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  1. "sexually confident 20-year-old blonde" I knew a girl like that once: " see you ya bastard, stick it there, and then stick it there. and stick it there now".
  2. On a similar note, Kate Hoey MP was invited to the TT, i think when she was Minister of Sport. She presented Joey Dunlop, with a trophy. The master stroke was giving her a pillion ride round the course, I think it was open roads. She had a grin on her face for days after that one. It turned into a great PR/Political move.
  3. The Isle of Man Treasury in the form of Eddie 'the grasper' Teare fucked off zero/ten when he introduced 20% for some companies. So it is "0/10/20", which is a bit of a mouthful, but there you have it.
  4. No there's not. That's like saying there's a misconception that Costa had the brainwave of opening a coffee shop. Man, you are one knuckleheaded stubborn piece of
  5. That is the attitude of a brain dead government type stooge. Do you know anything about popular culture? It's a fickle thing. The 'in' crowd can change it's attitude at the drop of a hat. In pub culture that may mean a simple change of landlord can make a highly profitable and popular venue turn into a virtual ghost town overnight. Unfortunately it is difficult to anticipate. In economics terms it is neither elastic nor inelastic - it has its own rules. I would put money on it though, that if Bushy's moved, it would take the trade with it, wherever it went. Let someone else run a swetty sticky floored beer tent and see what happens. The Brewery tried running the more-or-less antithesis at the War memorial for few years. I liked it, but it was never ever going to take trade off Bushy's. Oh, and by the way, Bushy's Beer tent is situated right above the biggest shit pit in the Island.
  6. Bernie Moffat on one of his Facebook mouthpieces gives the boys credibility too. I s'pose that says something (I think it lets him down actually), but Facebook is one big omg, lol, hun, easily offended, shouty family.
  7. The bs is astounding but people swallow it for some reason. It's as if he has some extra special credibility because he has been inside. I note there are quite a few women followers. Like these frigid fruitloops who become pen friends (then marry etc) with mass murderers on death row and hang on to their every word. Not that duster is a mass murderer or anything of course, but in Isle of Man terms he is certainly a naughty boy. Ahh, I see, 'duster'. Just in case there is a writ.
  8. I'll translate. I think you're a bit of a bully.
  9. censorship, I think you let yourself down in your method to be rather unpleasant about someone.
  10. Yes. I had considered that perhaps they're 'better' lovers, but I don't think so. I think some women go for size, in their quest for better sex. And they will trot out the "..never go back" cliche at the first chance. Good luck to them I say. As a kind of analogy, I know plenty of women with big tits. Big huge flabby tits. But I don't particular desire them. Some men do. Anyway, thanks for the crisp bag references. I will need to think of one for the poop shoot.
  11. I know a girl who used to brag "once you've had black you ain't going back" to which I replied "because you're too fucking slack" She had a fanny like an empty crisp packet
  12. Internet access on the Isle of Man is indeed a bloody joke, and expensive. Time to light that cable or whatever. And while they are at it, turn the power station into flats and take power from UK.
  13. Re internet. During TT internet is fucking shite, shite, shite*. Doesn't matter who you are with, it will just mean the degree of shiteness you are being inflicted with. *does not apply to big business. Ofo course.
  14. It's cheap. And honest. A less than 2 year liaison (cohabitation had the same status as marriage in Scotland at the time, it might still do) cost me over £350,000. and I can count the number of decent shags on the one hand.
  15. We thought the Okell's beer tent at the Villa was good. It wasn't trying to be an imitation of Bushy's but good in its own way. All the entertainment was shifted down there - monster bikes, Purple Helmets dispay, Quill (!) in the Promenade suite, stuff in the Villa gardens etc. The two areas complemented each other Those 3-4? years formula were good for the TT. ^That's a good interview with Martin. He is a decent bloke with a good ethos, and you can see how he has succeeded. Laid back but still has an edge.
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