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  1. I worked there in my youth in my opinion breakfast is the best thing they do. The definitely use actual eggs
  2. Absolutely what they are getting away is definitely not teaching. There is no longer going on
  3. Shame schools havnt told parents so they can let their employers know your think they would
  4. Well it hasn’t been communicated to parents as it stands our lad is still off two days this week and two next week
  5. The irony today balla sent out a letter informing parents about what they expect from students re respect….what about the respect for students who are entitled to an education. It has to go hand in hand
  6. Obviously you havnt been needing work from home with a 12 year old boys then as you have no clue
  7. Are you happy for a 12 year old to be left at home all day on there own and expect them to do school work which they need help and explanations about?
  8. Balla on the other hand can’t my son is going to be back 1 extra day so still working from home two more days this week and two days next week. Employers won’t be happy
  9. Rumour circulating snhs going back tomorrow until half term hopefully balla get the same
  10. So when is this actually getting sorted they said later this week I don’t get that why not move heaven and earth to get around the table whilst leaving hundreds and hundreds of kids at home
  11. Perfect evening tonight no excuses available below 600 attendees. Last week they blamed food festival what will it be this week too sunny? They need 900 a game to break even Iv been told It’s not looking good if that’s true. I hope someone has deep pockets
  12. What is the world coming to when kids can’t be left unsupervised for 20 mins. I would be interested to know what actual supervision they give in those 20 mins
  13. What’s Julie edge on about on radio about 20 min break period. Are kids being sent home because they can’t be left unsupervised for 20 mins?
  14. Some kids are on day 2 of home learning in which the quality of work is not good. so far government have said they are disappointed. But what are they actually doing it feels like they are hiding and not saying anything. why are they not moving heaven and earth to get this sorted instead of sitting silently?
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