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  1. How are we doing says per 100,000 of population ?
  2. Don’t forget the £38m at Liverpool. How good an investment is that looking like now? Suck up any penalty clauses and sack it off before another spade is sunk in the ground.
  3. The difference with this pandemic to other blips in the landscape is that it has affected both our way of life, and the finances of many, many people. Folk will re-evaluate what they need to ‘live a life’. They will spend less, and save more for the rainy day. For a while, they will be bailed out by Government. But here, that money will run out. They will question why, because for the last two decades at least they’ve been told that this is a booming economy. They will now question why we suddenly need to ramp up taxes and charges to pay for a government that at parochial and national level is writing cheques it can’t cash. Mann needs to be leaner and fitter than ever before. And there will have to be public service casualties. The public are having a great awakening with this crisis, and will demand change.
  4. Ring PSD and let them deal with it. I don’t know who you are talking about but it’s not setting the right example, is it.
  5. The races themselves are a separate discussion. My concern has always been over the behaviours that occur on the roads, which are supported by the state in the face of overwhelming scientific and statistical evidence that high speed collisions are more likely to result in death and serious injury. That is irresponsible Government. As long as the racing can be demarcated from public risk (which is debatable) then I’d personally like to see it continue. It’s a great spectacle.
  6. If that is the case, it’s a professional standards issue. You know the drill....
  7. The good thIng is that - finally - we are working in isolation with social isolation being widely observed. Had we moved a bit quicker we might have actually kept it out, or at least in isolation centres. Bit we didn’t. We are where we are. It’s now broadly down to the public how this pans out.
  8. It’s one of those issues that isn’t one for consultation. It’s one for good governance, informed by evidence and the obligation of the state to protect life.
  9. Let’s hope it was immeasurably favourable to us. We will need every cent.
  10. Data is retained for a policing purpose within GDPR and MOPI guidelines. And yes, it could be either of those examples. They had to ring me the other day. Got my new number from my website.
  11. That wasn’t the trigger. It’s simple physics. Crash your car at 40 and you are less likely to end up in ITU. This keeps ITU beds free. It reduces impact and burden at a critical time. the interesting thing is this is an acceptance by COMIN that speed has a key part to play in casualty reduction. On a sustained public protection argument, let alone article 2 obligations, it is difficult to reconcile how they can evidentially reinstate derestriction. I’d advocated a drop to 60. I was surprised, but a,so impressed when they dropped it to 40. It showed some real lateral thinking.
  12. I was talking about the phoning up for scaffolding. The gov.im text was a blanket network sms.
  13. They get your name and address from the reg. they get your number from the phone book, or a cross reference on their own systems from some time when you’ve had an interaction with them. They won’t have accessed some info they aren’t entitled to, e.g.ringing up MT and asking for gettafa’s mobile number. Of course if it is written down somewhere else in the public domain, then it’s just a bit of detective work to come up with it.
  14. It’s an acceptance of the evidence that speed is a contributory factor in the severity of injuries in RTC’s. That is a difficult position to come back from in due course. May bring some liability issues into play.
  15. As someone highlighted on Twitter in riposte to David Christian’s assertions that Douglas Council couldn’t afford to lower rates; ”Douglas Council can’t afford Douglas Council”
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