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  1. Can anyone cast any detail on the latest rumour; the rails we bought aren’t compatible with the wheels on the trams. So we now need to buy new wheels....
  2. Derek Flint

    TT 2018

    Why do you suppose he has tried to raise an action in England John? Seems an odd tactic
  3. Derek Flint


    This project has been about 4 yrs in th development. Best money they have spent in a long time. Massively reduces complaints. Improves public AND officer behavior.
  4. A constable with ten years service earns more than I did as an inspector
  5. Because each case is considered carefully on its own merits. Such as; does a speeding conviction from 1986 constitute an escalation in the threat and risk? Clearly it doesn't. Similarly, a chap in his forties, applying for a shotgun licence to go clay pigeon shooting up at Blue Point, isn't going to necessarily pose a risk because he was a bit of a boy, getting into fights and the like when he was eighteen. There is a lot of work goes into scrutinising new applicants. Things like speaking to referees. The criteria has changed now - it doesn't have to be a professionally qualified person, MHK, or the like. It needs to be someone who really knows you. Doesn't matter who it is. Are they willing to be asked questions as to whether you would truly trust 'X' with a gun? How well do you really know them, and for how long? The stuff that is still a bit of a dark art is getting people to disclose issues that may lead to a question as to their continued fitness - temporary or otherwise. This is especially the case with regards to mental health. In those cases where people do put their hands up, consent to correspondence with their GP usually sorts things out. But there will be a lot that don't disclose, which is the unknown risk. Hope that helps? D
  6. Can you clarify what you are asking? I’ll try to answer for you
  7. There is no “oh dear” about it. if you apply for a firearms license, you have to declare everything. And then a full PNC check underpins that. So my speeding conviction from 1986 will be in there somewhere. And this is the underpinning guidance https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/518193/Guidance_on_Firearms_Licensing_Law_April_2016_v20.pdf Firearms licensing was on my portfolio for several years. I wouldn’t tolerate mediocrity- it’s the first line of defence in public safety.
  8. Well before my time, it I think it’s highly unlikely that there were foreign boots on the ground. Mutual aid armed policing is very complex due to the constitutional position.
  9. There was a great quote, to whom attributed I don’t know; ”For centuries, armies have gone into battle ill-equipped and poorly trained - but that doesn’t mean its right.” The cops are the same. I oversaw a lot of the most recent modernisation of Armed Policing, and Taser, on the Island. In terms of both training and equipment, the force is now on a par with its UK counterparts. The threat is the threat, whether it arises in Braddan or Bolton. And come the day where mutual aid support is required for a Derrick Bird incident, when it arrives they will recognise the tactics and have equipment compatibility, providing a lot less to worry about in what will be a stressful enough situation. Fortunately, so much of policing does turn out to be a “Fat Bob” incident as described above. That doesn’t mean that you should bowl into it without having made a judgement call on the threat and risk as it is initially reported. Send the right people, with the right kit, at the right time, and the incident will be resolved more quickly and safely than it would otherwise have.
  10. I dont think anyone at Glencrutchery Towers would disagree that it wasnt best handled. Similar job up at Head Road a few years ago. And the burglary spate. ( I was off duty for the first and on leave for the latter!l But Gary is happy how it is, and so it hath been decreed.
  11. I’ve been gone two years, so can’t actually confirm the position here today. However, what has improved is sending properly equipped cops to jobs, rather than the old “now now son, just hand the uzi/magnum/zombie knife over, there’s a good lad” approach.
  12. They are. 10 years ago we did t have the social media output we do now. When I started it off, people were astounded how much was going on - which is still comparatively little TBH
  13. Hi no it hasn’t. Certainly a lot lower than it was 20 years ago. We just hear hear about it because the cops are more proactive on the requests for info front.
  14. Not a million miles off. The habitual leaving of keys in cars is borderline aiding and abetting! back around 2010 I had the Ramsey team walking the streets at night, putting reminders though doors about keys - frequently with said keys from vehicle through the same letterbox.
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