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  1. Because it’s now a proven system that has had its foibles worked out over the last 25 years. for it to be implemented here it would have to be specially ruined, and made either unfair or unworkable. Much easier to make our own arrangements.
  2. I thought farms didn’t pay rates?
  3. @John Wright I need to counsel this man on the ramifications on entering to learned argument with your good self Forgive him, for he knoweth not what he getteth himself into...
  4. I am not a fan of gong shows. I didn’t even like the police one. But then again, if someone is doing something exceptional, or really busting the curve, then a bit of recognition doesn’t go amiss. The thing that puzzled me about this show though, was that you actually had to nominate yourself! The cops did it one year under the ‘digital’ category, which I was rather uncomfortable with. Has it changed at all? If folk and companies are nominated by a third party these days, all well and good.
  5. Malta is a disruptive jurisdiction. It is edgy, ambitious, and even outwardly a bit corrupt. It operates within, and in full sight of Brussels, and it’s a model that seems to work very well indeed. i suppose being bombed to within a breath of your existence builds a certain type of resilience.
  6. Operator Licence legislation was sat on the books for well over a decade without enactment because the operators lobbied hard to prevent it. Had there been another Greeba, IOMG would have found an article 2 ruling against them in the Coroners Court. It’s one of the few occasions that they have finally succumbed to expert opinion and common sense.
  7. What? I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
  8. Good try - but it’s none of your chuffing business! So, no evidence that it received external Government funding then?
  9. So basically, a massive part of our economy that contributes single percentage figures to said economy, would cause the collapse of said economy if TT failed? https://www.gov.im/media/1367438/national-income-2017-18-report.pdf
  10. Is that documented somewhere? I was working up there at the time and was under the impression it was a wholly in-house project.
  11. 2 mins walk from terminal to train station, then 1 hr into the centre of london. Less faff than LGW
  12. How do you work out the Hospice Wallabies campaign was Govt funded?
  13. Yup! just contract it out to a massive organisation that has the capacity and skill. Why the hell we persist with our system is beyond me. It’s another area where money is unnecessarily wasted, because we are “a country”
  14. I’ll have that to an extent, but events that drive significant CO2 etc. output multiply their size. If TT didn’t exist, the racing wouldn’t create emissions, the ferries wouldn’t, nor would the tens of thousands of motorcycles and cars driving to and from the Island, and subsequently circulating round here.
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