appeared on this topic concerning my absence from the station and to clarify a couple of points. I had been referred to Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital earlier this year for a double bypass operation. This was delayed twice due to Coronovirus which has obviously placed extra pressure on the facilities and staff. I received a last minute phone call two weeks ago to advise me that surgeons would be able to perform the operation last weekend. I took a Covid test here on the Island and self isolated prior to travelling. I was tested twice whilst in Li
  3. Here are the answers you require. No, No and No.
  4. I'd like to say something on this topic, but what's the point, you probably wouldn't listen and you wouldn't hear what I had to say anyway as I have a bag on my head.
  5. I'm afraid you misheard. I mentioned that the competition would be back in a couple of weeks for another chance for someone else to win, but thanks for listening. Yours, Minnie Mouse
  6. Jo was working on a freelance basis like myself and as far as I know, she left to pursue other opportunities, it was her decision, she wasn't booted out to my knowledge.
  7. To be fair, I am partly dependant on information given to me at that time of the morning by third parties, Police, Airport etc. I do regularly update you on anything important, but on the day in question and at that time it was unusually quiet. It was later, that things began to get a bit tricky on the roads etc. I feel that we provide a very good service in times of importance like the weather. I will bear your comments in mind for the future though. The Cupboard Under The Stairs is entirely my choice and could really be anything that I think my listener might be interested in. Horses f
  8. I am Alan Partridges love child KERED and I use quite a lot of toilet roll having read some of the sxxx on here. By the way, I fail to see what a roll of toilet roll in the studio has to do with radio professionalism.
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