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  1. Where is the speculation? I inquired of the location. The rest I'll leave to the investigators that went after me. I will await the outcome with interest.
  2. Do we know if it was on those markings (I refuse to call it a crossing as it bears no resemblance to anything I have ever seen in any traffic management manual or the Highway Code) that this happened? It is such awful news. Underpins the vulnerability of cyclists. Rest easy, young man.
  3. Fair enough then. Sounds rather pragmatic against the overall belts and braces approach
  4. I’d predict that there will need to be 2 weeks with no new detected cases and then a further week, before you see any changes.
  5. I wouldn’t go as far to say that.
  6. His office is at the Sea Terminal. tell him I sent you.
  7. On the planning side, money doesn’t always curry favour. A wealthy individual I’m aware of has persistently come up against issues.
  8. But at what point were they imported? There’s only a few that come in at the top slot from across.
  9. If I recall he was arrested for fraud issues. The misconduct offence, if it existed would have, in my opinion hovered up a good few of these cases over the years. this is a few years old, but worth a read. How much has changed? https://www.irishtimes.com/news/chasing-a-manx-tale-1.1170605
  10. Until there is an offence of misconduct in a public office, Manx officials will not give the consequences a second thought
  11. That is scandalous. That, and the withholding of the FOI. what else is buried?
  12. I didn’t hire him. bit when he was on my team, both RPU and armed policing, couldn’t fault his drive, determination, work ethic, caring and professionalism. did he give you a ticket or something?
  13. Lols. in my time there were plenty of times we could have done with more staff to ease the load. But we just had to suck it up and get on with it.
  14. Just how many layers does this job need? https://www.jobtrain.co.uk//iomgovjobs/DisplayJob.aspx?JobId=11818 so there is a Director of Transport, a head of fleet services and now a fleet services manager? Never mind an Auditor General, the Island is crying out for a “what the f*ck do you do? Department. In times of austerity, you tighten your belt, not do another lap at the drive thru.
  15. Many years ago, very sensibly Gary Roberts set up an Organisational Development Unit. I remember it well cos it was staffed with one person - me! His aspiration was to create a ‘learning organization’. Where we didn’t forget the mistakes of the past and we’re better for them. It was creaky, clunky and perhaps only now, a decade or so on, is it starting to get there I hear. It was an important idea. And it is equally important for IOMG to do something similar.
  16. Works everywhere else. I actually think they already are, as they are used for sustained ops during TT and MGP Worst case coastguard can infil. Starting and stopping the rotor is authorized with wind from any horizontal direction up to 50 kts Hover with wind Maximum relative wind speed from any direction except headwind plus or minus 10° is 30kts When flying with relative winds of more than 25 kts from the left, increased cont
  17. They weren’t the problem....
  18. Not according to senior ED staff. In most cases a decision at the scene can have them at the very best Centre in reach of the golden hour. running from the pad at Nobles, with bunkered fuel means you don’t have to fire up ATC, Fire Etc if there is a flight to be made after hours. And because you are operating pad to pad, there is literally hours saved at both. Ends
  19. Some time ago, I suggested that the gritting and clearing of rural roads could be subbed out to farmers seeing as (a) they have the best to anywhere kit and (b) they aren’t likely to be doing other tasks when the ground is solid. Went down like a fart in a lift.
  20. Not necessarily so. Factor out a lot of things like airport opening, transfer times, and even down to be able to lift directly from a scene to a NW Centre of excellence and the investment makes more sense. You’d be surprised. The H145 is a massively resilient airframe. The Cayman Islands have two.
  21. It gets better https://www.jobtrain.co.uk//iomgovjobs/DisplayJob.aspx?JobId=11653
  22. If they moved to a helicopter based service with something like an H145 it could work unrestricted from the pad at Nobles.
  23. What powers are in force for all this? Cornavirus regs? It needed emergency powers last time.
  24. Yes, but it happens. I’m being realistic. And when it gets brought to supervisory attention, it gets dealt with. Cops, as an entity are not perfect. In every organisation you have people that will sway from the values set. Trick is to bring them back in line, or if they won’t comply, ensure they are removed.
  25. There is nothing naive about what I am saying here. Constables do the legwork. I don’t dispute that from time to time, individual officers may get a picking into someone, and give them more attention than might be due. But to suggest things like ANPR being loaded up with markers that aren’t legitimately provenanced is naive in the extreme. To suggest an individual who was making a pain in the arse of themselves to the establishment would be getting special Constabulary attention is beyond the pale.
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