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  1. I get the feeling that Mr Quayle has been a bit bowled over and punch drunk since becoming Chief Minister. All these trips to Westminster and Brussels have made him believe that he is indeed an international statesman. These constant trips have done nothing to bring him down to earth. So he must have thought this Nicola woman, well, she'll be a piece of cake. After all Mr Quayle has had his photo taken with her and met her on numerous occasions. She's one of his friends and will be on his Christmas card list. What can go wrong. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting.
  2. The old Manx charms had a lot going for them. Some now shown to have a proven medicinal benefit. Others perhaps work as more a psychological but just as effective treatment. I've heard some interesting recent cases.
  3. She may well be, but she knows how to fight her corner, for her country. Whatever it takes - tenacity, quick thinking, stubborness etc. Against Howard Quayle.... That is sad. I reckon she took the nicey nice approach. And shafted him rotten and yet make him think he got a good deal and is very, very important. .
  4. If the mods can provide an email, I'll be happy to arrange for a fiver to be paid by Paypal. I'm sure 20 quid could be raised. If Manx Forums can get a barrel sponsored (20 quid) and every member of MF drank a 1/2 or 1/2 pint or pint, when they visit, it would be interesting to see how quick the barrel was finished.
  5. Quarter of a million GBP guaranteed for the next 5 years is a hard one to give up. And you are as near as possible, your own boss.
  6. Agricultural subsidies have been around since the early 1960s. Isle of Man landowners stood in their green wellies on their own two feet. Then in early 2009 Phil Gawne as Minister for Agriculture managed to introduce to Tynwald the Countryside Care Scheme. It was done in a backdoor sort of way and no one seemed to be asking for this other than Mr Gawne (on behalf of....?). I'll give him his due, it was done with skill and in a sleight sort of way. He got all Tynwald on his side and managed to pull all the right heartstrings. He only much later spoke about money, but no one was going to jump the wonderful Manx countryside ship now, not over a few million. ::multiple_ pound_sign_facey::
  7. I paid money into a very reputable private pension (NPI National Provident Life now Phoenix Life.) It was a hefty enough 5 figure sum and I thought I could leave it safe until such time I needed it. It transpired that one of their associates had been lifting money from my account. By way of fees and 'legitimate' extraction he was charging around 3,000GBP per letter which went to an old address and so I didn't pick up. He was eventually picked up by the police and my money returned. The point being, who do you trust. I transferred the scheme but the new place seemed to be losing the fund in shares. There's a lot to be said for keeping your money in a biscuit tin under the bed.
  8. 12th to 14th April 2018 I love this event, especially since it has been in the magnificent Royal Hall. Anyone fancy chipping-in to to sponsor a cask. It's only 20 quid. If it's a goer, are there any ideas for a message to go alongside the name? Edited to fix link to Beer Festival sponsorship
  9. Good post Non-Believer. I watched this youtube about Year of our Island 2018. It's worth watching the first few minutes. I lost count how many times the Chief Minister used the word 'countryside'. Then I gave up. I think all he is trying to do is promote the cash given to landowners to supposedly look after out countryside. How much of this beautiful 'countryside', including that once in the Quayle estate, has gone to the builders. It looks like Mr Quayle wants his cake and wants to eat it too . With lots of icing.
  10. I'm into environmental issues. Reading the reply to MHK Jason Moorhouse's question at the last Tynbwald, which is here click, Q23. the scheme was only introduced in 2009. It was to be for 10 years. Phil Gawne, the farmers' friend, was the Minister at the time. He kind of introduced the scheme in a heart-string tugging begging sort of way through the back door. Geoffrey Boot, Minister said in his answer "...the Department’s intention to review the policy around farm support before the 2019 scheme year." I'm not sure what he means by "the 2019 scheme year". the sentence doesn't make sense and this is likely to be intentional. I think it was meant to say ".....the 2019 end of scheme year". To describe it thus would have let the cat out of the bag, but you can better your bottom dollar it won't be ended. The heart strings have been tugged on with words like green, fieds, sustainability, glens, self-sufficiency etc. but it seems an awful lot of money to pump into an annual grant scheme. Are we sure these huge handouts to already rich people can be justified. Are they necessary or desirable? I would expect the new Health Minister to put such a question, but as one of the Council of Ministers he is bound by collective responsibility ie keep schtum mate.. Maybe Kate Beecroft can start pushing questions like this, now she has been ejected from the inner circle by Chief Minister Howard Quayle?
  11. I know of a case where a doctor told a woman, who had previously had miscarriages, that she urgently needed to have an abortion otherwise she or the child or more likely the two of them would die. The woman was a catholic and said she would not have an abortion. It was difficult but they both survived. The child being born at less than 2lbs, and although struggled went on to live a good long life. The last 70 or so on ther Isle of Man.
  12. ? Yes, he's a lovely, lovely person. Very sweet and very charming. See my previous post.
  13. A devious little sod who enveigles and charms himself into the lives of vulnerable old people and cleans out their bank accounts. The only high risk is if someone has caught him and is going to give him a well deserved thrashing.
  14. How many here know of anyone who does not have a computer? From your privileged middle class positions, probably not many. Although, yes, I am sure you can conjure up an old aunt or that chap who lives down the road or whatever, who I am sure you would be pleased to help. I am sure those that made up the rules are the same. It maybe 21st century, but this rule is premature
  15. Rules is rules I realise. But is this one a good rule?
  16. Well you either said something or you didn't. I don't see it as bullying but simply putting the matter straight. Dilli is a big boy now, he gives as much as he takes. But good point, back on topic, the mundaness of petitions:
  17. dilli quote re "likeable rogue" in retaliation to someone calling him a complete and utter c#nt
  18. Then here's Quayles rainbow government of National Unity:
  19. I remember Quayle and David Quirk being on Manx Radio Mannin Line as the sacrificial lambs to defend the toilet tax. That plan went wrong.
  20. That guy talking on the radio strikes me as a self-important self-promoting arse.
  21. It was a good comment and I thought it was rather funny and apt. I'll read the book to see if there are any more possible allegories.
  22. Maybe in the same way that there is a Depositors Compensation Fund, contributed to by the various financial institutions, there should be a similar fund for tattoos. Ultimately it is paid for by the customer, but a small price to pay, surely.
  23. I am seeing this in a very different light. One of these Facebook groups is talking about homelessness. Someone calling himself 'Buster' is saying he got the keys of an empty hotel owned by someone called 'Dandara', he then had the electrics and fire regs brought up to the necessary safety spec. and left the place open for homeless people to use. That's lovely and I think there should be more people like 'Buster' around.
  24. I think MGP, TT and S100, have gained/are gaining popularity largely despite DED rather than because of them. There was certainly a mighty bandwagon to be jumped so to speak, but I suppose IoMGov wanted more input and control.
  25. I did a lol at that. Then I realised you weren't joking. I love The Southern, it is a unique atmosphere. It's gonna be a great day again today.
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