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  1. £9 a ticket as a one off game you might pay that but not 20 times a season…will watch with interest.
  2. And all the while local football is struggling. Laxey had to really scrape the barrel to pull a team together. yes local teams all voted in favor, but if they had the choice would they do it again now they know the ramifications?
  3. I think it is already pretty much burnt through high schools. Lots still off in the 10 day isolation but they are starting to come out now… it was always going to happen with 250 year 7s which havnt been subjected to it last summer most are fine. you will probably find it makes it’s way through primary schools now as the brothers and sisters of kids from high school get it
  4. Undoubtedly it will be but will it in a dark cold wet windy January night? I note today they have started player sponsorship for each player. This is standard practice at this level of football
  5. So as far as I can see nobody know… it must be costing at least 250,000 a year to pay for travel and accommodation and rental of bowl. Is there a danger that whoever is paying for all this might get bored in 2 or 3 years time and pull the plug? We have seen in recent weeks it is effecting grass roots football in the local game but is this a wider problem in general?
  6. Curious . I keep looking at the numbers and it doesn’t make sense so really I’m questioning who is bank rolling it all
  7. I’m just wondering if anyone knew where the money was coming from to finance fc iom as it can’t be ticket sales at the bowl and traveling every week must be costing a couple of thousand a time..I’m sure Manx telecoms sponsorship isn’t covering, so who is? Is there a mystery person pumping money in? And if so nobody does these things for the fun of it these days so what is their end game? im just curious
  8. So Sarah maltby (née cretney) won Douglas south. Will she be a vocal member, so what daddy says? Or keep quiet for 5 years until a super mum needs something?
  9. You can tell school is about to start again teachers have started moaning, seemingly forgetting the rest of the population has been going to work and getting on with it for months
  10. I went to Liverpool yesterday and what an uplifting experience that was people wore masks if they chose to others didn’t it was like being back to normal a great day trip only problem… on the boat sitting down you don’t need to wear a mask to go to the toilet or the bin you did have to… so on iom no mask on England no mask in the toilet on the boat a mask… sooner we just get on with things and allow people to make their own decisions the better
  11. What I mean though is that prices are generally a lot higher here, and I’m musing if it’s because they think they have a captive market but increasingly more people are choosing to hop in the boat to get away for a few days as it is cheaper
  12. The island I utterly bonkers…for a family of 4 to do anything on this island it is really expensive bowling 50 odd, exit strategy 80 cinema easily 50 odd house mannanin 40 odd risk a bit of COVID by going to Liverpool for a day trip 120 . Even fc iom are at it in England to go watch fc iom at say wythenshaw it’s 6 for an adult the return game at the bowl will be over a 10 to 15 I expect it’s actually more cost effective to leave the island even during these times than it is to stay here. And that is with all the messing around of landing cards etc if they don’t want people going away bringing it in it has to be cost effective to actually live here
  13. The Louis group says it all he should be nowhere near any money at all. I was a young and and inexperienced assistant when my boss met with the bosses of Louis group I was just there for experience and even I could see it wasn’t right
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