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  1. Does anyone know what ms moffatt gets paid? Just wondering
  2. So in a competitive tender process hooded ram came up with the best deal / plans. Surely it's bushys fault for not being competitive rather than expecting it all handed to them. It's how the real world works. Get over it
  3. A few years ago I ran the Santa dash for a local charity which looks after homeless people on the island. They showed me pictures of some of the conditions people are made to live in and what they have to do if they can't pay the rent. Immediately I said that this couldn't be on the island but it was it was truly appalling. They said no one cares on the island but it wouldn't be too much of a stretch that a family in saddlestone or farmhil could easily become homelesss over night , then people might pay attention. It it was very eye opening indeed
  4. It's also strange how the job centre isn't full of all these average salary jobs too...
  5. The average wage being 25k is sooo heavily distorted by super rich over here I bet if you go to all the life assurance and banks most will not be any where near the wage at all
  6. I get what you say about renting. However it's hard to justify renting when for example the house I live in my mortgage is 550 a month but the equivalent rental house two doors down is over 1000 a month. So we are stuck because we won't sell our house to go into renting. i think a big problem is this building of 2 bedroom houses everywhere. Average house hold has 2.4 kids shall we say so the govt expects the kids to share a room until their late 20's come on. I dont know know how true it is but I got told once that the difference between a lot of the 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom houses is literally about a foot or so, so why don't hey just build 3 bedroom houses. Is it a planning / tax thing?
  7. So your first wage was 6k your flat was 18k fair enough onbthe island today average wage shall we say is 18k so 3 x this equals 54k so where on this island is the flat for 54k? It doesn't exist. It is probably closer to 115 a120k so it is completely different to how it used to be. But it illustrates my point completely it is so different now. Also working 100 hours a week isn't feasible. I know my employer doesn't have upwards of 60 hours over time available and it would also kill you working 20 hours a day.
  8. But if parents buy houses for kids that doesn't solve the problem that just sorts it out have the ones that can and in a way makes it worse because who then owns the house the parents or the kids. I have plenty of friends who's parents have done this but in actual fact it's the parents who own the house not them. What about those who want to do it on their own, they literally have no chance, because you will get the people saying "in my day we did it on our own". we want to do it on our own, nothing would make me happier but it just doesn't seem possible. Govt wants to help with 1st time buyer scheme but what's the point when they only build 2 bedroom houses. You can grow out of them extremely quick. i am sick of old couples with massive houses they don't need but then those with a growing family that could do with the room and space just can't afford it until they get old and have no kids it just doesn't make sense at all so how do we sort it?
  9. Hi, I am a long term reader, but first time poster… I have been thinking about the state of the island and the amount of rubbish that our elected leaders and others “in power” seem to spout off. As a bit of background I am early thirties married father of two the issues I can’t get my head round are:- Those in charge of the Island seem to think we are all millionaires living over here…when I would suggest the vast majority are not, but they don’t seem to understand that? Everyone always talks about their being loads of jobs, but if you go into any recruitment place the only jobs around are for administration in banks and life assurance companies for relatively low pay. The jobs they claim are brought to the island none of the employers will take a “risk” of training anyone on the island to do the jobs so they go to off islanders who come over. They have an issue with graduates not returning to the island. Its quite simple why, it is not that partners cannot get work permits, its because it cost far far far too much to buy a house over here, the jobs don’t pay enough for you to buy a house. By way of comparison, when my family bought a 4 bedroom house in the 1990’s it cost 100k ish, now the same house is up for sale for 550K. This is why the likes of school vallajilt and ballacottier are under capacity because it cost sooo much to buy a house in the area so any young families can’t buy a house and so kids don’t go to school there. So in all honesty I am trying to work out what the benefit of me living over here is, we have a small 2 bedroom house because that is what our wages can afford because anything bigger we can’t get a mortgage for, we certainly won’t rent because that is just throwing money away, yes schools are good, but wages aren’t and it costs a fortune to get off the island. But if you are from the age of about 40 up you have seemed to have the best of the island you have all had the growth and have been in the right place at the right time, but for us youngish people the island is a completely different place to what the great and the good would have you think…. So I ask…why does everyone seem to look at things through rose tinted glasses and just doesn’t seem to get what is going on in front of their noses?
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