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  1. Obviously money is an issue when you hear that they pulled out of all cups because of costs and then you have the messing around of getting home after an away game. It must put pressure on players who’s employees expect them in work however understanding they are
  2. Any word on when they publish there accounts like they did a few years ago?
  3. I know it currently only two minutes but in life in general am I the only person that gets annoyed when people say they will do things by a certain time or day and then not doing it? It’s like saying meet at 8 and then turning up at 8.10 it really annoys me…anyway tick tick govt
  4. I think someone will have a decision to make which they won’t be happy about
  5. What’s your source? As I’m sure a lot of parents would like to know
  6. I thought it had been sorted considering they cancelled the last strike day previously. This is getting very tedious now
  7. I don’t know bass snr and maybe my opinion of him was misguided but from that interview you can see his heart and ideas are in the right place, so I am sorry for thinking he was a knob before I ever heard him speak. I was completely wrong about him. Fair play to him
  8. I worked there in my youth in my opinion breakfast is the best thing they do. The definitely use actual eggs
  9. Absolutely what they are getting away is definitely not teaching. There is no longer going on
  10. Shame schools havnt told parents so they can let their employers know your think they would
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