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  1. You can tell school is about to start again teachers have started moaning, seemingly forgetting the rest of the population has been going to work and getting on with it for months
  2. I went to Liverpool yesterday and what an uplifting experience that was people wore masks if they chose to others didn’t it was like being back to normal a great day trip only problem… on the boat sitting down you don’t need to wear a mask to go to the toilet or the bin you did have to… so on iom no mask on England no mask in the toilet on the boat a mask… sooner we just get on with things and allow people to make their own decisions the better
  3. What I mean though is that prices are generally a lot higher here, and I’m musing if it’s because they think they have a captive market but increasingly more people are choosing to hop in the boat to get away for a few days as it is cheaper
  4. The island I utterly bonkers…for a family of 4 to do anything on this island it is really expensive bowling 50 odd, exit strategy 80 cinema easily 50 odd house mannanin 40 odd risk a bit of COVID by going to Liverpool for a day trip 120 . Even fc iom are at it in England to go watch fc iom at say wythenshaw it’s 6 for an adult the return game at the bowl will be over a 10 to 15 I expect it’s actually more cost effective to leave the island even during these times than it is to stay here. And that is with all the messing around of landing cards etc if they don’t want people going away bringing it in it has to be cost effective to actually live here
  5. The Louis group says it all he should be nowhere near any money at all. I was a young and and inexperienced assistant when my boss met with the bosses of Louis group I was just there for experience and even I could see it wasn’t right
  6. So erm when can we stop talking about COVID and get onto important things like roundabouts and bridges being built. Bored of this whole thing now I got a message from work saying someone who hasn’t been in since Wednesday has tested positive…..well he hasn’t been in since Wednesday (so been ill and stayed off work) and hasn’t licked my face and sits miles away from me. Iv been double jabbed but Iv still been invited to talk about any concerns I may have….. he is sick he has stayed off work, rest of us get on…seriously stop pandering people
  7. I do wonder in the age of social media and instant news would this pandemic be as bad if it was in the mid 70s or 80s?
  8. It seems with this pandemic all sensibilities have gone out the window. if you are sick stay at home whether it be flu, sniffles cough or COVID and if you have symptoms get a test everyone else crack on like normal…. it’s really down to people taking responsibility. I just don’t understand the mass hysteria take the year that winter vomiting bug went around a school. The kids that were ill stayed at home and the other kids went to another school while there’s was cleaned. Its that simple people need to stop looking at this like getting COVID is a badge of honour or something. It isn’t it makes you ill and then vast majority get better arghhh!!!
  9. But what about kids even of kids have to isolate parents will have to stay off with them.. someone told me that ballakermeen 6th form have been sent home?
  10. What’s he doing today that he is too busy to calm the great Manx public?
  11. This is like de ja vu island goes in to over kill on rumour and government will give an update tomorrow at 4pm. Why can’t they just have clear communication now and nip things in the bud.
  12. Government playing a blinder here with strong open truthful leadership.....oh wait no let’s let the rumor take hold and let the population panic
  13. In bingo today can I have “stepping out of your lives” or something along this variation certainly “stepping out” so all the blame can be put on the great Manx Public
  14. It’s just another example of the disorganized nature of everything
  15. It’s sad that we all knew this would be a briefing of nothing...you have to wonder what was the actual point.... I have to laugh about the schools I got sight of the ballakermeen time table for kids going in on 2 days it is literally performing arts art drama it sports Expressive arts you know the important subjects
  16. I want to get in early on bingo today I bet he says something about the missing 75 baskets at Kirby garden centre
  17. Tonight’s briefing will be as follows:- 1. I hope everyone had a nice weekend, I enjoyed visiting my parents and sitting in a deck chair 2. David for stats 3. dr ewart talks about a graph 4. Something about baby steps and remaining vigilent 5. education minister will be back on Thursday to give us an update on schools 6. respect those working in garden centres 7. council of ministers meeting on Thursday 8. Questions from a journalist...looks for clarification on something un important....something about guernsey air bridge Something about borders 9. Little closing speech about being at the end of a tunnel but not there yet we all have to keep being safe and keeping to the rules blah blah 10. good bye al done, everyone save your time tonight 😂
  18. I don’t understand why some one when they are dreaming up these things around a table doesn’t put their hands up and say “ do we want to think about the rules and what we are saying as we keep getting called out on it” and then someone else saying “ no don’t be daft nobody is going to pick holes in our silly rules”
  19. Which would be fine if it was gradual but it isn’t....all kids are back in next week in one go....nothing gradual about that
  20. Yes, where is the demand for an air bridge to guernsey? Certainly not from the general public.....it’s the age old haves and have nots scenario. Those with the money and those who shout the loudest get what they want.......... do you remember in the first lockdown when on one of his speech’s hq allowed people with private planes to fly them and everyone said “eh? Who has a plane”
  21. I didn’t get a reply. Which says it all. I have actually gone to the level of my friend from a different school gives me their work for our boys to do instead. it’s this preparation thing that gets me...literally past however many weeks it’s been they have known they will have to be going back at some point so why not sort it out then..instead of wasting yet another week.....genuinely is it unions at play?
  22. This extra week is just pointless...one of the lines they have given is to allow teachers to prepare...what have they been doing for the last six weeks? And don’t say teaching because that is simply not true....my boys have video calls every other day at a time that suits the teacher otherwise it gets in the way of their day and no teaching takes place in these calls......last week of term the home schooling was read a chapter a day of a book....... schools have already said in reality they can’t social distance so what are they preparing for....
  23. So he might as well just let us out if we are going to be mixing with other people any way
  24. Oh Howard....should be safe, does not mean will be safe when it comes to air bridges, it has this will go wrong written all over it unfortunately ...... concentrate on getting us out of our homes first and normality, and achieving some sort of normality....wasn’t it him that talked about baby steps 😂
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