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  1. Who knows what might have been achieved, HQ had got a grip and closed the borders a couple of weeks before he did? Lots.
  2. Is it though? HS 2 was, in my opinion, the wrong way to go. A better spaff would be on developing effective metro systems to link villages that currently rely too much on the car to connect them with the cities and mainline stations.
  3. I’m not going to waste hours on writing a future strategy for the Island, am I? That is simply the vision. Folk getting paid for it should be doing the grind.
  4. No need - just fix what exists. Leaner, more efficient, more focused, a sense of perspective. See below for some starters
  5. The UK is poorly run. So is the Isle of Man. in the latter case it is in plain sight how better it could be, and how easy it could be to achieve. That is the frustrating thing
  6. Looking at comments on Facebook a lot of the GMP think he has done a great job. This is a pretty strong indicator of where the bar is set and why the Island is likely set for five more years of the same.
  7. Or someone internally at a high rank goes trawling through all your personal social media pages picking fault and trying to make an issue that isn’t actually there. ‘Not bullying’ though.
  8. If it is coming from across, Manx residents should have access to the full suite of suppliers. A local levy could be made for infrastructure maintenance.
  9. They cocked around with the prom at Blackpool, sort of forgetting that it is a main route along the coast. It became worse at peak times than it had been. This is far from over.
  10. Mr Leather has clearly never been to Blackpool either....
  11. That's just Stena showing off. But I wonder if there had been a bit of negotiation and say, ten million as a sweetener, the linkspan could have been modified? Spot on. Getting from Fleetwood by road to anywhere other than Cleveleys isn't getting any better! They are building a new 'bypass' from Skippool to Windy Harbour that simply moves the traffic between the two pinch points a little bit faster. Until they build a proper road right out to the M55 it won't get better. Some hope on the rail side though, with the feasibility for the resurrection of the line to Poulton now complete, an
  12. A shouty minority win again. A bit like the horse tram debacle. I still remain unconvinced that a deal couldn't have been cut at Birkenhead. Even if they had to lay on free buses for a hundred years, it wouldn't have even scratched the surface of the level of expenditure we are seeing here. And the hospital would have had its new ED hub. We might have had a medical air bridge that could lift directly from the pad, rather than having to open up the airport every time its needed. we could have added the lighting gantry needed on 26 to let more planes get in when visibility is low, And proba
  13. It’s the obsession with Liverpool that is the problem. That and a lack of reality in terms of the actual transport needs
  14. Hey, I tried. Its very sad. I miss the Island so much, but not this bit.
  15. A chap did one on Bowring Rd a number of years ago. Got totally spanked and he knew what he was doing!
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