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    Just thinking about this logically now, as I am sat in the nsc. presumably the height of the slides has not changed? In which case why can’t they just use the old stairs. They were deemed fine previously and they know they fit so that way we can just get on with things? maybe I’m being too simple
  2. Rfu subsidize costs I think but that is not an option with the fa I believe
  3. I think adult football is struggling but then youth football has around 1200 kids playing and training every single weekend. So question is how they keep all the kids that are in youth teams to keep them interested when they get to senior teams as something some where along the way is failing them.
  4. No they don’t the rfu pays a large proportion
  5. It is very good idea but I don’t understand how they are going to fund it. To pay for a team to come here and a team to go away every week surely your looking in the region of 4000 a week. So that over the season of say 36 games is 144,000 in travel and accommodation costs alone. That is before they pay for for hiring a venue to play on which if it’s the bowl is in the region of 110 a game or so and then hiring places to train. they said they wanted people to come and watch but this is northwest counties football novelty will get people to go for a few weeks but would you be willing to pay 10 or 20 a week to watch? The image below is the weekly average attendance across the whole league, which shows the footfall just isn’t there especially not to make it pay. so who is paying. I believe jersey had gambling company paying? But they are all leaving here. the idea is great but where is the money coming from?
  6. I applaud the idea of fc Isle of Man and I really hope it all works out. But I was wondering if someone could tell me where all the money is coming from to afford it all. As it can’t be cheap
  7. Just reading about her company seems like a company set up by a load of kids to do naff all but to say they are directors and chair persons of something when it’s not actually anything at all. To me it seems that it is all funded by mummy and daddy and as for high profile never heard of her so can’t be that high profile lol. Once again it isn’t what you know but who you know or more importantly your parents
  8. What do you think would happen if the vast majority of the people of the island finally got sick of the way it was ran and actually did something about it and finally held those in authority accountable for their actions? it annoys me so much that those that we vote into power really don’t use it for good but instead for own personal gain. I have ave absolutely no faith in government with regards to brexit or when the gambling companies finally decide being on the island isn’t the best thing in the world for them. i know it will never happen as election turn out shows that most people on the island actually have no care who is in charge. But hypothetically if there was some sort of coup what do you think will actually get changed for the better?
  9. Yesterday at the tin baths I bought two pints of beer and two cokes cost in the region of 11 quid. Today in tesco I purchased 18 cans for 11 quid. People wonder why no one goes out and spends money
  10. Everyone seems to think cycling is the answer, they all go to london or Manchester and see all the people cycling around in the inner city...however they fail to realize that the Isle of Man isn’t a city, and most importantly it isn’t FLAT like most cities. Every where has a hill.
  11. I’m not saying social media is the answer but lore an example of a way of doing it to get more people engaged, other examples could be like those tv shows the get people to call up to vote. All im saying is that there must be a better way in this day and age to excite the electorate to vote. during the last Mhk election one mhk came round the whole of our estate during a working day when nobody was in, so he could put through the letter box a note saying sorry I missed you, but vote for me, even though you don’t know who I am. im just saying there must be a better way to go about this, in just not sure what it is
  12. Did anyone see how many people voted in the garff elections? This winner got 59 votes. You have to feel for the guy who came 2nd with 57 votes. my observation though is that this is a pathetic turnout. It would seem the tried and tested methods of getting people to vote don’t work. Being an island we can surely lead the way in the world and come up with some new methods to engage voters. Is it as simple as having s Facebook vote . I would hazard a guess who would get more voters. maybe one of the candidates for garff might like to give that a go Mr Cronin to see if the results would be different in an unofficially capacity?
  13. I’m sooooo glad that question got cleared up. My mind is at rest, I’m so glad the island isn’t going down the shitter
  14. When I was in school 15 years ago if your on your phone during lessons the teacher would confiscate it and put it in a draw until end of the lesson or day....why can’t they just do that these days? Doesn’t need to go to government.
  15. But should it be discussed at the top end of government or left to schools and the governors and senior teachers. I can’t imagine this sort of thing would happen in the uk parliament and prime ministers questions. Just makes us look like the back water we are or worse amateurish
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