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  1. Just on this. Public entertainment has a legal framework around it. It has developed because when it was just a free for all, people got hurt. I’ve seen allegations of assault, theft, and even rape arise from gigs like the one that was planned. And hospitalization is a given, through too much sauce, and quite likely imbibing of funny tablets. And without a fire certificate, nobody is laughing when 100 youngsters get maimed or killed when the place inadvertently goes up like a Roman candle. It may seem like nanny state, but all the rules have come about through the result of bitter hindsight. I’d rather enforce that, than spend time investigating the aftermaths. If someone takes the time to set the gig up properly, with an experienced organizer, I’m sure it would be cracking.
  2. That’s generally how it works... in fairness though, he was on leave
  3. I don’t disagree. The IOW seems to manage OK though. And it could become a bit of a Celtic Sandbanks. ultimately, if the place implodes, capitulation will be the only option.
  4. Why is the MUA spending money they haven’t got on an advert for the bleeding obvious, in a year when there clearly will not be a drought?
  5. People rail against this, but the truth is that the Island has always had to sway with the market forces that prevail. Whether it was the boom days under smuggling, or the heady days of creaming off more VAT than we were entitled to, things change. It’s all about survivability, and the Manx are survivors. I just hope that there is a realistic plan, whatever it is. Left to its own devices in the current world climate, it won’t end well.
  6. Perhaps the strategy should be to prepare the Island for absorption into the United Kingdom?
  7. But this cannot continue. Who is accountable? one of my pet bugbears in my former employment was a habit of creating policy - usually when someone was looking for promotion, which was then promptly shoved in a drawer and forgotten. That was widely sorted out about 4-5 years ago, with a lot of slimming down. FOI provided a real focus. So now any policy that is issued is owned by a named individual - or at least it was when I left! The same doesn’t seem to happen in Govt. someone must have been responsible for the drive behind 2020? Or maybe the brochures were just to brighten up reception at DFE. Even more frustrating is that we don’t seem to have a media culture that will try and hold people to account. There is just no challenge, which is why things just perpetually roll on.
  8. I’m increasingly of the opinion that there is a plan, but it was shoved in a drawer pretty much in the day it was nodded through the House. Vision 2020 a case in point
  9. And all this too! But it will take decades to reap the benefits. Worth remembering that speed limits also result in lower emissions. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-48723302
  10. Yes. Each year in the annual report. And the answer is, regrettably, yes. It was time a decade ago. I like a fast run as much as the next guy, but the current situation is now untenable with the presence of a National Road Safety Strategy. At its most extreme, it is an art.2 issue. Following the CC on Twitter over TT, i suspect that he will shortly present COMIN with a fait accompli. If at that stage they still resist introduction they are on very unstable ground in terms of their public safety obligations. Still a need for speed, and track days, along with some marshalled and managed road closures would fill the gap. I write this as I sit in my garden in North Ramsey, listening to bikes being caned up the Mountain.
  11. Man in pub tells me there is talk of further expansion down there - retail etc....
  12. I honestly do wish THOR well. We will now see just how many people really were in favour of it being ‘for the community’. That is a a lot of money to raise.
  13. No ‘Manx’ option on the racial profiling bit either. that will file a few
  14. Wasn't the KSF thing (from an IOM perspective) down to the fact that many millions of IOM money was in London at the time of the ‘collapse’ and the UK Govt wouldn’t repatriate it? or something like that?
  15. It would cause uproar? ....of about 40,000 people. Can hardly see that being even a blip on the radar. They can ultimately do what they want with us. And the rest of the crown dependencies.
  16. He had no choice. Anyone labouring under the misapprehension that IOMG actually has any clout in wider affairs is deluded. We did exactly as we are told. This may actually be the start of the rout of offshore. And if labour get in....
  17. We have been failing them for as long as I can remember. The issues start at social care. It is underfunded, and understaffed, and certainly up to a couple of years ago, had a high turnover of staff. Social care, when properly structured, has the ability to do great things. When it doesn’t, it can’t pick up the problem people that see-saw between MH services (also understaffed) and the police - who end up using needed capacity to fill the gap. I've seen some utter tragedies in my time with young people. We can, and must do better.
  18. The right people are behind it - esp Georgie Revill who is immensely driven, but I can’t see them achieving what they want for less than £200k. And raising that on crowdfunding in under 12months is hugely ambitious- unless they have a major benefactor lined up. as long as it washes its face now, and no longer burdens the ratepayer, everyone wins.
  19. Well, we are under starters orders, and it’s going to take 2 years. https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/displayjob.aspx?jobid=9300 so as well as a director of health, we are going to have someone else in to direct the director?
  20. Down from over 3000 in living memory....
  21. And why do you have to live in a parish to be it’s MHK? Churchill was MP for Dundee at one point
  22. Fair? its bloody overkill by at least 50%
  23. Some are fortunately just a one vehicle, no injuries sweep up. Others rapidly need a second pair of hands, or a collision investigator. Hence the patrol held in standby.
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