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  1. Thanks again for the information and advice. The more I hear about this stuff the more I realise I will need to know/learn about. H
  2. Hi Phat Tog. Thanks for the advice and the link. The lens with this unit are Cannon EF50 f1 6 11 and a Samyang f2 8 14mm ED AS IF wide angle. I will now take a look at the web link. Thanks again, H.
  3. Thanks for that Neil, a good idea; I may well give it a try. H
  4. Hello, First of all I am very new to anything to do with photography...........other than the usual snaps. I have always fancied a decent camera and have an opportunity to get hold of a used Cannon 6D. Can anyone advise me on this model, I guess it is a good version of this specific camera in the Cannon range; an idea of what such a camera is worth would also be welcome, this one is around 2 years old with two pretty basic lenses. Any help will be valued. Thanks H
  5. I've had a look at Steves-digicams very informative. What I would really like is some advice on a specific camera I have in mind. It's a Cannon 6D full frame and is 2 years old. I am a complete novice at this photography business so I am not sure what I would be getting with such a camera and what I should be paying for it. I realise the Cannon camera range are generally pretty good and the 6D will be a quality camera, but any help/advice will be appreciated. H.
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