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  1. Maria E. Young

    Photomatix - Anyone Using It?

    I tried this software but didn't like it, too slow. Aurora HRD https://aurorahdr.com/ or Easy HDR http://www.easyhdr.com are much better.
  2. Maria E. Young

    Rushdi' book

    Are there fans of Salman Rushdi? I like the way he combines fairy-tale with reality. Just started to read "Satanic Verses". What are your impressions after reading this book?
  3. +1 for Final Cut Pro. Great tool indeed.
  4. Maria E. Young

    Why Manx Forums Is Dying

    It's not only about this forum but all forums in general you know. People are switching to new ways of communication - social networks, messengers... Forums are becoming thing of the past, no matter how hard moderators work. There is no one to blame except progress of digital technologies.
  5. Hi there. My name is Maria. Welcome to my page)