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  1. If memory serves there was a department in government who’s sole job was to look for rich people in the uk and try to convince them to move to the isle of man

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  2. 37 minutes ago, Debbie said:

    For those who missed it, tomorrow Tynwald returns to the chamber. Here is the order paper:


    It will boost confidence.

    My understanding is that schools are resuming (mostly) normal operations; but attendance won't be compulsory until September.


    That is unless unions dig there heals in.  Which the communication we received from school suggest they are.  The letter we got said “we are waiting for guidance from Desc”. And there is a zoom meeting tonight between Union and govt...don’t hold your breath 

  3. 1 minute ago, WTF said:

    the 30 gathering will still stand with no social distancing necessary OUTSIDE,  but the indoors stuff will  still apply so schools can't just go back to normal yet.

    Yes but they have a council on Tuesday they will get rid there and then one would assume

  4. 32 minutes ago, Mr Newbie said:

    Glad to see that they’ve now done away with it all. It must have really pissed the teachers off especially as no social distancing means absolutely no excuse for not being at work anymore and no need to re-configure any of the school properties. Quite a clever move by the CM. Shut up and get back to work you wont be sunbathing until September! 

    I do like it.  Text book putting ball in there court if they don’t crack on it’s there fault not the chiefs. Very clever

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  5. Somebody somewhere is getting paid millions for all this bull shit in consultancy fees.  

    until the government have the balls to stand up and make a decision the better.  If England sorts it self out quicker than us what is the world coming to 

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  6. 21 minutes ago, Donald Trumps said:

    I've read the IOMG recommendations for bars/pubs - they're applicable in my view to a UK situation where there remains evidence that the virus is active in the community

    OTT for the present situation here

    This lends weight again to the theory that we are being used as a test bed for uk as they tend to do stuff 2 weeks after us

  7. 5 minutes ago, Golfer said:

    Yes ideally but the schools aren't big enough to split all the classes into smaller numbers so talking about kids getting maybe 2/3 days teaching and staggered hours, there is no need for this in IOM . WHO Now says no evidence that a symptomatic virus carriers with no symptoms don't spread the virus widely as previously thought.

    Don’t let your science get in the way of manx solutions for manx people

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  8. 11 minutes ago, Golfer said:

    What he means is that the teachers are worried that they will have to work harder if more kids are in school with staggered hours! As I said if NZ with 5m can open everything without restrictions, why can't we with 88000 ?

    I just think they are now at the point where nobody wants to be blamed for anything so they are scared

  9. It blows my mind I will be able to go visit a pub and restaurant with my kids before they are allowed to go to school....I mean wtaf!!

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  10. It’s like the schools minister yesterday saying they arnt sending all kids back because parents are worried.  

    I’m a parent and I am not worried, but more importantly know one has asked me so my question with lots of these things is who are they talking to?

  11. 1 hour ago, WTF said:

    so where are we on unlockdown ?   its getting a bit confusing now ,  speed limit up to 60 on the 15th ?  what is the latest on gathering sizes increasing from 10  and antisocial distancing getting reduced to 1m ?   also people in your house ? and pubs / cafes etc opening ?

    Nobody knows any more they make it up as they go along. Everything seems to me next Monday 15th I think if your sensible you are fine just to go about your daily life

  12. Has anyone noticed a weird phenomenon?


    last night in tesco it was like we had gone back 6 weeks everyone has suddenly got very wary of going near people and wouldn’t walk past people who were stood into the side of an aisle, whilst 6 weeks ago people would have just pushed past.

     Just made me laugh  wouldn’t have thought it was 16 days without a positive case

  13. I have no problem with it as long as they tell people who might be currently trying to sort child care out now assuming summer holidays are happening.  I suspect they don’t really know which isn’t a good way to be.  Someone just needs to stand up and make a decision

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  14. 2 hours ago, Golfer said:

    The teachers will be struggling to think of excuses to keep the kids away from schools at this rate, everything open but you can send your kids to school 2 days a week if they are in certain years!

    Is that the official line as our school has said naff all to us

  15. I hope it is accelerated just for all the kids that have missed out.  

    catching up will be tough but with time they will catch up 

  16. 16 minutes ago, Golfer said:

    There's a lot of them who want employers or government to pay them until they deem it safe which will be never for lots of lazy sods including a lot of Government workers.

    It was that, that got me the most the way she spoke she made out it was her right that her employer should continue to pay her to do nothing whilst they had ensured they had done everything to make sure she was safe at work

  17. I was queuing outside the chemist before and heard a local banging on about how it’s un fair her employer has said it’s going to stop paying her unless she comes back to work.   Within the conversation she also said her employer has giving her masks and gloves and all sorts of ppe but because it wasn’t “safe” she was refusing to go back and her employer should be paying her no matter what... they are just interested in money was her final statement.  From what I could tell she worked in the make up section of boots


    i just stood their in disbelief and trying not to laugh  as I had just nipped out in my lunch break.  

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  18. Know one has mentioned schools open in summer from the government and as such I would assume nothing has been even thought about.  Certainly after that press conference today it doesn’t fill you with confidence 

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