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  1. I fully agree. What I meant to say was that manx forums isn't the place for details and names etc. I appreciate you are now on a well earned retirement, but I hope that does not mean you are going into the greenhouse for the next few decades. I am sure your knowledge and experience will be put to good use in some other role. Hope to chat sometime IRL.
  2. Derek, on an entirely different subject, and hopefully I don't sound flippant, but if you are to perhaps stay in the public eye, perhaps on the peripherary of or even in the thick of politics. ....will you promise to never use the phrase "going forward"
  3. Sack those police who have a propensity to not tell the truth. It's no use closing ranks and is not fair on the decent police and it's not fair on society as a whole. Let's leave the can of worms there just now Derek.
  4. Any news of the police bugging scandal?
  5. The Isle of Man hospital has a so-called Independednt Review Body. It should be renamed the Health Services Whitewash Body. A similar set up with the police etc, And the court Appeal system is a joke - another whitewashing vehicle. This is going to be no different.
  6. Craig King

    TT 2017

    Plenty of homestay for £30 a night, and you have to eat anyway even if you stay at home. Some people come to TT because it is exactly that - a cheap holiday.
  7. Blade runner? I told someone at work that I was now on Manx Forums and they said are you Blade Runner.. Who the fuckety fuck is that?
  8. There was an ex policeman of course, went into LegCo a decade or so ago. Did an ok job. One or two others have thought they'd be able to follow suit for a shoe in, but it isn't quite that straightforward. You might be ok though. Be yourself, be true sir.
  9. he Attorney General and Deemsters are Crown Appointments. I have good reasons not to trust any of them further than I can throw them across Douglas Bay,
  10. According to Howard Quayle the electorate aren't bothered about things like LegCo and Lisvane. That really does show how out of touch the man is. There have been plenty of contributors on Manx Radio Talking Heads/Mannin Line who are interested and are probably more aware than Quayle himself, judging by his interview with Lisvane when he was here.
  11. Hey Buster has been on Talking Heads just now. Apparently he phoned Whitehall direct to find out what has been going on with Brexit and what it will mean to Isle of Man. I'm not so sure if he wouldn't do a better job than Howard Quayle and all his jaunts with entourage to Brexitville
  12. Craig King

    TT 2017

    I haven't a clue how much it costs for a bike but you get the idea...
  13. Craig King

    TT 2017

    Not relevant as bicycles are carried foc.
  14. A depressing post there censorship but especially your last paragraph which resounds very true,
  15. Looks like you're dipping your toe in the political quagmire Derek. If that is the case: My immediate reaction is to be cynical. My second, and lasting, is to say aye,...go for it!
  16. Maybe they'll take the huff and go join Buster's Facebook pages.
  17. I suppose it is step further than our PE teacher who would stand and stare after he forced us all to have a shower, even the boys who were excused PE. (CRHS)
  18. It;s a good subject and a curious one. I have watched Trainspotting many, many times and can't say why I don't get bored with it. It has an excellent soundtrack which may make it more a listening experience with pictures. I once read a book. It was green.
  19. I probably am. Your 'friends' in Government who have been there since school definitely are. Unless they left school in about 5 years ago.
  20. Fuck me Neil, you must knoiw some right dip shits. I know two guys who left school at 16 with about a couple of O'levels/CSE equivalents each. One is the head honcho of a Department, the other is deputy. (You can guess their eye watering salaries, and it's a few multiples of £30k)
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