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  1. I think the op is achieving what they are looking for.
  2. Sounds about right Cambon. So I suppose the super star bar is set very low, and someone with more than mediocre talent can jump above it rather easily. Our pub was invaded with open mic'ers last night. Many of the kids these days are trying to emulate Sheeran, and I would suggest they are doing it very well (that is to say, get on my nerves).
  3. Craig King

    Road tax

    The debate was interesting enough but the Ayes easily won:
  4. Ahh, a sort of American Not The Nine O'Clock News I thought at first, but Sonseed are for real folks, there's no tongue in cheek here, Jesus is truly their friend.
  5. Yes, that IoM Politics Facebook page can be a bit frightening
  6. Answer: because the forum software removes nested quotes. **snigger**
  7. I think I am starting to get it...I think I am.....
  8. Well I suppose I do. I certainly don't get how you are putting Reich in the same sort of box as Ed Sheeran. Such as Laurie Anderson I thought was out of this world. It was new, it was refreshing. It was artistic. Please let me say again, that I don't mean to be taking anything away from Sheeran, I just don't get the super stardom bit. If I wanted to be unkind I would say all the songs were more or less the same whinging rap with a repetitive guitar back. It just seems to be excessive mediocrity. There must be a huge void to be filled in the music market just now. The lad was there and the business needed a star and they made and got one. Fair play to 'em.
  9. I just want to be a soldier on one of those tests in the MOD Youtube films. Climbing a tree to feed the birds - that is fucking ace. The nearest we got was being wired up for a sleep deprivation exercise. That was horrendous but plenty of hallucination going on then, I can tell you.
  10. Please don't get me wrong. I don't particularly like jazz or brass bands or punk rock, but I see where the attraction is, and so be it. I also see where Ed Sheeran is coming from, and very good it is too. Like grown up teenage angst for young and not so young grown ups. I'm happy enough with that, but it's the super stardom - headlining Glastonbury and 9 hits in the top 10 etc. I'm not knocking the guy for a minute. All the songs sound the same to me too. But I said that about death metal and countless other genres, including that 1990s Manchester phase. But death metal and all the rest were never this big. And this is just one guy. Where does it all end?
  11. Once all the reserves run out and the Government employees have all moved to foreign climes with the booty, I think they should put this stuff in the Glencrutchery Water every day. Then I think I'd be happy living on the proverbial spuds and herring we'd be left with. And water. eta: actually the Herrings have all gone. Spuds and LSD it is then.
  12. I have to say the guy is handy enough with a guitar and clever with the pedals and that, and he can sing lyrics very fast, but even so, I just don't get the super stardom. Please enlighten me. (I realise I am in a minority of probably one, which is why I ask)
  13. A bit of cock sucking going on there Notwell
  14. And Tynwald Day is just round the corner. There must be a few topics come out of that.
  15. They let him have his own way on something though. Something that sounds significant but can't do any harm. Someone must have surely given him the Duffer's Guide to Brexit and now after reading a book he can't stop talking about it. The ruse includes lots of travel to the UK, which is a double-wammy because it keeps him out of the way for the CS to get on with their pension plans.
  16. Craig King

    Road tax

    Works fine for me, it might be your own settings or connection?
  17. Our old headmaster used to talk about the Daily Telegraph crossword. One day he was asked, doubtfullly, how he got on (there were a couple of particularly tough clues). "Oh I've completed it" he proclaimed. One of the staff later saw his paper and saw that it wasn't even filled in. The teacher was a brave man but also diplomatic, and managed to pull him up on this. "Oh, I don't bother filling them in anymore" was his reply. Right enough, he reeeled off any answer that was discussed. I used to sit in the corner and read my Sun and attempt its crossword (it was in the days before page 3 and before there was any stigma that only stupid people read it)
  18. Craig King

    Road tax

    deled - duplicate post
  19. Craig King

    Road tax

    http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/listen/Pages/16-17.aspx 21st June, item 17. Motion passed with only 4 against (2 in Keys 2 in Legco) There were some interesting points raised but too complicated for Tynwald members to consider on the hoof, if at all. To show they weren't all asleep. when the Minister in his summing up, said some of the ideas....wait for it.."had a lot of mileage", they all dutifully laughed. But anyway, the majority took the easy option of staying quiet and simply voting the motion through.
  20. Justr turn on the TV for any of these awards ceremonies or something and you'll see Emily playing
  21. You can't get a ticket because all the civil servants have been given any spares.
  22. One of the top teams doesn't race on a Sunday
  23. All investment was in Port Erin when the Breakwater was built and it caused quite a north-south divide, and not only in the House of Keys. When the breakwater was wrecked (twice?) you could hear the northern sniggers from Bradda Head. Could the breakwater be rebuilt or is nature just too much for modern technology?
  24. He certainly has inordinate support on Facey. People seem to love a villain, as long as it doesn't involve children and morris dancers, (or whatever that phrase is.)
  25. So whats the chance of rebuilding Port Erin breakwater and doing something wothwhile and interesting with the old Marine Biological station other than Dandara/Hartford flats (rhetorical question, but hey..)
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