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  1. ..looks like Rhumsaa's looking to join the club.
  2. They certainly don't do anymore than they do the rest of the year, which in some cases is not a lot, is it.
  3. It was great the way the guy in the newspaper shop wouldn't sell out and they demolished the whole lot and left his shop standing with no roof etc. There must be a nice little story behind it all. Anyone got any photos of that?
  4. Hah hah! I didn't realise it had become a 'news' item on Manx Radio Mandate. The guy had some good points to make though. /country yokel voice on Hey fella, stirred up a nice little hornets nest though yessir.
  5. It sounds like a caricature and as such should be applauded as a bit of a grin, but the advert is intended to be a serious Manx accent. Which makes it even funnier fella.
  6. Capt, that post basically said bugger all.
  7. It was a long time ago
  8. No. The Manx Radio advert is spoken by the greatest living Manxmen, in the world, ever, John 'Dog' dog dog Callister. I know that because he came on straight away to tell everybody. And that is how he speaks all the time he says. And that is true Manx. And as Chris Williams said, he is the Manx Bard - Official. Well as far as I am concerned the advert is like a Gaiety Theatre Isle of Man fringe Young Farmers pantomime act of a yokel Manx Accent, wth an over-abundance of 'Yessirs' and plenty of 'Fellas' (a recent addition to the 'Manx' vocabulary btw). By chris' yessa, this Islan' is gettin' desperate for it's identity by the minute. Fella'.
  9. Excellent Mannin Line today. Chris Williams stood in for Roger Watterson. One of the first callers was saying how the Manx Language should be allowed to fade away. He made some good points, especially regarding the Costain's Manx Radio advert, which I find embarrassing too. Some other good callers too (just doing a Listen Again), a bit like Manx Forums for the airwaves.
  10. *snigger* I take my remarks back. The Market Street Barricade is a beauty then.
  11. Nice one Barrie. You're a fucking star mate.
  12. I thought the film Les Miserables was the biggest load of shite ever - did you see the barricades? Crappiest ever. All that CGI they had at their disposal and they had something that was akin to the one in the police picture. Anyway, back on topic, I think it is funny as fuck, like the Lancaster/Poly/Uni students who put black and white blankets across the M6 to look like a zebra crossing. I'm still reeeling at that one.
  13. I think that was in the premises seaward side of Bordello. During TT went all motorbikey. A great shop for a TT browse in between a pint in Bushy's on a wet day.
  14. Back to Facebook and the Isle of Man in particular. Those politcal pages seem to be inhabited by ex-cons and menopausal/PMT women. A lethal mix you would think, but it looks like a match made in heaven.
  15. But it's language degenerating, not developing. It's not just the internet, it's real life too. I know people in management positions who don't use capitals, ever. Is it that important I am askede? Imagine reading the above post in all lower case. Someone somewhere has put out a diktat that spelling and grammar are not important, as long as the message is there. This seemed to all happen when the school day became shorter and more 'fun' stuff was introduced into schools. Something had to go and the three Rs were an easy target.
  16. Maybe picking up people who have been resident for a while but never completed a tax return or have not been on the system.
  17. (As I understand) The opportunity is given to go to the Clerk of Tynwald's office to make sure that the Petition is in order, but not necessary to have it registered or give notice or anything. Also best to make sure there is a Member orf Tynwald willing to bring it to the Chamber, a seconder too, for consideration. A petition receives automatic publicity on The Day and if this is all that is required then fine, just turn up with it and have your 15 minutes of fame.
  18. Rodan is the boy who waffles how important and necessary they all are and how Tynwald is doing such a fine job. I would say he is to Tynwald what Geoff Corkish was to the Isle of Man Steam Packet when he was their Manx Radio mouthpiece man..
  19. So say, around 1996...there were then and there will be now, teenage girls receiving whatever it takes to have a TT baby. Those TT babies will now be having their very own TT babies, and so on it goes. Each TT, especially around the tent area, you will see plenty of girls pushing prams - with their 3 month old occupants - either looking for last year's sperm donor, or perhaps the next. That is a side of the TT that has continued for over 100 years I suppose. Same with most festivals. That's life.
  20. You make an interesting point there. But there was absolutely nothing revolutionary intended about it. The TV was just collecting dust and everytime it was turned on I became bored and fell asleep. Most of the folk I work and socialise with aren't aware I don't have a television. Although I usually leave the room when they start discussing "will she - won't she" or whatever from the previous night's Corry.
  21. The forum is a bit intellectual this morning. Btw I got rid of my TV set a good 10 years ago.
  22. Or they could do what the organisers of the Isle of Man Beer Festival do and put on live music in the same room, then you can't even think properly let alone hold a conversation.
  23. Anypone with half a clue how to use that equipemnt would know there would be no one on teh Island who hires them out. And just about anyone who can use them would own them. The thread will have delivered a few troll points and satisfied some attention seeking.
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