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  1. I have been following this story and one thing has struck me as odd when they talk about lay offs. Why does what is essentially a school cafe need a business development manager? I may be wrong but I don’t think the buttery has one or paparazzi for example.... it just seems a very made up job
  2. Do you ever get the feeling that as the ones that pay all the taxes work hard don’t ask for handouts, we are the mugs in all of this and in fact we would be better off doing nothing
  3. Is it be or has his mess up post disappeared
  4. THAT is amazing. You have to ask the question why they are wasting their time in these let’s be honest trivial matters
  5. There was a post on all social media from him It was good to speak to so many Manx Gas customers at lunchtime today. I can only offer my apologies that David Ashford, MHK, Julie Edge, MHK and I only had a few moments to spare as there was a lunchtime presentation given by various representatives from Manx Gas in between the Tynwald sittings. It was definitely an interesting presentation given by Manx Gas, although I doubt many Manx Gas customers would have agreed with many of the comments and quotes given throughout the briefing, but I had best park those thoughts and comments for another time. I certainly took the opportunity to fire a few questions at the Manx Gas chiefs, which are the same questions I have been asking over the last three years on behalf of concerned Manx Gas customers. My questions were: * Will Manx Gas give reassurances here today that future Press Releases will actually reflect the message being delivered through local media, for example, a genuine price reduction and not simply a regulatory adjustment because of over charging or profit levels exceeding 9.9%......? * With regards to any regulatory adjustment - will Manx Gas look again at ensuring that any Customers overcharged though the kWh Unit tariffs are actually transferred back to the individual Customers through lower standing charges and not through kWh or a mixture of Tariff and Standing Charges, which forces Customers to use more gas.....? * Will Manx Gas look again at the length of time it takes to switch customers between tariffs when errors are discovered......? One of my Tynwald colleagues also asked that Manx Gas introduces just one simple Standing Charge, which is easy to understand by Manx Gas customers. I will be having a meeting with Manx Gas and its officials in December to discuss various points raised from today's meeting and those raised directly with me.
  6. I have not stated anything which isn’t already written in his blogs, it is purely an observation
  7. Has anyone else noticed how a certain mhk always makes sure he says hello to protestors tells them they are doing a sterling job but can’t stay long because he has to go to a presentation. I’m pretty sure he did the same thing with the hand maidens too?? It was good to speak to so many Manx Gas customers at lunchtime today. I can only offer my apologies that David Ashford, MHK, Julie Edge, MHK and I only had a few moments to spare as there was a lunchtime presentation given by various representatives from Manx Gas in between the Tynwald sittings. im not saying the questions he asks arnt worthy or anything. I just think it’s amusing he never has enough time. He also never fully attends briefings or meetings as he has to be somewhere else. Im only taking these observations from his blog
  8. Surely the mods can see what he is doing if that is what he is doing and then just choose not to lock it ? That way he doesn't get what he is trying to do. If that is what he is trying to do
  9. Isn't this just a taxi?? What will the fares be
  10. Talking about posting. I see rc has added his support to dial a bus.... how is that different to phoning for a taxi? Are we going to have mini bus drivers sitting waiting to leap into action. How much will it cost for Doris to get on such a bus??
  11. What lies have been deleted from the thread? Just curious
  12. Hang on....isn't Lewis Hamilton tax residents in Monaco? So any tax he is paying or isn't wouldn't go near the U.K.?
  13. I feel sorry for bridgewater from yesterday and appleby, as technically nothing illegal has been done at all.
  14. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2016/04/will-the-guardian-now-investigate-its-own-tax-arrangements/ i refer to this
  15. do you think they will mention that the guardian is owned by an offshore trust ??
  16. James o toole has a watch!!!! I have one of them ffs. This is crap
  17. With Lewis Hamilton iom hasn't done anything wrong it's Hamilton using it for personal use so it's all on him isn't it?
  18. Last nights was very tame no different to what we have all heard before. It would be interesting to see what prime time panorama tonight says now
  19. I like the bit where they say it all gets invested offshore, they then forget to mention these structures then tend to buy uk equities and funds so we funneling the money back to the U.K. Markets but as you say conviently forget this part
  20. no mhks have two months recess within which by robs own admission nothing gets done. This island is going down the 5hitter and our mhks are only interested in actually promoting there selves and how busy they are when they clearly arnt it's just briefing after briefing or a meeting after a meeting to drafting a couple of emails. How about they actually do something for this island and it's people and make it better. One of his his key tasks was to review the front cover of a holiday brochure!!!! How about you sort out the hungry, or the state of the roads or civil service. Get priorities in the right order
  21. I'm in one of those moods this morning as the blog makes my blood boil. I know we go over this all the time but there is no need for so many mhks there isn't enough work for them. We then certainly don't need the local councilors as mhks are doing the same things as them sack them all out 5 mhks in the island north south east and west and centralish and then tell them to sort this place out because having meetings about meetings doesn't actually solve any of this islands problems.....sorry
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