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  1. ...probably because your arse was too sore to bend down!
  2. Or give them a bloody good kick in the arse.
  3. Looks like bare metal to me. Would have thought they could have sorted a few tins of paint out of a budget of half a million odd quid!
  4. 5:15... he nearly said "pissed off" there
  5. In a first for the IOM Government, a project has arrived ahead of schedule. Ladies & Gentlemen, on behalf of the Steam Racket, proudly introducing the new Manxman.
  6. wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.
  7. Congrats, you just won the internet...
  8. Well, if everyone does have a brain, as you suggest, I would suggest that everyone start using said brains (and stop relying on Gov), else everyone may well end up dead
  9. One issue with this... very few people with brains out there!
  10. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest...
  11. So why create green waste that needs tipping? Are people so thick, that if they aren't able to legally dispose of green waste, they can't figure out creating it will become an issue? Does grass need cutting atm, or do cuttings need to be collected for that matter? Do hedges need trimming now? Do the government really need to walk the population through these exceedingly simple, common sense steps?
  12. Fairest, most balanced post that I have seen on here. No doubt went down like a lead balloon though as it doesn't fit with the 'agenda'.
  13. Moulton: "donate a dose" Jesus wept
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