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  1. For clarity, my question wasn't pertaining to divorce, children etc. I wish to know if I can bring a domestic abuse case against a family member (not marital). It seems apparent that this is not possible atm, but there may be alternatives. In respect of the generalisations posts, I can't speak for the general population, only myself, but can say that the generalisations made, and my own position are poles apart... shockingly so.
  2. Is domestic abuse an offense on the island yet, or is the paperwork still sitting on the shelf?
  3. As I understand it, he bought the farm immediately opposite Ballakew a few years back. Whether that extends to, and includes Ballavarvave, I do not know.
  4. Tricky's Invasives You won't find any Knotweed in Panama... or Horsetail for that matter😘
  5. Incorrect. When you say the "weedkiller won't go down far enough", can you explain what the 'strength' of the herbicide has got to down with the translocation? Also worth noting that the 'strength' of concentration can be overdone - it is not about 'more' with Knotweed control, it is about the right product, the right rate, the right frequency, the right method of application and the right timing.
  6. Easy to control, if one knows what they are doing. Proprietary blends of Glyphosate & 2,4-D (product names Kurtail, Diamond etc) are highly efficacious in this application.
  7. Yes. My company undertakes contract control of invasive species, with 100% record of success.
  8. This is because 50 or 60 years ago, the chemistry, and information regarding optimising control of Knotweed was not available. Again, control is easily achieved, if undertaken correctly.
  9. Sorry, incorrect - seed is not a consideration. Deposition of fragmented material is the main vector for spread.
  10. Quite possibly the most rational post I have seen on MF.
  11. Nonsense. Easy to control, if one knows what they are doing. It does not grow through concrete - another urban myth... it grows through cracks in concrete, as a significant amount of plants are able do. The biggest issue with Japanese Knotweed is the scaremongering that is a byproduct of misinformation.
  12. Well, I have to say, I have no idea who this pair are, nor do I have any idea who the person is on the receiving end, nor do I care. Problem with society nowadays is too many people, want to know too much, too soon.
  13. But we've got welders over here...
  14. I don't pay a blind bit of attention to figures and details, don't give a stuff about them tbh. I take care of myself, expect others to do the same, and I make a point of not relying on government advice or strategies. I've had no probs so far.
  15. ...probably because your arse was too sore to bend down!
  16. Or give them a bloody good kick in the arse.
  17. Looks like bare metal to me. Would have thought they could have sorted a few tins of paint out of a budget of half a million odd quid!
  18. 5:15... he nearly said "pissed off" there
  19. In a first for the IOM Government, a project has arrived ahead of schedule. Ladies & Gentlemen, on behalf of the Steam Racket, proudly introducing the new Manxman.
  20. wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.
  21. Congrats, you just won the internet...
  22. Well, if everyone does have a brain, as you suggest, I would suggest that everyone start using said brains (and stop relying on Gov), else everyone may well end up dead
  23. One issue with this... very few people with brains out there!
  24. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest...
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