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  1. It was always something in the back of my mind with the supercar gig. No matter the level of expertise I employed, if something had gone wrong it would have been an uncomfortable ride. People are getting wiser to the implications of being a director.
  2. A very valid point. I have a view that Motorsport can contribute to road safety, in respect of taking inappropriate speeds off the road, and improving car control. If we were switched on, we would have a subsidized and supported programme of events up there.
  3. That isn’t an unusual set of rules. In today’s world, Motorsport has to be operated to really high standards. The ‘clubman’ approach is pretty much finished. If you operate a track, you need to have assurances that who is renting it is competent.
  4. These things are incredibly challenging to run. If it’s something that has grown ntomthe she seems of Goodwood, then it is all worth the grief, but this is not a scalable event. The highlight for me was when post-Shoreham, the RAF Spitfire and Hurricane, flown by the cream of the crop of pilots and maintained to incredible standards, were relegated to flying up and down in a straight line a few years back. Never quite understood why the cops became so involved inside the wire for a while. Traffic management outside, fine, but this wasn’t a drunken festival. Probably my lack of understanding was why I stalled at Inspector.
  5. You can bet your bottom dollar that a la horse trams, we will have bought a job lot of the junk ones off a bloke at some energy supplier in the UK who saw where things were going, and we will crack on blindly, installing them against all available evidence.
  6. Lezayre Road was an embarrassment. I am still convinced someone read the plans wrong, and painted the centre line there by mistake. In order to save face they called it a ‘cycle lane’, which actually causes more danger to cyclists than the traditional road markings as motorists haven’t got a point of reference. The solution was less than 150m to the north. Turn cyclists down Gardeners Lane, and then down the old railway track.
  7. I have every faith in Georgie, but this is a hell of a task THOR has set itself. It’s an enormous amount of money to raise. I understand that the footfall on open days has been disappointing. I hope the regular public apathy hasn’t set in already. There tends to be this outburst of outrage and jingoism, public money is spent, and then it all goes flat when something actually needs to be done.
  8. It was pretty much policied out of training. The risk is so very small. Mind you, I might have reviewed that in light of the forthcoming. Hopefully the mutual aid MOU is up to date...
  9. That’s the whole thing isn’t it? The major benefit seems to be the thing that will be most damaged. I would imagine the real public backlash will be next year, when a pound sterling is worth less than a euro, and the fun of the queues for passport control in the non EU channel starts to wear a bit thin at Alicante. That is where it will hit the common man, as a second wave of misery if the trading shortages predicted manifest themselves.
  10. Anything you have to 'prepare' for is rarely a good thing. War, hurricanes, flooding. The signs are all there that in whatever form it takes, leaving the EU is going to be far from straightforward, inconvenient at best and difficult at worst. It does make you wonder if it was really bad enough to justify all this/
  11. They are back folks. And apparently that well known highways engineer Mr O’Neal is satisfied.
  12. My bad - it was 20 to 25 grand https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/DisplayJob.aspx?JobId=6047 note: "You will be the public face of the project, and will bring an enthusiastic and energetic approach to the teams communication at all levels." I've never seen them front anything up? Anyone else?
  13. There was a full time limited term contract for the engagement officer. I think it was paying about 30 grand. With the reputational damage associated with the role, its not one I would want on my CV. That said, it was an impossible task from day one. This was never going to go smoothly. I wonder if they have actually seen the light and left, and taken the account passwords with them?
  14. The headline figure I'd really like to see is the carbon footprint of the TT.
  15. I have it from a reliable source that the Island is on the cusp of a real problem with Ash die back. There are something like 5000 ash trees around the TT course alone, apparently. Good time to be in the arbor business.
  16. Since July I believe that there are now 20- odd civil servants working on the “Climate Change Team”, and that at least some took a grade jump when they were taken on board.
  17. Pilots don’t seem big fans.
  18. It was clear from the outset that this was a waiting game, and that the CD's were going to be at the very bottom of priorities. Even to someone unaware of that, the fact would have surely dawned very early on in proceedings. We have a head of Crown and External Relations who could both lobby the position, and update COMIN as necessary.
  19. One thing is for sure. HQ's persistent trips to London to lobby and negotiate on our behalf have been a complete and utter waste of time
  20. I try and run cars for at least 5 years. The thing that isn’t factored in is the emissions in manufacturing, and that on the IOM a lot of older cars will only be doing relatively short journeys. Factoring Road tax on to fuel would be fairer, but that would ignore that it is essentially just a revenue raising exercise. IOMG are unlikely to have a clue about miles driven per annum on our roads as they don’t have the big data you can hive off from MOT for example. As such it would be a guesstimate, and something else would go up to compensate them.
  21. Anthony Kermode - Anthony Kermode projects. absolutely exceptional. Worked out something like 3 grand cheaper than Just Bathrooms.
  22. Derek Flint

    TT 2018

    The Astramax was a turning point in police dog cans. Rather than turning up five minutes later after a pursuit had decamped, they were there on the back of the traffic cars and able to deploy the land sharks immediately.
  23. Derek Flint

    TT 2018

    Was it an Astramax? In white? this is entirely possible if so
  24. The Island needs a billionaire philanthropist to set up a free bus company, just for their own amusement. Oh the fun you could have! A rival ferry company running at road transport equivalent rates, maybe a small airline running from a redeveloped Andreas. Just anything to be a right royal pain in the arse. (I appreciate I broadly manage that without being a billionaire but you get my drift?)
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