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  1. What constitutes needing a break? I have been working hard from home every day since lockdown and I haven’t started bleating about needing a two break at tt. I actually have not had a single day off this year. They need to gain some perspective. i have emailed the mannin which they chief is on tomorrow but I’m sure my question won’t be asked
  2. It just seems what I would have thought a rather important thing literally involving 1,000s of people would be more at the forefront of the leaders minds rather than some of the other things that seem to be more important to our esteemed leaders. you don’t often hear the chief mention schools in his briefings. Yes it isn’t his actual department but he is the chief it’s almost like someone at the end of a meeting says “ oh what about schools?” And they then rush something which doesn’t make sense
  3. Maybe I’m too simplistic but why don’t departments in government speak to each other? It just makes everything look so silly. they all have to have there little moment on the podium. We will get to the point where offices will be able to welcome staff back but the staff won’t be able to go back because kids are all at school, and it’s not like they have child care because the usual clubs and activities they might book kids onto during school holidays are no on during term time
  4. I am assuming that yes, because at no point has government come out and said that. So using the information available to me it just seems an odd thing to do to talk about phasing presumably a few weeks after the initial lot on 22 Nd June when the chief is talking about 1 meter (arms length) from 15th June and all the stuff he said about work places yesterday. Just doesn’t seem very joined up to me
  5. Allison has said this morning that schools open on 15th June hub kids will return to their schools on 17th. Then kids in school years 2,6,10 and 12 from week beginning 22nd. Then rest of kids phased in. With summer holidays due end of July almost seems pointless phasing in all other kids as surely some will only get about 2 weeks. so what’s the point?
  6. It’s not ready oh my days you couldn’t make it up it’s not like they haven’t known it’s coming
  7. A very positive briefing and if the groups might be being in regulated on Thursday means teams sports might be able to find a way back too. praise where praise is due yes we moan they haven’t done everything we want as quickly as we want but they do listen and make sensible decisions as we go. If I was living in England I would be looking on at us and thinking how did England get it soo wrong too job island
  8. Thank you, he wasn’t adding anything constructive
  9. The way you talk you would think there is 10,000 hidden cases on this island
  10. But in respect South America and the us didn’t have 1 active case like we do
  11. FYI I’m not thinking about uk I’m talking about our island
  12. No deaths are acceptable but it’s a fact of life. risks are taken by everyone every day. but the solution should not be worse than the problem. How many people will lose jobs houses food everything because they can’t pay bills
  13. How long you doing that for? Keeping kids out of school, workers off from work? how are you paying for all this there comes a point when the solution should not be worse than the original problem
  14. It’s a thought experiment and you have not got a way out. So you are arguing with everyone so let’s hear your solution
  15. I don’t mind. Pretend your the chief minister. How do you get us out of this hole?
  16. Ok so how do you propose we get back kids to school, people back to work and society back to some sort of normality that doesn’t bankrupt everyone?
  17. 400000 whilst a big number is only 0.013% of say population on the world of 3 billion
  18. 372,000 people out of how many billion? It’s bad that people die yes but perspective please
  19. It was supposed to be a metaphor that there is many dangers out there every day but we don’t worry about them. I could have said crossing the road. Which have no cars on but you won’t cross because there might be a car around the corner. whats going to happen in the winter when the other stuff comes around that can kill you like flu which does kill people every year are you going to hide away from that also just in case. I would suggest so far in life you have not
  20. It seems to be forgotten though that for 99% of the population it’s not going to kill you
  21. You can’t live your life guessing though. The facts we are presented with are the facts we should be going by. its like saying we shouldn’t go about our normal lives because there “might“ be a serial killer out on the loose, but as far as we know there isn’t one.
  22. It’s one of those where they say they are lead by the science and facts well that says there is one active case in the community. Life has to get going again back to normality. Naturally people won’t suddenly go up hugging strangers we have some sort of self distancing anyway. i was in the queue for ice cream at port Erin yesterday and queuing 2 meters apart is fine although it did seem more like 1 meter but wasn’t a problem I’m not going to suddenly catch something by standing away from someone. Like wise walking past someone I’m not going to get anything unless they sneeze all over me and rub them selves against me. Just walk past like normal people (which to be fair most people now do) I am sick to death of telling kids they can’t go out to play or see their friends ( well what I actually say is watch out for people that might tell you off) Parks are still shut but yet beaches are full??? come on
  23. I imagine you are working from home like me. can you imagine a profession in which they say be off for 12 weeks. You can say ah put teachers have been working online...not for years 4 and 5 we got a load of log ins for commercial websites which last week we got an email saying there free trial has ended so thst can’t be used anymore from the school. admittedly we get a work sheet out on once a week which you are required to print out but in reality who has a printer at home in this day and age? so some will go back for four weeks or so and then have summer holidays off again amazing
  24. I think your right they did such a good job scaring people to stay in prizing them out again is almost impossible. What happens in autumn and winter when flu and cold season hits with symptoms that are like Covid people are going to be saying they have it when really they don’t and it will be a cold and we will be back to square one
  25. And it’s frankly embarrassing the uk has got schools going back regardless of if it is the right thing for them to be doing (that’s a different argument) but yet we don’t even have a coherent plan
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