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  1. Derek Flint

    Where did the voters go..?

    and thus it will never catch on, because it is (a) my idea and (b) a good idea
  2. Derek Flint

    Where did the voters go..?

    the problem is (and its the same in the police) is that you cannot get the exposure to experience that you can in the UK. When a UK Supt came to us 2 years ago, her CV blew the local competition into the weeds. And she was bloody good too. The only way to tackle this is to have a parent 'county' where people can go for the relevant exposure.
  3. Derek Flint

    Where did the voters go..?

    The Chief Sec came up through the ranks. He was at the DHA before his promotion
  4. Derek Flint

    KFC & Starbucks

    I will take your word for that, but I don’t recall it being an issue when I was in the job.
  5. Derek Flint

    KFC & Starbucks

    The congestion at Macy’s only started after it was extended. A foreseeable planning issue?
  6. Derek Flint

    TT 2018

    It’s disappointing that the report won’t be released. It hardly smacks of transparency. the fundamental thing is the Comms breakdown. The Control Tower will have authorized the release of the course car, and may have even seen it away, depending on whether it entered at the Grandstand or St Ninians. Either way, I cannot in any circumstance imagine that driver, with two police officers on board, starting his run to the Dan Kneen scene without explicit authority. then, a marshal or sector has either unilaterally released bikes to travel wrong way, or has done so in response to an explicit instruction issued from the Control Tower. Even a short statement to that effect would be helpful. However, I would imagine of SM is sueing the ACU, then the report will either be part of the rebuttal or the damning evidence. we shall see, or as it appears, we won’t!
  7. Derek Flint

    Manx Radio

    My only issue with this whole thing is that the BBC should be paying for, if not providing the service, like they do in the CI.
  8. Derek Flint

    Nobles hospital

    “ We’d like you to relocate with your family to this rock” ”what’s in it for me?” ”well, you’ll pay less tax” ”what else?” ......... this place doesn’t suit everyone.
  9. Derek Flint

    Rally Under Threat...

    Company approaches IOMGOV to run an event on their estate. can they: provide evidence of competency secure sufficient insurance produce risk assessments, safety and event plans to an auditable standard? if all the above are ticked, I cannot see how any risk continues with the Govt?
  10. Derek Flint

    Nobles hospital

    Not many to be honest. Medicine is an unique talent pool. Civil service generally gets by on local advancement. AG's and the police do transfer people in, but certainly in the latter instance, its at the standard pay rates. We've imported others - such as the head of Cabinet Office Comms, but again, that was at general civ service rates
  11. Derek Flint

    Nobles hospital

    The problem is, this is not an overtly attractive posting. You have to pay over the odds to get consultants to co e and SETTLE here so you get that continuity of care. Its a fact of life. That said, the management side could be certainly streamlined.
  12. Derek Flint

    Rally Under Threat...

    No there isn’t. There is always an element of risk in Motorsport, but the governing bodies, certainly the MSA, keep a very tight rein on what is and isn’t “safe”. Not specifically rallying, but tracks have to continue to keep up with performance improvements to maintain that safety. Monaco is a case in point. The whole track is surrounded by high catch fencing, as are other street circuits. Macau too. At Le Mans, the Mulsanne Straight now has a chicane at the half way point to slow things down. Rally stages are designed to have an overall average maximum speed. There is likely more that can be done for motorcycle road racing, but there is a point at which it would become something very different to what it traditionally is. Thoughts with the family of the chap that died. Very sad news.
  13. Derek Flint

    Lonan Gentlemen

    There is a lot of sense in community sentences.
  14. Derek Flint

    Between £350,000 and £375,000...

    Private practice is so volatile, many prefer the stability of Government work. There are some good lawyers in there, who have made the swap
  15. Derek Flint

    Between £350,000 and £375,000...

    Gross, all in on average, it’s about that for budgeting purposes