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  1. Well they are hiding away this weekend no press conferences tomorrow or Sunday
  2. Didn’t he say on Wednesday when he left his conference that he was going to speak to leaders of jersey and guernsey so he would of known what they were doing. But instead said we need a paper and a few focus groups. It seems to me the whole Isle of Man population is one big focus group and they have decided what they want
  3. I don’t get “manx” bank holiday. But it is incredibly misguided that firstly to not tell anyone about it but have a journalist have to question it before they even announced it. Presumably someone advised them that this was a good idea but on a day where there was no news for “general public” apart from having to wait longer whilst they write some paper, it was an incredibly misguided thing to do and as such I wouldn’t be surprised if they go back on it today sighting public opinion. they are walking a very tough line at the moment where the public have put up with an awful lot but the good will is starting to wear thin and they need to keep as many people onside as possible
  4. I just read on iom online the speaker saying it is solely down to Alf Cannan this decision
  5. It’s not even really the losing of the holiday it’s the message it gives and the way it is delivered...the day after telling everyone how important “mental health” is. It just seems like a massive own goal
  6. Actually don’t have a problem with the light air plane stuff it makes sense. But doesn’t need a press conference to announce this surely. Don’t they have a register so they know who has planes can’t they just tell them. it seems a lot of this is grandstanding playing politics with peoples lives and mental states. its laughable they talk about how they care about mental health. They built up to today and then crushed people and took a bank holiday away to rub salt into the wound. doesn’t effect me don’t get manx bank holidays in my job but for many that would have been a horrid press conference. surely the mental health guy from yesterday would have told them that and advised against it. also why are focus groups needed? Why didn’t they do the focus groups last week when results were largely the same and then have something to announce this week. strikes me they just make it up as they go along
  7. I feel like we have been led up the garden path here expecting some good news but the news is that there isn’t any news for anyone that matters. They even said in the contact tracing they know where the positive tests are coming from so work with that and let the rest of us get on with our lives
  8. Good job golfers can now all get on their boats...really thinking about everykne
  9. So pretty much announced nothing then. Why do you need a focus group to see if people can see each other ffs. They know the confirmed cases are due to care workers and hospital so just let the rest of us get on ffs
  10. Bang on. Hope at the end of the tunnel but where is it or when is it. I know they don’t want to get peoples hopes up but If you are sat waiting for an airplane for example you know you are waiting but at the end in say 8 hours you will be getting on an airplane. We are just sitting around not knowing what we are waiting for or when it is actually like living in groundhog day
  11. Also schools as plenty of workers kids go to school and can’t have the older people looking after them like they did before as they have to shelter
  12. It’s this sort of thing that makes me think why are we having to do what we do. Wasn’t the head of Scottish health caught out too...leaves the question what’s our mhks doing over here?
  13. Have to agree that is very insightful
  14. And how needy do you need to be to ask the press to grade you proper amateur hour
  15. Your exactly exactly correct they never say where cases come from is it tesco? I suspect it isn’t and it is care homes workers at the hospital who are getting and being tested. Honestly don’t think I know anyone who has had it or been tested
  16. It can’t be right the uk Italy France and Spain are ahead of us with far far worse situations. I’m not talking about opening the borders but some more normality
  17. I’m getting very tired of all this grandstanding..things like “the minister of blah blah will be along on Wednesday to talk about this” why can’t they just tell people what they need to know instead of making us all wait . Every politician has to have their moment in the sun their big speech. it is really doing my head in. We know we have a problem, we know how to fix it. We can see what everyone else is doing in the world. Let’s learn from them and get on with things instead of all this blinking grandstand affairs it’s easy if you haven’t got anything to do to say all these thing’s but there are plenty of people out there who don’t work for govt both parents have to work and have kids not at school. We are the ones suffering but know one seems to care sorry I’m ranting
  18. Don’t forget isn’t there normally a spike after weekend s?
  19. No rush in travel. But it’s the whole getting back to normal on the island
  20. And have you seen the other niche activities they are looking at starting ’Over the coming weeks we will continue to work with those involved in water sports, athletics, crown bowls, tennis, shooting and archery to see how we can work together to bring these sports back safely.’ water sports, shooting and archery....we all know how many people participate in them ffs
  21. Exactly correct. With all the best intentions in the world home schooling isn’t that great for 9-10 year olds. How do they learn to form ideas and question things. They are missing out on so so many life lessons. there is no reason why the island should be behind the rest of the world in this we should be leading it
  22. The school problem seems to be a real issue with this island. Like previously said a large proportion of the island is older and as such lock down doesn’t really effect them in the same way. Kids are suffering distance learning from home is not easy especially if both parents are also working from home full time. if Uk is targeting June we should be too. It’s mad to think that fishing, golf and bowls are the things people are going to let to do..just coincidence that these are mainly “older” people hobbies. So once again the younger generation get stepped over as dirt and expected to just suck it up
  23. How can this be right when there is actual government offices and local authority offices starting to look at phasing people back into work. The kids of this island are really suffering they have already been off for 6 weeks. Even England is talking about how to get kids back into school. nsxt year what an absolute joke of a man
  24. I was wondering which mhk are keen fishermen or golfers as the general population will be thinking so what can’t wave a flag about fishing.... why don’t they talk about important things like kids and schools for example
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