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  1. NotwellsDad


    Are you away for Christmas? Have a nice trip. I hope the fog and the weather don’t hinder your flights.
  2. NotwellsDad


    Have you filled a full sock today? I hope you dont put it in the washing. The washing machine is clogging up.
  3. NotwellsDad


    It’s the mark of the sock puppet. All the linked accounts have been marked.
  4. NotwellsDad


    You mean before nobody outside of you and about 4 other people posts on here anymore? The posts are down hugely which suggests really that rather than blaming trolls for the issues actually it’s many real accounts that have been banned and the forum is now down to its core controllers accounts who can now post what they like without being challenged on anything. It’s a bit sad for someone to use sock puppets to demand that their accounts are reinstated when so many others have clearly just been banned permanently looking at the post count in the last 6 weeks. The best are J2bad and WTF .. Notty is so ace and its so sad that we can’t hear what our sock puppet has to say anymore. Please, please, please mods will you allow out sock puppet to post here again after he has had everyone who disagrees with him totally banned. He’s been wanking in his room for weeks. Can’t interact with the real world. Needs to live that online fantasy life where he always gets his own way. Internet cartoon characters who can’t let go.
  5. NotwellsDad


    He’s been in his room tugging himself off into a sock for weeks. He has nothing else to do. We hope he’ll come out for Christmas and have a bit of food. It hasn’t stopped him using some of his sock puppets to post in this thread though begging for him to be allowed back on. They all wear the mark of the sock puppet. It’s a bit sad really using one account to plead for your main account to be allowed back on when you’ve successulfully got every poster who ever disagreed with you banned permanently. A leopard never changes its spots.
  6. Language Timothy! Embarrassing. Could have a fight with yourself in an empty room.
  7. Are there any support groups in the IOM? i have a friend who is getting to the end of his tether who could do with some good advice.
  8. Embarrassing. Fighting your own personal demons.
  9. NotwellsDad

    Road tax

    That was just to bad for you. Embarrassing.
  10. Embarrassing. Both of you. Sort yourself out.
  11. Now you really are embarrassing yourself.
  12. What a big girl. You've been told.
  13. Just give him a good old crack in the chops. Always works.
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