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  1. Poor bugger. Not a fan but he will hopefully enjoy a fast and full recovery.
  2. The cops have long charged out private cost policing. I actually formalised a lot of it many years ago as it wasn’t alway clear what we did and didn’t charge for. So for example if a film company wanted some assistance with traffic management by way of a couple of officers, they’d pay for it. Escorts are the same.
  3. So you’d rather that private cost charges weren’t levied anymore? Visitors are visitors. It’s money coming in. Car people tend to big spenders. The rally teams all stay in hotels and eat in the restaurants. The supercar club that comes over at the start of TT will drop about 50 grand into the economy over that weekend. I’ll be bringing at least 30 Porsche over in May 2022. Doubtless the Festival of Motoring will be back next September. Cruise passengers aren’t, contrary to folklore, big spenders. But conversely, there has at some point got to be a big ‘carbon reset’ which will impact on motor vehicle visits. The Island might well steal a march on some sort of sustainable tourism, or it might find itself increasingly more isolated. its a tough one to call
  4. Can you see him paying for this out of his own pocket?
  5. Is Digital successful? Rumour has it that it’s the ultimate incarnation of smoke and mirrors Ash dieback. A tree surgeon told me it’s something like 5000. He’s bought a place on the Algarve on the basis* (might not be true)
  6. Totally as predicted. during tram season traffic flow along the Prom will now be at max horsetram speed. This will have a knock on effect at Lord St, Broadway, Summer Hill and Onchan Head. During TT, Douglas will be at a total stand still for several hours at a time. The police will get the blame.
  7. Potential MHK - bus station ideas... sort of says it all. I’ve a lot of time for Simon but on the back of this I’d advocate sticking to law.
  8. Douglas is ultimately the economic indicator. Key signs - rest of Villiers never redeveloped. The main part of that site without an anchor tenant. Bus station not redeveloped. Middlemarch the same. That said, Zurich moved to Braddan, and Trevor seems to have done a great job with their old Athol St offices. And new retail units going up at Griddles, the Premier Inn seems to have done OK. Its very tricky to read.
  9. They were paying bobbies 75 quid an hour FFS! How the hell that ever got sanctioned is a mystery to this day.
  10. We didn’t require any police resources. That was the whole idea. I’m presuming that the organizers of next weekends event are paying for the polIce escort at private cost rates. They’d certainly have been getting charged in my day. Police consent isn’t required to close the road for such events- that power is invested in the DOI. And yes it was a HNW event, but what would you rather have? An open track event on the public road, or a properly controlled, insured and managed one where the user pays? Depends ultimately on your overarching view of road safety I suppose.
  11. Centurion. Now there’s a blast from the past! The concept was right enough. A night out in Douglas in 1999 was akin to the Wild West. Having come from policing Blackpool there was too many similarities. My own view is the nonsense around NYE 1999 holed going out below the waterline. There was a marked change from that point on and the decline has been in play ever since.
  12. It’s a mess for sure. But the crux of this is a lack of perspective, too many fiefdoms and too many who approach life with a self centered edict. I love the place and miss it every day, but I’ve long been able to see that it’s living above it’s means. If it just made its way as an isolated community of 80’000 folk, accepted that it needs its near neighbour for a lot of stuff like health and cut its cloth accordingly then it would be better for it. There needs to be an understanding that there is no cavalry coming over the hill this time - the finance sector was in many ways the undoing of Mann, as the wealth it provided gave an unrealistic and unsustainable financial outlook. As that wanes, there is nothing at all that will fill the void to the extent that would be needed. Building a safe, low carbon, simply administered jurisdiction can be the only goal now unless some unexpected rabbit can be pulled from the hat.
  13. My business was predicated on removing the hoon from the public open road.
  14. The Mount Murray is doing OK by all accounts and looks like the spa is a quality setup. Big car tour visit next week and it is lovely to see the DOI have allowed a mountain road closure - for an off island company. Despite our very best efforts, we weren’t afforded that privilege as a local outfit . its all good though - at least things are moving forward. That said, I had forgotten how much is on the doorstep over here in the NW. unless you have an absolute need to travel above 70, the lakes, Yorkshire, Wales all offer great touring. It’s made me recognise how tough a gig the tourism side of the IOM is to develop
  15. It’s an absolute indictment that the Isle of Man Government yet again say one thing and do another. There’s either a climate emergency or there isn’t. That is either important or it’s not.
  16. it Basically means that there’s a climate emergency- we know cos Howard told us, but we choose to selectively ignore things like reducing the petrol content of fuel because, well, it might mean falling out with someone.
  17. Posted in the Speed thread but this is too good to waste. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/no-ethanol-based-fuel-for-the-island/
  18. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/no-ethanol-based-fuel-for-the-island/ climate crisis? an exemplar of that Manx speciality- conflicting policy.
  19. If this is an unmarked junction, then the tarty circles need erasing. They confuse the picture, making people think it is a roundabout. Posting ‘what it is’ on SM doesn’t solve it, as the majority won’t see it. .
  20. Is this really about the salaries (some of which I agree are inflated), or whether the tax payer gets monies worth, or is it just in fact about competence? My former job paid over £50k (pegged with the UK salary scale), but I was appraised, externally accredited and reaccredited in my key specialisms and the role required regular application of complex decision making where life was at risk. All accountable, and with consequences if I or my peers didn’t come up to the bar. There’s lots of similar positionstoo, such as on the medical side, all commanding high wages. However, there are a good number where no real risk is managed, and there are no such sanctions. I suppose they are what are referred to as non-jobs. The question is, what do you do about it? It’s certainly not within the control of tynwald.
  21. Change has to start gathering some pace. We are on the move again, into a town. One of the motivators is better public transport so we can ditch a car, I can walk to the station and we can do most of our shopping on foot. The car will be for those journeys that aren't viable by other means. Synthetic fuels need to rapidly evolve but more than anything, driving needs to become more expensive than the public transport options and those need to be really efficient and have sufficient capacity. One big problem here is they are still expanding rural villages so folk have no option but to use the car for everything.
  22. The police should have stayed well out of this.
  23. It was me that locked him up!
  24. How does it get to the Island? Boat what is the cheapest form of bulk transport? Boat....
  25. The government has completely lost the plot if they think a full university is a viable proposition. These things cost hundreds of millions to run, and they are hard sell businesses in respect of attracting students. And being able to get home quickly and cheaply for a weekend is also a big plus. considering the mess they made of the much vaunted International Business School, this is an idea best quietly forgotten.
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