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  1. This has been mooted in the last 20 years. Part of the upgrade to the port Erin line was justified on faster trains. They were talking of some sort of diesel hybrid iirc. denmark I think have little light steam trains with super insulated boilers fired on light oil. At steam in under 10 minutes. That would work. needs a major interchange at Dandaraland outside Ballasalla and could be a winner.
  2. A problem easily solved by importation of a vehicle with an MOT innthe previous 28 days being exempt
  3. I was sad to hear this. Bob hadn’t enjoyed great health in his later years and being away from the Island I hadn’t heard of his passing. I often sent him snaps of Rolls I saw about in London. His knowledge on the marque was incredible. The collection he had up at Bride included Adnam Kashoggi’s roller which he used to knock around London in. He was indeed a very wealthy man. I understand much of his estate was going to charity as I don’t think he has any heirs. Rest In Peace Bob. Another of the Island’s ‘ good and the great ‘ has gone.
  4. Good luck with finding one of those. I'm still looking
  5. For a premium product craf spirit their pricing is about right especially when you factor in their raw costs are at least 20% higher than an equivalent UK outfit
  6. Is there really a crisis? Or is that just what we are being made to believe? Covid, Ukraine, Taiwan, energy, inflation - every news story is apparently taking us to the brink. On another thread, there is a post about a restaurant with folk queueing out the door. I live in a pretty affluent town over here and the picture is very similar. There just isn't the 'feel' of a real issue - yet. I don't for a moment doubt that there is real suffering in the lowest income groups. And though I know a few mates who have turned off the hot tub and finally put in LED bulbs, the issue hasn't crept far enough up the income curve yet. Although I work to the doctrine that every pounds a prisoner and begrudge higher prices and taxes I'm lucky insofar as I can suck it up for now. I tend to take quite a cussed approach and do all I can to part with cash to someone or an organisation I think is profiteering. Only last week, after Octopus 'told' me they were putting my DD up to 260 quid a month from 100 quid, we had an exchange of views and settled at 150 quid. If I slip into the red I'll choose when I top it up with my credit card on which I get payback points. As I pointed put to then, my pain starts when the heating goes back on and I'm not inclined to prop them up in the meantime. I'm fervently of the opinion that if it was really that bad, the UK would have seen significant public disorder by now.
  7. After getting my first grown up tax bill this year I can see why people want to do this. You wouldn’t mind so much if everything run by government wasn’t so fucked.
  8. How regularly? Around the time of the new prison being built we were going gang busters with them. They were a weekly occurrence. The DHA negotiated with the prisoner transfer contractor to assist, and the prison really helped too as they were really resource intensive. And then they sort of seemed to go out of fashion. The tempo really dropped off. They were very challenging, and there were a few cock ups along the way due to that. I'd be interested to see how many there are these days. I remember one chap, a Turkish National, who really didn't want to go! And what do you do at the other end with them. If they are escorted, out of the territorial waters constables have no jurisdiction. At the other end if it is a dangerous offender then there is a duty to inform the local force. Rather than managing the issue, it was effectively sloping shoulders and firing it off to the UK.
  9. Around 1993, whilst with Lancs Police, I suggested the formation of a “what the fuck do you do?” Department. From what I had seen, across a force of 3500 officers, I reckoned we could return around 300 to the streets. The plan was a member of the team would interview every officer in the force and if they couldn’t come up with a clear and credible answer within 30 seconds the had to present themselves at clothing stores for a new uniform and parade on for nights at the next possible opportunity. Alas it was never implemented, and the piss taking continued until Mrs May ran a scimitar through the whole organization. That has proven to be a step too far. the IOM force thankful wasn’t really like that. Maybe half a dozen or so ‘non-jobs’ and the senior management team has grown too big. But the civil service? Well, I think my idea might have some traction, with the modification that if you can’t answer the question you are down the road. I’d e pleased to pop over this semester and get it underway. Should be done and dusted for my return on Freshers Week. Just a thought.
  10. The thing is I don’t believe Government can operate like that. The state has a positive obligation to protect life, which will always trump the upholding of personal freedoms.
  11. This could have gone on forever. Looks like a protocol - driven over reaction. Needs someone on the ground to make a pragmatic risk and threat assessment and decision. Takes Cojones
  12. Have we measured the worth of this weeks wide ranging publicity in international media against say, that that was generated by the fairy houses? I think that was about 600k? This must be up in the long millions, or maybe long negatives of millions?
  13. I don’t know if it still happens, but there was a time that if you had a property that abounded the course where risk was foreseen, you were asked to sign a disclaimer. personally my response would have been to ask what the organizers were doing to prevent collateral intrusion into my property in the event of an incident? had a few done that I suspect we might not have an event today
  14. The fatalities yesterday were a story on the Main BBC Breakfast news today, along with the total of five deaths. I have been told there was also a spectator injured yesterday too. Gary Roberts tweeted about a very different story on the open roads. Not wishing to jinx it but no fatalities so far.and just thirty collisions. That is unprecedented. But as Gary likes to ask, "is it because of us or in spite of us?". I've never subscribed to that personally whilst acknowledging luck does play a part. There can be no doubt that a wholesale rethink of speed limits, enforcement and an excellent campaign and relentless social media awareness efforts have contributed to those extremely low numbers. I'm absolutely delighted to see it, and congratulations are most definitely in order. I suspect that the majority of the public will also be really pleased.
  15. I might be wrong, but it has sort of ticked along at two for a while. Open Road Safety does seem a lot better on balance
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