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  1. I did look at starting a skid-school at Jurby. It should be essential training really. I had a bit of time back on the pan down at Silverstone a couple of months ago. Lots of fun but you realise how rusty you become. I remember doing an 'experiment' in one of the police Range Rovers on the big car park at the grand stand when it had a decent fall of snow. Very easy just to become a passenger very quickly! Still got the business plan for Jurby somewhere.
  2. The problem is that when you start to introduce those sorts of taxes, the incentive to remain on island - whether corporate or personal, starts to diminish unless you appreciate a particular lifestyle.
  3. Here's a wheeze. I don't use my green bin so did an experiment, keeping all our aluminium in it until it was full. Ten kilos. Weighed it in - £6.50! We've reverted to just chucking it in with the rest!
  4. Free disposal here. Mind you my council tax is 2 and a half grand!
  5. RAS4001 + 20% would probably be more accurate when accounting for such as higher costs and salaries here, frequent transfers to UK for serious injury cases and the like. But I've always used it as a validated cost base and just quoted those. Most folk aren't even close if you ask them to take a stab at the monetary cost, which of course pales into insignificance next to the human one
  6. See attachment. Not aware of the FOi. ras4001.ods
  7. Haha. I wonder if we mean the same chap?
  8. Thanks for that endorsement. As you point out, it all worked out a bit shit for the award winning, London business owning, Forbes List, respected industry commentator, but I respect your view as im sure Beckii would. It was an episode we all learned much from. How not to do Documentary making being a big one! Never had much to do with school visits around cyber. I sort of had people to do that for me as an inspector, but we did get super feedback about the work we put into the crash reduction roadshow. Maybe you are getting confused with that? And of course there are people on island that dislike me. 99% of those will never have met me. Not much I can do about that. Not sure how we got here from a thread on the lawfulness and proportionality of a stop search, but nice attempt at having a pop. See if you can get Chat GPT to have a go at your next one maybe.
  9. I can only relate the law, guidance and the principles of independent office to you. The rest you'll have to work out yourself.
  10. The state (and its agents) have a positive obligation to protect life. Dealing with an unknown virus with imprecise modelling is very different from the action of a lawful search under the prescribed legislation.
  11. Current cost of a fatal collision is £2,527,520
  12. It's not all about weapons. It is about achieving the working strategy. In this case that would include minimising risk to the person searched and maximising safety of the officers. Not really. Cops are more accountable than at any other time
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