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  1. Derek Flint


    I KNEW COMIN had a good reason for keeping the mountain derestricted. clever, clever people.
  2. Derek Flint


    Power to prohibit, much as a vehicle examiner has now
  3. Derek Flint


    It’s a good point. They should have a power to prevent you from proceeding if there is a major fault
  4. Derek Flint


    There may be, but I can’t ever recall one I dealt with or signed off a file on. And your point on the handbrake is valid. But a car should ideally be on the ramp at least annually. Extended service intervals have created an issue.
  5. Derek Flint


    I’m only basing it on 27 years of experience. When there was a suggestion that a mechanical issue was in play, the vehicle went for testing. In fatalities, almost without exception they are tested. Vehicles in collisions can be found to have defects. The question is, whether that mechanical defect was significantly contributory to the circumstances. for example, not once in my long career can I recall one instance of a defective headlight contributing to a collision. on the other hand, when a vehicle is stopped and has tires down to the cord, or brakes far past their serviceable life, there is a fair bet that a similar set of faults has adversely affected stopping distance or adhesion limits, leading to a collision.
  6. Derek Flint


    Our current methodology puts a lot of trust in the end user. We used to do this with heavy goods vehicles, then they were subject to much more stringent and regular testing, and now, twenty years behind the issue as usual, we have introduced Operator Licensing. So vehicles that are DOING large mileages, and can cause more damage if they hit something, get more regularly looked at - especially important where maintenance costs money, and therefore can affect the bottom line. The general move is towards taking the mode for error out of the equation. Hence we see smart motorways, more Control systems and interventions on vehicles, and more compulsion to ensure maintenance. There is a balance to be found, but whatever is decided has to be shown to have a positive effect on road safety and thus drive casualty reduction. Personally, I’m less of an ambassador for MOT testing than I am for speed control, but I do concede there is likely a part to be played. In the thread on the Mountain Road shutting, I illustrated how more proactive closures during poor weather could lead to a reduction of around 2% in overall collisions annually. If we go with the rough figure of 5% of collisions being as a result of mechanical failure, then this would equate to around 50 crashes a year on the Island. Even if we said just 25% of those were prevented by MOT, then that is another 12 less crashes, or another 1.2% less. All numbers we can’t ignore. But I’m sure there is a little team somewhere working all this out.
  7. Derek Flint


    This is nothing to do with MOT tests. A similar sample of vehicles stopped and checked in the UK would throw up a similar ratio of faults. 95% of vehicle collisions are down to driver error. however, as safer vehicles are part of Safe System, then there is a case to be had for MOT introduction to start driving culture. But it is administratively unwieldy. If we were to do it, the most cost effective way would be to contract it out to the DVLA to administer and Quality Assure. Otherwise you are likely to end up with another dozen Government jobs on the books. Also read somewhere that there may be an EU requirement for some sort of test evidence if a vehicle is traveling to the continent,
  8. Derek Flint

    Prosecution becomes Persecution by Government Policy?

  9. Derek Flint

    Third Worlds Safest City

    Thanks for that. Happy to put the forename straight! I remember the essentials of the case quite well, as it was around the time I transferred. A load of Lancs detectives came over to help tie up the UK and IOM cases - it was like a big reunion!
  10. Derek Flint

    Third Worlds Safest City

    These were linked to STEPHEN, not Paul Akinmuerele. I think all our lot were cleared up. He killed himself whilst on remand.
  11. Derek Flint

    Third Worlds Safest City

    Higher per-household ownership of guns. 1 in 28 compared to 1 in 74 in UK
  12. Derek Flint

    is the mountain road shut?

    I think they run their algorithms on propensity of different driver profiles to crash, performance of the vehicle and the relative cost of having to fix it.
  13. Derek Flint

    Prince Philip in car crash.

    I think we’ve enough of our own exemplars within the parish. I had passing words with a chap staggering out of his Smart Car onto his crutches yesterday, who had parked in a way that stopped another two vehicles getting into the line. Unbelievable. it wouldn’t have been so bad apart from the fact he Maneuvered from a position where there was space for others. But at least he was right outside the pharmacy!
  14. Derek Flint

    is the mountain road shut?

    Yes, and the data is available to the Transport Research Laboratory and VOSA.
  15. Derek Flint

    is the mountain road shut?

    Good question we’ll put. Honest answer is I don’t know, but it might be down to things like lighter construction leading to higher Centre of gravity. 4x4 and vans have always been prone to it, but there does seem to be more and more smaller hatchback types DOING it. And they don’t have to be going that quick either. doubtless some research on it somewhere but I think the overall proportion is still only around 5%