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  1. Good weather helps of course but judging by the pubs in Douglas last night, this event seems to be attracting more visitors than ever. More bikes than usual outside hotels too. Anyone else notice.
  2. Unless I've missed an intentional pun, it's 'dire straits'.
  3. I, at least metaphorically, did that quite some years ago. I get more pleasure these days telling the poor TV Licensing chap all my reasons why I don't have a tTV whenever he calls. I still get loads of threatening letters from them though.
  4. First time I've seen the show, just been watching a few. It's like Facebook people going for the next level. Frightening stuff.
  5. I don't want to cause anybody any harm, psychologically or otherwise, but just about every tattoo I've ever seen deserves to be ridiculed to some extent.
  6. They do it in the UK, obviously not willy nilly and you'd have to come up with a good reason, but it can be done on the NHS across. Just taking a glance through the DHSC Financial Sustainability Briefing Paper and noticed tattoo removal was mentioned in a table. (Para 4.1.4)
  7. When taking your guests for a 'something different' day, a trip round the Ramsey charity shops ends a great day out after going to Jurby Junk.
  8. Can tattoos be removed on the National Health in the Isle of Man?
  9. I thought that too. There is a danger that his biggest fans are going to think he has some sort of awful complex regarding this forum.
  10. One of the admins of one of those pages is saying how they're not Manx Forums, where apparently anything goes. I suppose it's like the opposite of being damned in feint praise, trying to compare themselves with Manx Forums. I think anything Facebook is quite a different thing from Manx Forums and for anyone to try and relate to them in that way, strikes me that its admin has lost grip on reality and might be spending just a little bit too much of their life on Facey.
  11. Slight change of subject but I see Dealz has now got a downstairs as part of the store. It's morphing back into Woolworths.
  12. I have to say I like a good shouty demo complete with pitchforks and placards, but it was refreshing to see this one.
  13. Just as a side issue, on a general note, can I urge anyone who goes to see an advocate, to make sure the person they are speaking to is a qualified advocate. Rather than say, an unqualified person who appears to have knowledge of what she is talking about. As the saying goes, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
  14. Pro. A woman's choice. One of the concerns is that on the Isle of Man, if a woman has plenty of money they can go to England for an abortion. They want the Isle of Man laws to be updated to English law. I don't kniw much more, but there was an interview on Manx Radio this morning.
  15. The hand maids managed to turn just about every head in the Tynwald procession as it filed back into the church. Well done.
  16. I find the smell of vaping disgusting and nauseous. Yes of course "better than tobacco", but I wish vaping was banished to the open air in pubs, cafes, cinemas etc.
  17. Christmas was celebrated rather well in The Saddle today
  18. I heard Steve Rodan on the radio this morning. The DUP is JUST a parliamentarian visting the Island as a guest. They're politics don't count today. Or words to such effect. I think that is bollocks in any case and it is Rodan just spouting out more self-satisfied bilge. He really is on a roll with it all, and who can deny him that on our Glorious Day? I wonder who came up with the DUP? Maybe all the conservatives have said "Isle of Man? Nah thanks, I'm re-grouting the bathroom tiles that day". No amount of bonnag and sprigs of green stuff plus some country dancing could persuade them to be a guest of honour.
  19. Funnily enough, that's how I imagine you, maybe plus a pair of those massive trousers some of the politicians wear on Tynwald Day.
  20. You make a very good point. I think I am starting to agree. .Incidentally, will you or indeed many of the 85,000 residents be at St Johns to honour the National Day?
  21. President of Tynwald usually allows his wig to fall to a jaunty angle when things get a bit hot.
  22. A bit different when you are an employer though.
  23. I'll be in the Saddle. It's Christmas Day down there.
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