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  1. A cycle lane which nobody will use. Nobody uses the cycle lanes currently. if I was going to cycle into Douglas I would go via nunnery much nicer. Should have spent money on lighting down there
  2. It struck me yesterday that surrounding businesses must be doing quite well like the garage. I think you right opening quarter ridge if only for Saturdays….. but with drink comes extra problems and the need for more stewards and policing. It’s a tough one to balance. but in a positive kids and me and my old man had a great time, and it was nice to have a father son, son thing to do like we used to England growing up
  3. Was great though took my boys for the first time they absolutely loved it
  4. They trained tonight so I think he will put them straight in.
  5. Youngest came back from primary school saying they had spent afternoon watching a video because a teacher it didn’t turn up. First day back at school and already they are being taught by watching a video. ( he is year 6). im hopeful that it won’t come to it and my employer is very understanding about it all. I was listening to the radio today and they were saying the problem isn’t schools but everything else. No point in making makes mandatory in school when parents work in an office of 300 without any masks. That’s how it gets into schools. It was an interesting listen
  6. Big lad came home from high school today to tell me 1. Nobody was wearing masks (but government will probably say everyone is) 2. They had an extended tutor this morning all about the possibilities of home working coming up. to me it sounds like schools are going to take things into their own hands and tell kids to stay at home
  7. I think she just needs to be quiet. Nobody asked her to comment and speculate on somebody else’s death for her own good. If my grandfather died and she was using it as a means to score “points” I would be fuming and would look at what matters of recourse I have. Luckily for her I don’t have any lawyers in my family…mr Quinn though on the other hand…. The saying “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” comes to mind. This feels like one of those times keeping your own council would be wise. RIP Mr Quinn my condolences to the family including his grandchildren at this terrible time
  8. Looking after in our experience is rather a stretch
  9. Just wait for teachers to realize they have to go into school on Tuesday. Watch them all kick off big time, whilst the rest of the general working population just get on with it. Really expecting in the next week saying to work can I work from home for a day or so because school s don’t want kids in
  10. Like you say Genuinely I don’t know anyone who has it. We have had this discussion in work, maybe we are all hanging out in the wrong places. i do think there is a lot of people gaming the system though can’t prove it but it’s human nature
  11. Those figures that are being posted 500+ lft positive is that a good thing out a bad thing?
  12. We went to the tandoor last night not sure how busy it is normally but I felt like it was quite busy walk along prom and restaurants seemed full even pubs like British thirsty pigeon front porch jams 1886 were all rammed
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