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  1. People who have committed awful, evil and violent crimes, and are involved with a life of illegal drugs are considered the lowest of the low. But they themselves don't and consider they have just occasionally erred. Made bad decisions (don't all criminals who get found out. They can always believe there is even lower than themselves. Yes, even lower if that can be possible. Enter the ever-reliable excuse of paedo, nonce and dealer of heroin to children. Those categories are scattered around liberally and directed at anyone who dares to question low-life. It's a tactic used by the bully, from the school yard through life.
  2. Threatening women is a COWARDLY act. Grabbing a boiling kettle and threatening to pour it over anyone, let alone a woman, is a COWARDLY act.
  3. I think Manx Radio could do a good job with less people. In that respect it is a bit over-manned and civil servantish. And when some of them went from being paid staff to being contract I believe the hourly rate offered was one that couldn't be refused. Kerchunk and all that. How many people staff 3fm? Anyway, I like the Manxie fella who does the Sunday night programme, he's Manxie without being affected, theatrical or smug about it.
  4. Craig King


    What do anti-abortionists think about the end of the young life Alfie Evans? For that matter, what do pro-choice people think? Does it have any bearing whatsoever on the abortion debate?
  5. Wasn't the latest system intended to simplify things? The one before that was supposed to do the same but it led to Mr Anderson breaking the all-time world record of ballots to get elected. I suppose for a guaranteed £1000 plus a week for the next 5 years and having the power to directly impact on all of our lives,, we need to be sure we have the right people in place. Either that or it is all just a ridiculous obfuscating expensive pantomime farce.
  6. Both have reached the heddy heights of being Mayor of Douglas. Mr Skinner has made a number of attempts for MHK.
  7. While people who have worked all their lives are having their assets stripped so that they can afford care, Phil Gawne made sure that his rich landowning mates were able to have a similar deal as UK and EU landowners - under the guise of care of the countryside. People must never forget this when they see Phil Gawne. The ridiculous Sloc road resurfacing to spend money because it was "there to be spent" before the end of the year (exact quote from Phil Gawne is not much different) pales into insignificance when compare to his Countryside Care Scheme. In oh so many cases - a euphemism for robbing the poor to pay more and more and more to the rich. Forget the match, forget The Sloc, remember the grants
  8. Trump, Brexit, end of Legislative Council.
  9. Hey Barrie, no need to confess and sorry to be personal but back in your days here you certainly did look as if you were a bit of a salad dodger.
  10. Cheers for the info. I was going to try out one of those Manx Forum conspiracy theories but glad I didn't now. There would be people telling me to get my tin foil hat on. I wonder if a tin foil hat could become part of the National Dress of the Isle of Man.
  11. And the Seychelles for example, they use spices such as ginger, lemongrass, coriander and tamarind in their national dishes which comprise a lot of fresh fruit and fish. I wonder did Mr Speaker and Mr President open up their suitcase and take some chip, cheese & gravy out to do a swapsie, A couple of mins in the micro and Hey Presto! it would be like being back at home.
  12. Well, not really the BBC as such, but more a case that the reporters paid over here have managed to find a sort of real story. BBC: National Chips, Cheese & Gravy Day proposed on Isle of Man I was just wanting to make a point in the Spineless or What thread but it has gorn. Anyway, I wonder did Mr Quayle take some of this stuff over to Nicola Sturgeon as an offering, and she give him a deep fried Mars bar.
  13. I think the guy on Manx Radio on the evening pre-recorded show has learnt that word too. Doesn't stop using it.
  14. These security softwares seem to assume you use your computer only for their banking. Computers are that cheap and micro these days, they should issue you with a card sized PC that only links to their banking. There, sorted. I shall apply that as a patent.
  15. Did I hear correctly on Manx Radio today that Buster said he was a democratic right through to the centre of his heart. Well I'll be blowed. That said, something that he did say that made sense was that if Kate Beecroft had had one of the more experienced MLCs in the Health Department then things might have been very difference. As he said, "5 newbies against the civil service -believe you me, I know who's going to come out the winner."
  16. The Legislative Council didn't sit last week because there was nothing for them to do. Today they only have two First Readings. The first reading draws attention to the Bill before the Council. Unlike the first reading in the House of Keys, the Member outlines the purposes of the Bill at this stage and there is a debate on the principles underlying the Bill. That should take 20 minutes max, I reckon. (They may have 'other' work to do after they dismiss, as they keep insisting). It has been suggested on this thread, albeit tongue in cheek, that someone on Manx Forums should be nominated. I think I know Manx Forums well enough to know that no one here would have the barefaced gall to take one of the most laid back jobs but oh so lovely paid and pensioned, in the 'best club in the World'. Hmm, let's see who are lining themselves up for one of the golden chairs.
  17. I don't recall Mr Corkish ever having done a lot in the House of Keys, or even said much. Certainly didn't grab the bull by the horns and take a Private Members Bill through Tynwald or any such matter that took a bit of political spunk. He was given a safe ride into the Legislative Council, which caused a by-election and Chris Thomas was elected - he's one of the better MHKs I would say. Maybe if there is one of the less politically salubrious MHKs (or even a few) willing to accept they'd be better taking a bit of an even more backseat (same pay mind) then it would give a chance for a half-decent candidate to take their place. In this place anything is possible.
  18. There needs to be some sort of mechanism whereby there is a people's bench, like the public gallery. And open to all. Amongst that people's bench candidates are forwarded for the Legislative Council. House of Keys would still have to nominate and vote. This would allow the people to know and understand the candidates before election. The people's bench could have other functions.
  19. The problem is when something does go wrong. The 'Management Suite', whose significant amount of their work appears to be firefighting complaints, will be 'onside' to keep the lid on things.
  20. I started reading Manx Forums about the time you started a thread, stating categorically you were never coming back. I find some of the psychology displayed on forums such as this interesting.
  21. Mr Quayle should just get his other friends in Westminster to help out. Tell them he's being bullied by the Scottish woman. I'm sure they'd be pleased to help. Mind you. I rather think they're all a bit wary of oor Nicki, same as Howard is now.
  22. To announce "my view is shared by many" is a bit conceited, surely? Considering you are attacking a non-anonymous poster it might be better you writing that as a non-anonymous poster yourself to give it a little credibility.
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