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  1. Yes already had letter from school they open on Monday and scaling back home learning Thursday and Friday this week no chance they are ending lock down early as big chief isn’t there to give the news and there is no way he would let anyone else do it
  2. Wow that is brilliant thank you I will look into all of this and see what happens
  3. My issue is with sure. It doesn’t seem good during the day but it is bearable but then at 9pm on an evening just completely drops out
  4. Has anyone else noticed there sure broadband is shocking constantly dropping out...is it something to do with the weather?
  5. So did they move the goal posts today from 21 days to 28 days....that is going to mess up all sorts of people especially mentally
  6. I left work lunchtime last Wednesday so in my mind it’s been a week
  7. It’s been a week or so now. Is there any evidence that this “circuit breaker” is actually working?
  8. I’m sure there is a book maker on here so who can give me odds on this 21 day lock down being extended?
  9. My friend just had results all negative
  10. No symptoms just precautionary trouble is everyone down stream from them that spent time with them on Boxing Day etc so a lot of people are awaiting there results
  11. It’s all very fishy I have a friend who’s family are isolating following being in close proximity they were told the results of there test would have been 7pm last night or 10am this morning...it’s currently 11.30. If they can’t keep to what they say they need to update people
  12. Please can someone answer me this question......hypothetically if I came in contact with the person in 1886 and somehow they managed to pass it on to me. How long would it take for me to be infectious? Is it more than 5/6 days? If it’s less what’s the point of letting people know about this 5 or 6 days after as if they passed it on they could have passed it to someone else and it’s already too late? I assume because we haven’t had a huge spate of increase in cases this didn’t happen?
  13. It was strange in peel last night only a handful of pubs open but all full
  14. If memory serves there was a department in government who’s sole job was to look for rich people in the uk and try to convince them to move to the isle of man
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