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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Theres nothing bitter nor twisted about it. I’ve always been supportive where warranted but critical where justified. And it appears that other observers pass similar commentary. if anything, I reflect with a degree of sadness rather than bitterness. But the experience made me who I am today and enables me to do the job I do
  2. Gary used to have a motivational question, after you’d enjoyed a bit of success on the back of some hard work; “Did it happen because of you, or in spite of you?” the drink drive campaigns have always been a bit whack-a-mole. They actually improved dramatically when we started to take a wider, public health approach. I don’t think anywhere has hit the sweet spot yet.
  3. The place needs someone like Mike Barton from Durham to come out of retirement. Common touch, no nonsense, fearless and a world class police officer. I’ve actually prodded a few over here but the way things are being engineered I suspect Gary has already identified his successor and is now influencing the DHA to take that suggestion. That’s very interesting @kipper99. I think this is an indictment of the turmoil that is reported to me. It’s a very uncomfortable place to work at present. the persistent insertion of senior officers from the UK cannot be good for morale above Inspector. That, and an abject lack of investment in their leadership development is having clear consequences. Why demonstrate excellence in leadership, when no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t reach Gary’s bar? There was at least one of the local candidates for DCC who would have been more than capable of fulfilling the role. This is not a hard job. To put it in perspective, I had a detective superintendent sat in one of my lectures yesterday. The complexity, risk, and scope of the demand he is managing would make your toes curl. i don’t want my comments to come across as negative. There are a lot of great people in IOMC who could really shine if they were given the support, encouragement and development to do so. There are some good people at CI and above too, who are bothered about people but are given no latitude to move things forward. The force has been blighted by the legacy of those corporate thugs I mentioned earlier, who gaslighted and demoralized a number of good people who’s only crime was to perhaps to dare to be a little bit different. The permission for that behaviour came from one office. As with the Manx general election, I’m watching closely to see who is appointed, because I care deeply about the Manx people getting the very best. I just hope Dan and Jane have that requirement clearly in focus too.
  4. The attrition of new recruits has been a source of real concern. Retention rates in the forces I work with are significantly higher.
  5. Not at all. I improved a few things but the organization lacked forward thinking. I invested a lot of faith. In Gary. Regrettably his tenure was akin to the Obama presidency. Great rhetoric, lots of promise but very little product. He promoted some corporate thugs around him who wreaked havoc with morale, with no accountability. The last few years were difficult, and former colleagues describe things as ‘not good’ at present. The failure to develop local talent has been very telling. The fact that none were up to the bar in recent superintendent, Chief Inspector and DCC recruitment is an indictment in lack of investment in people, and may have actually been engineered. What I find difficult to reconcile is how much influence the DHA seem to be allowing him to have in anointing his successor. And bluntly, it needs a week to hand over, not months. It’s not nearly as big a job as is made out. If the DHA were being progressive they’d be moving to a commissioner model for fire, rescue and civil defence. Hubris, and narcissism springs to mind. And Gary, you’ll doubtless read this. I had the utmost respect for you, and worked hard to keep the public safe. The time I have had out of the service, and now spend amongst policing professionals really have pulled things into perspective though. Please take some time to reflect in retirement. Things could have been so much better for so many more of us than just a few.
  6. Do you want me to have a trip down to Liverpool and put a tape measure over it?
  7. And that is all that needed to happen. A simple statement of reciprocity. There is nothing meaningful that the IOM can do unilaterally so let someone else do the hard yards. Spaff.
  8. Derek Flint

    Next AG?

    I'm pretty sure the SG becomes the acting AG?
  9. I think t was that other racket - UNESCO world heritage site status
  10. I stand corrected. They were hell bent on charging them last year
  11. Utter stupidity. the notional £10400 from the area next to PHQ wont materialise. It is police staff who park there. They will just park somewhere else -probably on the old prison site.
  12. Yes, a bit like Investors In People status...
  13. What have they actually got for the money so far?
  14. It is a load of bollocks. They are trying to trade on this ‘First Nation to be awarded’ stuff, whereas it really had to mean something if it was to mean something. I really feel sorry for the PR person who’s job it is to promote it. They are an absolutely top banana and wasted on this.
  15. Lols! The mansions are no more. 3 storey Victorian terrace in a conservation area is the way forward! The patio is the garden! Water mains have to go in 750mm deep. It is what it is. We could join st leave the lead in and put a meter in on that, but after 170 years in the ground I can’t see it having much appetite for being chopped around!
  16. It needs to go under a garage and the remaining 12 m are under a stone patio!
  17. Water meter is the plan . I do however have to replace the lead main first which is going to be a couple of grand.
  18. There’s a daily standing charge for both, but don’t forget that council tax is a lot dearer than rates, and water rates are both charged separately, and are excessive. I’m in a Band E property. There’s no real rhyme or reason as to what is in which band or why, but my rates are £2400 a year. Then my water and sewerage on top of that is charged at rateable value, which hasn’t been a relevant metric since the 90’s. That brings my water in at around £600 a year. My big gaff in half an acre in Ramsey was about £2200 a year all in. So it really is swings and roundabouts.
  19. I was looking at gas and electric compared to what I’m paying over on the adjacent isle. gas is 4p versus 9.74p Manx Gas electris is 19.6p versus 16.9p MUA.
  20. It will improve the circumstances per se on a quid pro quo basis
  21. Great post, and exactly the debate that IOMG should be nurturing. Absolutely spot on. The island in 2022 seems to have no idea what it wants to be. This is the first thing to resolve. And then once that is done, accept it and stick to the emerging plan. In todays world, accepting a much more moderate position is probably the right thing to do. Curating a nice place to live, that can operate within its means, and accepting that isolation comes with a compromise on available services might well be the way forward. A sort of low tax Scotland, perhaps. there are pros and cons to living anywhere. The island has loads to offer but it needs to curate its clear identity as a priority.
  22. The problem with the Mountain Road is that folk crash in bad weather up there. That then ties up emergency resources to sort it out. Much better to prevent in the first place. In a small jurisdiction it just wouldn’t be cost effective to throw the resources needed at it to keep it fully open all the time
  23. Sad news from the Island of the Attorney General’s death at just 67. i always found him most amenable and affable in his role.
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