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  1. Why can’t they just finish one bit before they start another? Its like a kindergarten wet playtime.
  2. The lack of being able to travel is a pain. But on the flip side, I really like being able to wander around, not having to queue outside the supermarket, go for drinks and dinner and not have to be wearing a mask all the time. And wherever you travel to, that’s what you are faced with at the moment. That is manageable, but the question is how do we effectively test people on return, to help shorten their quarantine period, so we can maintain our ‘bubble’ effectively. And then, how do we modify that so we can effectively welcome visitors again? Solve all that then we will be the envy of the world.
  3. A few years back, I suggested to the new Prison Governor a great way of filling the coffers with the new prison. Rendition flights! It seemed ideal - Learjet ready runway right next door, maximum security due to its moat. I reckon we could have creamed around £3-4m a year off the CIA. No appetite for it sadly.
  4. I’ve got one that takes pods! great kit and always took it away with me when we used to be let off the Island
  5. Used to grind and use a proper espresso machine. Problem is wife drinks decaf so lot of faff. Had the Lavazza system of pods for about 5 yrs which was fine. Switched to Nespresso 12 months ago. Bought one of these https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/small-kitchen-appliances/coffee-machines-and-accessories/coffee-machines/nespresso-by-magimix-inissia-11350-coffee-machine-black-21949344-pdt.html. When it was on offer for about 50 quid. Also have a milk frother jug. Use the Lor capsules for regular and decaf. It works out about 20-25p a cup but product is fresh, less fuss and cleaning. All the capsules go in the aluminum skip at the amenity site.
  6. If Howard wants to energize the housing market they could do with finding a way to get buyers here. Maybe pre-qualify them (no tyre kickers) test on arrival, single hotel, viewings and transport all laid on. just an idea, but we will be in the doldrums for a while without some external stimulus
  7. Remember, we do not have misconduct in a public office on our statutes here. an omission that is long overdue reform
  8. It does say that the fine was proportionate to the DHA budget. Don’t think they’ve ever gone back for supplementary cash? One of the things the cops were good at was living within budget, even though in some areas, such as training it meant provision was woefully short of where it should have been .
  9. Don’t think so as they cite his case in the reasons for disclosure.
  10. https://www.inforights.im/media/1843/news-release-25june2020-first-administrative-fine.pdf Quite an interesting read. Does anyone know the context?
  11. Armed policing training, after a lot of hard graft, is I understand now licensed. It was conducted to the appropriate standard for many years and this was the final bit that was needed. Really pleased it is now in place. Driver training has been verified and produces good standards. There are some areas however where I personally believe the force runs an unacceptable risk profile in terms of the comparative UK provision. In the event of an adverse incident, that will be the prescribed standard. It could be a very uncomfortable ride.
  12. Well, I wish I’d had you as a consultant rather than my own! I might have still been there! As far as part of the UK goes - the Island needs to look at its long term sustainability. Independence isn’t great if we are all on spuds and herring. Every option needs to be on the table for the good of our people. as for smarter people, they got the plaudits they deserved from me, both in ranks above and below. And there were a good few of them. There were also some utter balloons who did a lot of damage. As previously noted, the Nobles job seemed superfluous. Ethically I can’t take the Queen’s shilling if I don’t believe it offers value. It might have been about 18 months too early in fruition, but speaking to people recently, excessive management still seems to be an issue. Gary has done a lot of good things but there are other areas where things really haven’t planned out. Some of that is to do with politics, But it is what it is. Training has always been a worry. I’m a highly qualified practitioner, but it was nigh on impossible to get buy in from the command level at many points in history, to provide the very best training available. Much of that was to do with budget. I could have depleted the annual provision on the needs for roads policing alone. Some areas which don’t waver from National Standards are armed policing, defensive training, driver training, collision investigation and to a degree detective training. And there have been big improvements though I believe budgets are still sorely lacking. Why are National Standards important? Because when things go awry those are the ones you’ll be judged by! One area where there does need to be continued improvements is in the leadership and management arenas, but that isn’t exclusive to IOMC. It would make better bosses in the long run. I had next to no formal development across the ranks I held, which I know is contributory to some of my struggles at various points. Coppering isn’t a complex business, but it is increasingly technical. We need to make sure bobbies are well trained to meet those challenges.
  13. I remain interested in policing across the British Isles. I’ll continue to defend our cops with my dying breath, but where they can do better, just like any other public service, I’ll call that into question. Any criticism of Gary is more to do with the fact the Constabulary has had no effective outside influence in its development since the mid 2000’s. That isn’t healthy for any organisation. It hasn’t even had an HMIC inspection in nigh on 20 years. Some of this lies at the door of the DHA and their own sophistication.
  14. I disagree. Gary has done the right thing by empowering social media, but what is lacking is that full time eye on it. The intent comes from the top, not from the PR officer. The chap that replaced me has a day job too, and too often you were left doing things out of hours. Decent campaigns, training, tactical advice all could come under their remit. I’d put an EO in, with a direct line to the govt Comms team where a more experienced eye was needed.
  15. Funny you should say that! The news editor of a well known state sponsored media outlet once complained to the Chief because I wouldn’t t provide an egg-sucking soundbite on some matter or other. The overall police presence on social media has been a good thing. It was partially ruined by being hijacked by a senior officer at one point, but it is now a little bit too “all things to all people”. Concentrate on professionally updating and Informing the public in a timely and engaging fashion and you will keep them on side. Make it appear you have too much time on your hands and you get feedback like that above.
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