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  1. It is a massively under exploited sector. I looked for an opportunity to create a malt whisky distillery for about 4 years, but after losing out earlier this year on the Bungalow museum site, I’ve drawn a line under it. It was fun, but after a rough 2018 I’ve taken a position on what the rest of my life looks like and whether I wanted to be working 80 hours a week. It is simple enough to set up in a warehouse somewhere, but one of the big problems is finding a 5000 sq ft building, or space to build one, with a decent aesthetic where you can do all the nice periphery like a visitor centre, which helps tourism, and adds another attraction to the fold. I know Fynoderee are really in need of another move, and have similarly struggled to find the right place. I really do believe that there is potential growth in this sector, to create some really unique, world-beating spirits across gin, whisky and particularly rum, which is the new emerging ‘thing’. They can all be exported, create a VAT and Excise return too. Surprisingly I found little appetite from Government. Big opportunities to be had for the right people. PS - if anyone does know of any premises that might fit the bill, esp. up north, give Fynoderee a shout. I’m sure there will be a drink in it for you!
  2. As with 99% of craft gin, it starts as neutral grain spirit, which is shipped in. After that, they use as much local stuff for botanicals as they can, and it’s all done on three open-flame stills up at Jurby. Their distiller, Gerard, is ex-Tanqueray and Masons. Knows his craft. What they’ve achieved from a standing start is remarkable - not just in product quality, but branding and placement as well. A real IOM success story in what is a very saturated market
  3. Surely, somewhere, there exists a specification, and a body of expertise on light railways? Surely, the DOI read this spec, and consulted that expertise? surely, they didn’t just decide to do their own thing? if this is true, and the rails have to come up, then they shouldn’t go back down. Chalk it up as another cock up, and move on a century.
  4. Here you go folks. Concrete proof that “it’s all about the tramz!” https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/promenade-rail-corridor-priority-for-doi/
  5. When they re-did Bowrig Road, they went down about eight feet. The prom is looking like a skim and re-surface job in comparison
  6. Are they doing them? the dig doesn’t seem deep enough
  7. They aren’t “losses”! The thing is, you can’t run this airport as a commercial entity. It is an essential component of an island - especially one that struts around trying to be something it isn’t. It’s a must-have,and Govt need to get over this. It needs to have decent nav. aids, with equipment to allow reasonable minima. Acceptable ATC and fire cover, decent baggage handling and PROPORTIONATE security. On top of that, the bogs need to be clean, and staff should be programmed to help, every step of the way. Then, the last memory a visitor has of the place is that it was pretty decent, and maybe a little bit above what you might expect from an airfield on a small rock. There are a few other opportunities that could be exploited; the landslide ‘cafe’ could be turned into a destination restaurant which could service both the airport users and would attract others too. But the introduction of parking charges for shortish stays put paid to that as an option. It would potentially gee the place up in the same way Costa did for the sea terminal. A sense of reality is desperately needed.
  8. Not the 757.theyve been in here on charter
  9. Yep - it was hugely over-powered with a very strong airframe. Quite a piece of kit in its day.
  10. In fairness, the annual report is publicised, and it’s all in there. And withnthe highest detection rate in the British Isles, the second statement doesn’t hold much water. Money is a bit better than it has been too!
  11. Can you advise how it could be better written? after ten years of doing the PR job,and subsequently taking qualifications in the subject, I’m not seeing s better way of framing it.
  12. It’s his job. As it was mine
  13. Bollocks more like. why not just ring Insp Gavin Callow, the force PR and Media Officer, tell him you are an interested member of the public and ask what the eventual outcome of the job was.
  14. The threshold for being deemed a HNW isnt actually that high. Its the VH and UH that are the dilemma. Whereas they will pay their tax cap, and employ local gardeners etc to keep the house on point, family office, handling fees for a/c there is actually very little to spend money on. Cars will go across for servicing, and we dont even have a high end jewellers. Money drains off the rock in some tune.
  15. The LCY - NY route runs on a 50 seater 737. Light take off, stops in Shannon for refuel and clearing US borders. Walk straight through at JFK. Can you see us having US clearing here?
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