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  1. High rents on top of high rates What about the site on old river road? Could get some nice and stylish light industrial units on there. Northumberland Council laid off 600 when the financial crash happened. Northumberland is still there... The IOM could be an exemplar in the running of public services if it so chose
  2. https://www.jobtrain.co.uk//iomgovjobs/DisplayJob.aspx?JobId=11971
  3. And the majority of the Manx public just stuck it up...
  4. But why would he be? Is he going to be held to account? Has Whitehall finally started to question the 'good governance' clause in the Island's independence? The worst that can happen to HQ is he retires from politics with a nice pension to top up the wealth he already had. Reputation in tatters? Would he care and would it matter?
  5. Pretty sure we were all questioning the value of the home at the time. But it is allowed to perpetuate. Nobody is ever held to account
  6. That is just wrong. Police officers do take risks insofar as they manage them - some quite substantial. It’s Just some are more comfortable with the process, accountability and responsibility than others. this underpins; https://www.app.college.police.uk/app-content/risk-2/risk/
  7. I proposed this in March last as the pandemic took hold. Close the project and take the hit on the expenditure so far. It was never the right thing to do, and Covid was the perfect face saving excuse to write it off. But Manx Government hubris, the need for ‘projection of power’, usurped any sensible resolution. come September, I hope Manx voters ask members how they voted on this issue, and why?
  8. Is it fair to conclude that the taxpayer has been massively misled with this, and there has been no subsequent accountability in respect of the mounting costs of this project. Running costs are going to be considerable too, but nobody seems remotely bothered about this.
  9. And meanwhile, the queue for urgent procedures at Nobles is out the door and down the road
  10. https://www.jobtrain.co.uk//iomgovjobs/DisplayJob.aspx?JobId=12080
  11. Is there not a judgement of some sort related to the Knotfield inquiry due to be published?
  12. Makes a lot of sense. as would turning Jurby into a maximum security prison. Both could be lucrative income streams
  13. It’s the first question I’d be asking. This is a tactical role. I’d be nailing down the strategists and policy makers for some clear guidance and framework. Without it, you can’t actually do that job. I know there were folk near the top of the food chain who were totally blind to the level of accountability they were carrying.
  14. It is only the deputy role. I might have applied had I still been over there as I could evidence a lot of the criteria. If your risk assessments are done properly, and you have clear terms of reference in terms of government policy on acceptable risk, then it would be a breeze. Mind you, seeI got as they have closed all the open air amenity sites, it appears that risk appetite is starting to diminish somewhat!
  15. TT 2022 must be on https://www.jobtrain.co.uk//iomgovjobs/DisplayJob.aspx?JobId=11953
  16. So is the Ben not sailing due to Covid related issues roughly translated as they can’t muster a crew?
  17. We have one in the new house. Absolutely brilliant gen 2 device. Best bit was we could see what we were saving after putting a fully zoned heating control system in.
  18. All well and good until you kill or seriously injure someone. Most policies carry £20m public liability cover. The UK is toying with this. But it’s the rates that are bonkers. My Disco sport would go up from £170 to over £500. That isn’t proportionate. Why don’t they listen before ?
  19. They wouldn’t let me at the hospital. I think it changed after then
  20. In most circumstances you can’t take another pension, although I’m pretty sure that is unlawful
  21. I substantially agree with much of that. I'd personally introduce a pension system more like the military, with shorter 'jumping off periods. 6,12,18,22,30,35 years with a gratuity for everything up to the 22 year point then a pension proper being available. If applied across the public sector we might see better crossover, more diverse thinking and less silo. Imagine being able to move from a senior military or policing role into the civil service, or even vice versa? The force is bigger, but the job is definitely more complex than it was. Automation hasn't led to fewer people!
  22. It’s happening wholesale in the UK. Much more flexibility and at last innovation. That said, I’m still a bit dismayed at some of the places money is being spent. We are a relatively rare breed to be honest. I’m actually struggling to think of the last one, other than myself, who went in that window. Most other Ill health retirements have been much younger in service.
  23. I know folk with millions of quids worth of sports cars, who would SORN them all over the winter if they could. They haven’t got to the position in life of being able to buy this sort of stuff by being frivolous with cash.
  24. Lots of vehicles would get laid up, sports cars and the like. The only issue with this is it will penalize rural communities in the UK Land Rover totally electric from 2025... This whole thing is an unnecessary nonsense. It’s one area where simply adopting the UK model, and rates would save a huge amount of bureaucracy. It’s being different for no practical reason
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