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  1. It’s madness though as there isn’t any message. How can one school tell people one thing and other schools say nothing. It’s the same with everything in government the left hand never seems to want to talk or has any interest in the right hand
  2. This is my point your mate told you about his kids going in one day a week. Why is one school telling people what they are doing but others are not? is it so hard for the minister of education to just tans behind his special podium and say “this is what is happening”
  3. How do you know that has there been some sort of news release? We have heard nothing from our boys school at all. Although I was there last week and the car park was rammed full so obviously a lot of teachers in at the school
  4. I may have missed it but has there been any actual communication to say what exactly is happening with schools on the island. Is it only certain year groups going back or all of them? like I say something official might have been issued but I am not sure
  5. So it’s Thursday, howie previously likes to use Thursday as announcement day, after last nights sacking what announcements do people think he will make to divert away from questions about the sacking at today’s presser?
  6. Do you think it’s entirely possible that the government will “invent” a new case today just to keep people on their toes? As I am sure they will be getting nervous that it’s been 6 days since a new case and only 4 in the community. It will lead to people to say no need to do anything if it continues this way
  7. Everyone is free to live how they choose to. For me that is a little extreme but she will have her reasons and that is her choice.
  8. Well as it is a guidance I am going to have the in laws round for Sunday lunch it’s going to be lovely they will see their grandchildren and enjoy my roast potatoes. The governments guidelines are not fit for purpose and as they say they can’t in force things in peoples homes. I know where they have been these past 9 weeks they know where we have been so as the owner of my house I am making a sensible decision. just wish those that are scared of their shadows would just think rationally for a second. It is t something thst is going to go away it’s something we have to live with so let’s just get on with it
  9. Why are certain hair dressers that have decided they don’t want to open yet ( as is there choice) making a big thing all over manx radio and Facebook and other places about not wanting to open. It’s there choice and nobody is forcing them. I'm confused what there goal is? Do they want the public to say “yes we agreee, don’t open”? My opinion is that it is there choice and they can do what they want.....but is it really “News” worthy?
  10. When is media trained rob going to do a press conference?
  11. there was certainly a lot more announcements than we even thought was coming. I will be honest things have suddenly moved along a lot quicker than we were all expecting. Good job
  12. But as a population we can only go by the official figures which the government provide. Everything else is guess work. On pure evidence alone I personally think that if 0-0 happened the pressure to release things might be too much to handle
  13. Just putting this out there....but imagine the the confirmed cases continues to stay at 0 and the active cases works its way down to 0. What does the government do then in regards to keeping state of emergency and social distancing as if it stays as it is for another week that is the actual situation they will face
  14. So can kids go out and play with each other as long as they are 2 metersish apart?
  15. they are just playing to those that will vote for them
  16. Have they managed to please anyone yet? Seems they are just annoying pretty much everyone
  17. But remember it doesn’t kill most people it gives most people flu like symptoms I expect then you will be walking around like this forever because you don’t want to catch a cold or anything.
  18. I went to tesco last night whilst queue outside looked normal once you got inside it was more like it used to be just with everyone going in directions. I think most people now are so fatigued by having to watch their shadows they just don’t care. The only down side was the people who still insist coming out in what looks like bomb disposal kits. We get you are taking care but part of this stinks as a cry for look at me!! also increasingly people wearing masks but then having it tucked under their nose so it isn’t actually doing anything is one of my favorite things to laugh at. govt knows where all cases are and who is isolating, so surely the rest of us can just get on. You know what will happen as soon as we are allowed out it will start pouring with rain and we will have to stay in every day
  19. They have to do something today as know way you can open up strandstreet enforcing 2 meter rule it just isn’t big enough.
  20. They were quite happy to take the thousand and thousands of pounds to play. Now though they refuse to play but are quite happy to take the money. They can’t have it both ways the organizers are doing everything they can to make it safe if they are going to take that money they just take the risks just get over yourselves
  21. It seems people have forgotten that for maybe 99% of people it will be an irritant a bit like flu. The way a lot of people talk you would think we are all going to die
  22. I get the feeling that the schools is going to descend into a serious fight with unions. It was already looking like they were going to strike before all this happened and now it’s just going to harm everyone. It just doesn’t look like anyone has a sensible approach how to sort it out
  23. At least we don’t live in England. We thought or messaging was a mess but wow Boris and his ministers have done a tremendous job of making everyone else look extremely competent
  24. It’s strange they talk about kids of construction workers and so forth being first to get back into schools which is fine. But those people working from home that have kids, their kids are going to be left behind. mysef and wife both work full time from home, and I am sure you are aware the challenges of trying to do that whilst also “teaching” kids is nigh on impossible. you might say teachers have been supporting them. We have had a phone call for one kid and another sent a letter saying when you get back to school I want to hear all about what you have been doing
  25. It will be before iom. We have the problem with the unions and they are going to use all of this to get whatever they want
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